GUESS WHO? This superstar can be at the receiving end of the Me Too movement if the girl in question speaks up

Can you guess the superstar and the girl in question?
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Now we all know that many male actors in the industry have their way with the girls. But if we talk about this particular unmarried actor who has ruled the masses' hearts for decades now doesn't please the industry women that much. Especially the ones that don't belong to a filmy family. This superstar has had a run in with a top actress years ago when he came down knocking at her door during the wee hours. This time it wasn't his love interest but a lust interest. The female star in question has worked with the actor only in one film and that too an item song.

During one such promotional event where both were put up at the same hotel, this superstar went knocking at the girl's door in a drunken state. All he wanted was one night but she took a stand. The girl called her manager and the security while our star kept banging the door and created a scene. The hotel staff had to literally drag the star back to his hotel room until he regained senses in the morning. The female actor swore to never work with this star and of course, is almost not visible in the Bollywood circle now.  

Will the #MeToo movement and the controversy hit this superstar or will he get away as he always does?


Aishwarya jealous of Salman success. since she has a failure career she wants to destroy his too

Aishwarya hired Reshma shetty to destroy Salman

Aishwarya biggest liar in the world... with only one motivation to destroy Salman

All Salman did and does is practically in the open. He always made the scapegoat of bollywood. As the others are all saints please get a life and down the mask of Amitabh Akshay anupham kher

salman is always a great punching bag for everyone but he’s pretty harmless compared to others because he’s usually under the public eye. Start bringing out the others trying to use their power that are hiding under masks.

Right.. Aishwarya in a Filmfare interview 2001 said salman was worried for her cause she didn't answer she was unwell tired and fell asleep. So he kept ring the bell and knocking the door till she opened

PV please go after REAL creeps. Pls don't try to drag ppl into this, just becos somebody wants to settle scores. Post.

I don’t buy this one bit. Salman has so many women are we really suppose to believe that he would donthis ? Women throw themselves at him left and right since he entered Bollywood. His looks and star power make sure that he gets girl after girl. I doubt this is true. Maybe if it were abt someone else. But Salman Norway. Stop dragging his name into this

read this from a 2017 indiatimes article about jackie shroff..
Farah Naaz, a popular Hindi film director accused Jackie Shroff of being 'BAD' with her younger sister Tabu, who was in her teens. Jackie Shroff apparently molested a 14-year-old Tabu during a location shoot in Mauritius. Though nothing has been proven in the court of law.Jackie Shroff had confessed that he was homosexual. Apparently he met a few Mumbai journalists, and after a couple of drinks, he said he prefers men over women, and that it is natural.

Now it's understandable:genes and lie. That is what he teaching his son. Poor Tiger,he seems so deeply unhappy and closed in himself,and good human being.

Just because he was supposed to have knocked on Ash's door...don't make up stories. Didn't Ash say in interviews after that, that she had spoken to him over the phone and knew that he was coming, and before he arrived she had fallen asleep, after having a hot chocolate drink. So Salman got worried when she did not answer the door bell, as he had spoken to her just a little while before. So he kept ringing the bell and knocking until she opened. This was exactly what ash said in interviews after that. Post PV.

LOL, i think you got this wrong. That was said by Salim Khan, not Ash.

No it was said by Ash herself, i too remember reading it years ago. She also said that she had hot chocolate drink and went off to sleep after calling Salman to comeover. somebody pls get that piece of interview and publish it here.

Salman and sanam ranganathan yes but they had a brief affair at the end of the 90. Ant they worked togheter in 20004 in baghban. Salman is many things he isnt a saint but definitely not a sexual harrasser. Try with others like anupapham Kerr or Amitabh Bachchan. There you will find something interesting



These people seriously needs glasses or they just don’t understand what’s written .

My advice to any metoo supporter.... Stay away from the khans( especially Salman khan b or Srk) bcos the moment you tampered with any of them this metoo movement will just die a sudden death and fizzle out like smoke and nothing will happen.

Just Thier enermoous supporters will turn this upside down with confusion.

Salman has undergone wvwn worse challenges than metoo and came out with even more fans.

Forget social media

Internet, social media and new age sensibilities are more powerful than Salman, SRK, their gunda fans or any trashy threat posters you.
More power to truth, women and the end of centuries of sexual harassment being buried under or swept aside by powerful predators.

salman khan
suman Ranganathan

Yar BW k andar itna hype kyun hai iska.. Bhai bhai lol

Nargis is and was no where near being a star or a top female star.

Salman khan
Mahek chahal

The reason this is untrue is because Nargis was dating Uday at the time, Salman wouldn't try to mess with other people's gfs. Secondly Salman doesn't need to creep on women.

lol....tell that to Aish

So a girl needs to be some one's gf for Salman not to mess up. If she is single, then Salman is entitled to mess her up right?

That said unmarried superstar in 2017 banged Vidya Balan’s Bedroom’s door in presensence of sid Roy Kapoor ,her husband. Alcohol is his first enemy. He does all the wrongs after drinking alcohol.

Salman,Amitabh both are Narendramodi supporter. They are safe. Only we can bring them down by not buying tickets of their movies. They are not going to jail any time soon. Just boycott them, boycott their movies.

Good luck with boycotting.

Stop pulling our democratically elected PM into everything. Amitabh and Salman have been womanizers and bullies even before Modi became a CM of Gujarat. In fact Amitabh was a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi, was linked to bofors scandal too. He was recommended by Indira Gandhi to get his break in films. Salman has been exploiting women and weaker men since time immemorial

Salman's father openly has two wives and growing up with such horrible example, it is no surprised that he (and most likely his brothers) are scarred individuals and where the this misogyny stems from. A man baby who could not sustain any relationship his entire adult like. Like his father, he must see women a nothing but plaything for his entertainment. For all his wealth and fame (and rabid fans) he is to be pitied.

