GUESS WHO: This super star’s next production is in TROUBLE for lack of fresh faces to launch

This superstar is in big trouble because he can’t find any fresh faces to launch in his next production. Can you guess who the said actor is?
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodGUESS WHO: This super star’s next production is in TROUBLE for lack of fresh faces to launch
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‘Friends in need are friends indeed’. Well only a true friend will be able to help this actor-producer who is facing a hard time finding the female lead of his next film. Known to be a perfectionist who launches new faces with his projects, the superstar is having trouble finding young actors for the upcoming project which was announced this year. According to reports, his home production will be a remake of a Hollywood superhit film.

The story would revolve around the actor who falls in love with the female lead and meets her in three phases of her life – first in school, then living an unconventional lifestyle and finally as a mature woman. The actor, who has not had a successful hit in a long while, decided to change the casting director when he could not find a suitable fresher for the film, as the role is performance oriented.

Apparently, the new casting director tried to find somebody suitable to portray the female lead and the actor also called 2 of his close friends who are established actresses. However, being choosy as they are, one of the actresses declined the offer whereas the other is still thinking over it while the superstar is trying really hard to convince her. Another reason that the makers are unable to find someone to do the role, is that the female character in the film is not meaty enough. She comes and makes three appearances, however it is not something that top actresses want to do.

Buzz is that the superstar and the said actress are pretty close and comfortable in working with each other and hopefully she will say yes. Otherwise, the actor-producer may have to postpone his home production for now.

Can you guess the actor in question?

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Anyone who says Anushka got to where she is because of Khans is foolish, Anushka only does a Khan movie if she gets a full-fledged role. Sure Aamir Khan might be on everyone's bucket list of actors, but more than him, I think she chose PK because of Hirani, now she's in his camp of reoccurring actors and is friends with him. Kareena is clearly in the process of choosing a second movie besides Hindi Medium. Kareena tends to pick big names, but by the time she finishes and does Saif's movie, who knows, maybe Takht will re-start or something. Aamir needs more choices.

Everyone has SEEN Forrest Gump. Jenny is a somewhat sketchy girl who is made to glorify the innocent Forrest in his pursuit of her even more. Aamir Khan, who especially likes to cut away his heroines roles and make them look bad to make him look good, will capitalize on this even more. No actress will take this role. Younger actresses will look WAY too young next to him, and it's not enough for an experienced actress.

Not meaty is the key word. Arm candy type role.

Alia and Anushka and Rani too rejected this short sidekick role

No female should want to do a role w Aamir where they may hardly have 20 minutes max. And maybe a song or item number lol

Cast Taapsee, she's good

Why anushka rejected

Extend the role and cast Aishwarya, as it would be a treat to finally see you paired opposite her in a movie.

Insecure and selfish Aamir likes to be centre of attention in all of his movies and wants the leading lady to only have a cameo in his films, as hes scared that the heroine would out shadow him like how Kajol did in Fanaa. Sorry Aamir, but truth hurts lol.

Aamir please cast Aishwarya in the movie, as the audience would love to see you paired opposite Aishwarya in at least one movie. Just extend the heroines character and stop being so self obsessed and im sure that Aishwarya would definitely agree to the project.

Aamir Khan forest gump remake. Rani rejected the role and now Aamir wants Kareena to do the movie.

Aamir should work with Manisha Koirala

Amir khan and his Forest Gump remake.. Anushka rejected and he is trying to convince Kareena.

AMir Khan

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