Guess Who: This star’s image has gone for a toss and he blames his PR team

Can you guess the actor?

Here's an interesting 'Guess Who' from a leading daily. Link-up, affairs and break-ups are common in Bollywood. Most extra-marital affairs in the industry fizzle out. The stars involved hardly have an intention of settling down with their paramour. Industry insiders are aware of what happens behind closed doors, but this case of an extra-marital affair has caused a stir across the nation. 

The star is always known to portray a holier than thou image in the media. He makes sure he is clicked when he is surrounded by family. His private family vacation snaps always make their way in the media.  The concerned star is in panic mode, thanks to the shots fired by his ex.

His is a case of an extra-marital affair gone wrong. His ex has been giving out interviews and calling out his lies left, right and center. There is no stopping his ex-actress girlfriend who keeps firing salvos at the star.

While he maintains a calm and composed demeanor, people around him are well-aware that he has hit rock-bottom. He feels there is nothing he can do to build up his image of a doting family man. The damage has already been done by his ex.

The star is livid at his PR team for not being able to handle the mess he is now embroiled in. He believes his public relations team is responsible for botching up the matter,

since he was assured that the said issue will ‘die down’.

Can you guess who the star is? 

Credits: Mumbai Mirror

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Who has PR flop actors Shaid Kapoor.. ranbir kapoor.. Sushnat I don't think Hrithik has PR

Mumbai Mirror blinds always come from Ms. Vivid Imagination PR

So kangana and hrithik dated , he dumped her for Katrina , his wife divorced him ,kangana had no right to get so butthurt and revengeful , as she didnt care about Suzanne's feelings when she started affair with hrithik , hrithik too shouldn't have sent legal notice as he is guilty as sin for cheating on his wife . they should've acted more dignified and kept it all under wraps and maintained their honour . this affair equally hurt kanganas image (home breaker) as well as hrithiks (cheater)

But hadn't he separated from his wife by then? What's wrong with that? On a technicality he was married. Both Hrithik and Sussane were doing their own thing and own people. By that logic even Katrina isn't 'sinless' cuz hurtful was married and/or with Kangana. The only reason Kangana is going ballistic now, is cuz Hurtful took things too far. Had he not reacted so egregiously to the 'silly ex' comment, nothing would have happened. He'd still have his image intact.

He sent notice bcoz she is a Stalker. Will a woman keep quiet if a Man sends his nudes n plants lies?

If she has sent her pics to Ranbir then y isn't rishi kapoor exposing her.mayb his son enjoyed it

HR has become too haggard looking for movies anyway. had little charisma to start with. Good he is being replaced. more power to Kangana and all the women who get taken for a ride by these rich powerful spoilt men

Whole Bollywood is jealous of Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan! It's obvious!

Hrithik Roshan! It's obvious!

Wow Amitabh Bachchan refused to do R Balki's film with Hrithik but Knowing R Balki and his closeness we can guess the next step, Sorry HR but we r not Sorry for you

Balki is busy with Sonam Kapoor movie. Please come out of ur Vivid imagination

Hrithik's career looks preety much over except few upcoming tryst with Krish4-5, thanks to Pappa Roshan, but this time Audience will reject them for sure, had enough of him, Shahrukh Khan to replace him in Shiva Trilogy with Aishwarya Rai and Akshay replaced him in Super 30 and Amitabh Bachchan refused to do a film with him but Producers are sure to cast Amitabh at any cost, now Losing brands too Tiger shroff replaced him in Macroman ad, Siddharth Malhotra replaced him in Mens face wash ad, Shahrukh may replace him in a Government ad for Blinds students, also hearing about some more brands too PV please post

Yet she needs to take his name to promote her film

Really wish Simran fails so humanity can live...
God please listen.

Sooner than later Kangs will be thrown out from the film industry she belongs in a psychiatric hospital

Poor kangana n cheater hrithik

isnt kkr bought by whoever bids the max??even kjo bought are his opinions valid??

God! Hrithik doesn't even have a PR. He is a star. Only actresses and some new actors have PR and thrive on that

Looks like kangana took a class about stalking, from PC ... Didn't they met, when PC was in India!

It can't always be guaranteed that an extramarital affair would stay under wraps but he is not the only family man to have had one.

thats so easyy!!!! Do u really want an answer??? I say only JADOO!!

Sooraj Pancholi's step mom is spending lot of money on Fake blinds. And still obessed with the man. Funny

Do watch KRK video. Its hilarious!

