EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Superstar bumps into his alleged ex, greets her with a smile

Can you guess who the actors in question are?
Guess Who,guess who
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This superstar actor, known for his warmth and courteous nature, showed his gentlemanly side when he happened to bump into his alleged ex at a social function recently. While the actor was accompanied with his family, the actress was present along with her husband at this grand event hosted out at a palatial venue.

Given their past equation, it was expected that the two stars would have ignored each other since they aren't on talking terms. However, much to the surprise of the onlookers, the married actor and the sultry actress stunned everyone when they exchanged pleasantries. This was very much unlike them, given that such instances between them have happened in the past too. Every time they came eye-to-eye, they have managed to look each other straight in the eye and walk past. Hence, this time too, that was expected.

Well, it seems the past has been forgotten and the two stars have decided to move on. A source present at the venue expressed their shock to us and revealed, "The venue was filled with celebrities but when the actor and this actress bumped into each other, all eyes were on them. Everyone expected them to share a cold shoulder with each other. But that didn't happen. Instead, the actress introduced her husband to the actor, who politely smiled and congratulated the couple. It was hardly a minute long exchange. However, both the stars made sure it didn't turn out to be a tamasha. Instead, they maturely handled the situation."

Now that's indeed a sweet gesture on their part. Guess, that's what maturity does to an individual. What do you guys think?


They met at the sangeet function not at the Mumbai reception.. This is about SRK and PC.

I guess PC has had the last laugh. SRK couldn't even talk about PC & Nick in press conferences, but she introduced her husband to him in front of everyone. SRK is with Kanika now. Glad PC moved on. I would feel sorry for Guari, but it's clear she and SRK have an understanding.

kareena Hrithik

kareena Hrithik

Salman has been friends with Amitabh Bachchan's family since he was young because Salman's father Salim Khan recommended Amitabh in the industry and created the image of Amitabh as an angry young man and wrote Sholay, Deewar, Don...a long list of movies. Salman hugged Abhishek at a football event two years ago and on stage at an awards ceremony last year. Khans and Bachchans don't need a low class makeup seller Panama Papers fraud for introductions.

Priyanka Chopra introducing her husband Nick to Akshay Kumar.

Akshay wasn’t even invited

Or Someone saw an opportunity and made up the whole thing. Who's to say whether they met or they didn't...Just make an article without printing names so no can refute.

When I saw This article I thought immediately SRK and PC, but I read in another article that she left before SRK arrived. So I don't know what is the truth.

Vivek Oberoi. He came to the party to ask forgiveness from Salman...once again.

Looks like they really have moved on for good with their respective lives.

So, so happy SRK is with Gauri.

SRK is now with Kanika Kapoor. Thank god Priyanka left him.

SRK sir left PC. No one leaves SRK sir

It is definitely PeeCee introducing Nick. But I’m not sure whether it was to SRK or Shahid. Either or! Chances are higher of it being SRK just because I don’t think PeeCee would go out of her way to introduce him to Shahid, but then again I could be wrong.

Have you ever read the title, and just knew who it was about before clicking it, that is what happened here. PC-SRK. Priyanka is now married and happy...it is all good.

SRK and PC, Nick is introduced
So pc wants to fix relatons in Bollywood as nothing left in Hollywood. She want srk to attend the wedding


Tushar Kapoor and Jaya Bachchan, so easy.

woww....love it. I genuinely wish both have moved on...and also wish that gauri goes to priyanka's reception (if invited) and move on ....

Shahid is not a superstar , Salman knew Abhishek way before Aishwayira - no need for any introductions there . PC for the win introducing Nick to SRK who is certainly suave and charming. She can hardly hide from SRK & Shahid anyway with her husband (who in any case may not really be very familiar with Indian stars & their shenanigans).

Even before opening the article, I could crack this one. SRK-PC

1, shahid is not a SUPERstar. 2, the ACTRESS introduced her ex to her husband, and i think shahid and saif already know each other. 3. shahid was with his wife
so i think it's pc and srk, since he and nick never met each other

It’s Ranbir and Deepika

It is not PC and SKR because PC left before he even arrived.

The article screams PC SRK..why is it a blind?

Bebo and Shahid

Shahid superstar?? Kabse??

They have moved on it’s good to see that..

Yawn! Somebody please give me the REAL DOPE - Did ARB publicly ignore the criminal or not? The insult must've crushed him.

It is surely SRK- PRIYANKA. It is not ash-salman. Ash neednt introduce abhishek to salman. PC- akshay r working together in Kesari, so they have moved on for sure. Glad that PC- SRK are cordial and have moved on.

Parineeti is in Kesari. Not PC

Srk and PCJ

Pc and shahid ...

I was expecting this blind. PC and SRK for sure. All's good at the end and hope PC truly have a successful marriage.

SRK and Priyanka are still together. All this wedding circus well planned by the "King of Promotion Khan" to continue their affair in peace. And Nick can live in peace with his boyfriend. Win win ;)

Shahid and Kareena Kapoor. Somebody already mentioned this earlier.

It’s really good of them ... it was high time the past was past ... srk kids have grown and to this about the alleged affair must be disgusting for them ..

Pc - Srk

Yes past is past, whatever it is, both are happy with each of their families. MOve on, next.


Piggy Akshay


Would like to see the winning smile on gauri khan, the one and only Mrs khan, who really showed class, through all the rumors!,

SRK and PC

Shahrukh and priyanka or salman and aishwarya at isha ambanis wedding


Sharukh and Priyanka

PC and SRK

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