And he just signed a brand new endorsement. If anything, this evil plot by Stalker is helping him more. It has made him interesting as he otherwise has a very boring life.

Good for him, its all his fault, he was a married man and still he was sleeping with everyone, I am glad someone is teaching him a good lesson.

KRK exposed Kangana big time LOLOLOLOL

I dont think kangana is a saint , but neither is hrihtik . he has been linked with more than just kangana , he never had a clean image , it was barabara ,then kanagana then Katrina , and Ofcourse the fact that his wife decided to end the marriage kind of nailed the coffin for me . I think they had an affair , it meant more to kangana than hrithik , he dumped her and she took revenge , now both can't gracefully move on and have made fools of themselves

U forgot Kareena.

Barbara was a fake rumor. And the divorce looked more bcoz of Sussanne closeness to Rampal than anything else. Thats why it was a huge shock back then. Why do u think Hrithik is not in talking terms with Arjun since 2013?

LOL, Sussanne had LITERALLY moved out of the house because of Hrithik's relationship with Barbara. It's an open secret that the two were an item. And the divorce looked more because of Sussanne's closeness to Rampal? Bullshit. If you go back to August 2013, there was a blind item posted about an actor whose marriage to his childhood sweetheart had crumbled and it was his choice to end the marriage despite her pleading. This was about the same time Hrithik had faced an injury, and the blind also stated that as a last attempt at salvaging the marriage, Sussanne went all out in taking care of Hrithik and remaining by his side at all times, and despite all her attempts, he was adamant on leaving her. In fact, go back and look at PV's posts on the Hrithik and Sussanne divorce. Hardly anyone on this site was shocked because everyone had read the blinds. There were several other blinds from 2013-14, linking Hrithik with not only Kangana, but also Katrina (Salman even hinted at this on KWK), Esha Gupta, Nargis Fakhri, etc etc. And let's not forget about the Shweta Bachchan rumours. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hmmm looks like Hrithik or Susanne finally hired a PR to write all these comments. I noticed it on Susannes instagram and twitter as well.

i think its Tikku Talsania.

man she has had many affairs, but her obsessions with HR is one some level altogether... Hint: she never termed adhyayan or aditya as "silly ex" although she had longer relationships with them, she knows attaching herself to hrithik will give her unbound publicity for future as well.. AASHIQUI 3 is not scripted till date, when was it offered to hrithik and when did he remove kangana frm the project?? I think the rumour was also planted by her nasty PR to make the silly ex statement...unfortunately HR took the bait

Perhaps because HR was the only one who dragged her to court? She was asked a question about Hrithik reportedly ousting her from a movie, so she replied that exes do silly things. Like you said, it's HR who took the bait.

all this is being done to improve initial footfalls for simran..even today she took a jibe at salman, the AIB video on SRK..they had nothing to do with her..the "industry not made up of 4 stars only" interview was again on khans ...continuous potshots on every body just to attract attention to your movie.

nice article from kangana's PR

Hrithik's silence has won him admirers. Kang is being called out for her bad attitude by more and more people now.

It is Kangs PR who went on repair mode with AIB. But after the girls have been proved to be lying about her age. The PR gamble failed

I do think hrithik has cheated on his wife , first with barabara then with kangana , soon after his affair with kangana his wife divorced him . Suzanne probably still has soft corner for hrithik because they have kids and lot of memories , but she took a BIG step (divorce ) , usually the reason is endless tiring list of affairs . hrithik must have regretted his affair with kangana after he realised shes aggressive or classless , by then it was too late and she was in revenge mode after he dumped her .


Seems like entire HR PR is only working on PV comments section lol PV plz post

Kangana, I know you're disappointed but you'll now forever be known as Aditya Pancholi's silly ex no matter what stories you plant through blinds. Hrithik won't bite, move on hon.

Hrithik's PR is woke now Yo! The manufactured comments against kangana below are proof. A little too late.. Hrithik hire Deepika's PR. They are known for being a tad aggressive but they get the job done

Its high time,even Kat and Ranbir expose her lies. KRK was right. She was copying and sending her mails to all at same time. Even Ranbir received those vulgar mails.

that KRK is the most disgusting person on this planet!!!

You would have to actually be blind to not know this is about Kangana


ahahahhahahaha, kangana has totally lost it. Your naked pictures couldnt even titilate him to accept your one side love. For your information, his good image is intact. it has become even strong cause people have begin to realize u aren't stable.

Cartoon still after Hrithik.

Her One sided obsession with the man proves that he is right. There is something wrong with her. She is behaving like SRK from Fan and PC from Aitraaz

She's also doing a pretty good impression of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction #bunnyboiler

The only way, she can be linked to others is by Fake blinds and Lies. Bcoz not even Casanova Ranbir was moved by her naked pics n mails to him Khikhikhi

Hansal Mehta and Kangana. Lot of rumors going on that she is blackmailing him. Thats why he is tolerating all her shit promotions

Hrithik's dignified silence is deafening her, she's become intolerant nepokid!!

Wants to provoke hrithik,
then... by her nudes, mails
Now... by her silly blinds!

Unable to digest hrithik's rejection!

Hmm still not going to get his attention. Bang Bang k Jai Ho! LMAO

Kangana and her PR can do anything to link her with Hrithik. Despo

Kangana Ranaut = Arvind Kejriwal of Bollywood

Hrithik is obsessed with him 24/7. I think she is unstable for real. It is not "normal" behavior by any stretch

I mean She is obsessed with him 24/7**

Her blinds are as Delusional as her

Katrina Priyanka Barbara Kangana Shveta - yeah, holy Hrithik! He always hides behind everyone, whether it's Suzanne, Daddy, KRK or his active PR. Only his obsessive fans with zero intelligence still believe in his fake "family" image

Aditya , adhyan , ajay , Nicholas , British doc now hrithik yeah holy kangana. She always hides behind every one whether it rangoli , her twitter account , barkha or her active PR. Only her blind obsessed fabs with zero IQ still beleive in her saint image and find him honest.

She never once tried to portray herself as sati savitri, though?? Except for hrithik, all her relationships were public. And Nicholas was the British doc. Only one I don't know is Ajay... Devgn?

At least she has "blind, obsessed fans." Hrithik has Papa Roshan and KRK.

We demand......
Kangana Pr blinder just before release of her film.

Kangana RanOut and her desperation!

Desperation, Thy Name is Kangana Ranaut

Haahahaha Shahid was so right about your Vivid imagination. Picture tho abhi shuru hua nahi. U are in for a big trouble soon

Hrithik Entitled Roshan!! This is what happens to nepo kids. They think they are children of god and nothing wrong can happen to them! Everything is somebody else's fault!!

Aditya Pancholi just called Kangana as a Nepokid too. He was the Boyfriend who helped her with contacts and photoshoots. She never went for any auditon

Aditya Pancholi just called Kangana as a Nepokid too. He was the Boyfriend who helped her with contacts and photoshoots

If he wanted to get clicked, he wud not hv gone to Canada n US with his Wife for a monthlong vacation. It is clear whose ass is burning here.

Nice try, Kangana. But your lies are not working. Look around. Most Top journos are hving a laugh at you now

Aditya Pancholi and his Silly Ex

If only you kept your pants up, this wouldn't have happened lol HR

He is ready to put his pants down for even Pope but not this classless woman. Thats why, she is busy taking revenge painting the town with her lies. Wat a loser

Fake blind by Aditya Pancholi's Silly Ex

This blind is planted by Kangana

Hehehe hhhhhrrrtik

Karma got him too bad

The only aim of kangana life is to be known as hrithik Ex. She can do all but she won't be getting it.

Hrithik's is over and done with. Next. Karma baby! No escaping.


Hrithik Roshan :)

Seriously everyone everything is out in open and after all the drama , this guessing game doesn't make any sense

How are you going to blame your PR for the mistakes you made yourself. Your PR actually does a job trying to portray you as a family men but people can see through the facade.


Hrithik. But stop blaming the ex. He's the married one and HE cheated on his wife. That's his fault. Not kangana's fault for being honest about it. If he's ashamed of doing something he shouldn't have done it!

Excuse me !? How come this isn't Kangana's fault !? I'm not in a situation to decide what's the truth - neither you guys- but if they did had an affair then It's both their fault.
No one is innocent here. And we all know Kangana's history with married men.

I recommend KRK video on kangna. She wasn't a minor when Aditiya the sugar daddy took her for auditions to different studios.

was there even relationship between them that she is shamelessly wanting to proof. Hrithik dosnt love her, no matter what.

Stop blaming the man alone. Kangana is equally responsible for it. Taali dono haton s bacti hi. No men can cheat their wives alobe untill other woman helps him out. Its kangana fault too.

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