If thisbis Nargis than I find that hard to believe. She's been a Chopra keep, so I doubt anyone actually misbehaved with her, she's also bindaas enough to say it or drop out of work because of it. Moreover why would she do Dabang after if she felt violated? I think Reshma Shetty is keeping heat off her new clients the Bachans. Salman has a harem of women that are at his beck and call for favours in return. Hes not desperate, especially not at this age, yaar bhudda hai these days are gone. Its simply because hes done it before it makes good fodder in the present movement.

...'Salman has a harem of women that are at his beck and call for favours in return"..
Wow..just speaks volumes of your own mentality in referring to women in this crude fashion!

Unmarried superstar Salman Khan, actress Nargis

They the people who hurt&violate us,the ones who take away pieces of our souls, cannot take away our power,our purity&our ability to take a stand.We are women,here our roar..let it echo across the web,the mountains,the oceans&the sand..we will not take it anymore !We will fight for our future,for our right to be free,from the catcalls&grabs,&the rubbing&grinding,the stuff that makes us nauseous&drives us into hiding..this isn't all men!There are so many good ,we beg you to join us&put an end to this madness.we speak for our mothers,sisters,friends,daughters&the ones yet to be,it was never our fault,we never asked for it !we dont have to be ashamed,this isnt the way things have to be,we must join in as a chorus &say it out aloud #ME TOO !Bring them the perpetrators all down..burn down the house if needed.Enough is Enough !!


Besides outing a lot of movie people with the #metoo movement, the other great achievement is Taimur is out of PV. Happy days for him and readers.

jwala gutta came out with her story too wonder who made her life hell

Mohammed Azharuddin...Sangeeta Bijlani ex husband...most probably...he was the selector...and he and Jwala were rumoured to be having an affair.

i hope the girl comes foreward with her story..atleast bring one big hero down..the rest will come tumbling after..

Nargis is full on in awe is Salman Khan, last year she was quite blushing at the airport when accompanying Salman and others on dabangg tour. This is fake blind or it’s about some other superstar. I also wonder that when men make advances it becomes an issue but what about katrina kaif literally throwing herself at Salman during Tiger zinda hai promotions and dabangg reloaded tour.

Looks like salman is shit scared and has hired a PR person to go through each comment and defend him.

Who else but the big bully and serial abuser man child of bollywood. I hope she comes out guns blazing on his sorry ass. Lets see how many superstars of bollywood would take a stand against him.

Let ur idol's husband take a stand against him first and then others will follow but instead of u obsessing over Salman here u should worry about ur idol as we all know, her pa's closet is getting very close to be opened and we also know that when that man goes down ur idol is going down with him..

If AB is a pervert, he'll go down too just like Salman. What has AB's pervy ways has got to do with Aiswarya?

Let ur idol's husband take a stand against him first and then others will follow but instead of u obsessing over Salman here u should worry about ur idol as we all know, her pa's closet is getting very close to be opened and we also know that when that man goes down ur idol is going down with him..

Give us a proof of the serial abuse or shut up with your libel and defamation spree. All his ex are friends with him. The cunning liar ex's husband is also friends with him.

Ranbir and nargis

During the making of karan arjun, salman miabehaved with mamta to and when she exposed him, nobody believed her. Im starting to see a pattern here. Crazy salman always gets away with it.

Not true, they may not have got along for other reasons during the making of KA. Mamta herself said in later interviews that she had fond memories of working with salman. It wasn't abt any sexual misconduct. Post pv

Mamta wrote him a written apology and went to the Khan house for Eid after? There was an issue, I don't believe it was a sexual harassment. He had a colossal ego and and would have run ins for that reason.

Mamta exposed Akshay kumar. How much lies you are going to come up with

Reshma shetty was the one that revive Salman image and now Reshma is the one that is revealing the actual truth about crazy Khan lol.

Or maybe she's the one planting those lies about him after all she is managing Abhi..but if she wants to reveal the truth then maybe she should start with her current client akshay.

Or maybe she's the one planting those lies about him after all she is managing Abhi..but if she wants to reveal the truth then maybe she should start with her current client akshay.

Or maybe she's the one planting those lies about him after all she is managing Abhi..but if she wants to reveal the truth then maybe she should start with her current client akshay.

Salman is a bully and his fans are all delluded. Srk is a witness to Salman assaulting Aishwarya, yet his fans choose to be ignorant and accuse Aishwarya of lying.

Hallucinations hit hit hard when life is a failure. Stop lying and accept salman's super success.

Put psychopath Salman in prison and throw away the key. He is a murderer and a woman beater. Salman mans are deluded and think that the sun shines out of his ass.

what a creep you are you just carry hatred for other than your favourites grow up

salman khan can be brought down by public only, when people stop watching his crap movies and shitty shows like Big boss.
Indian actresses like katrina and Aishwarya are too timid to talk about him. They are scared him and loosing respect in public.Katrina needs favors in form of movies and finances when she runs out of it in future from salman and Aish still wants to keep it a mystery to be relevant in news.
Only 'aam janta' can pull him down which I should do now is the time.

Tu fail hai fail. Stop provoking people against salman.

Ohhh they were so scared of him that they dumped salman like a hot potatoe.shame on you. Quit associating kat with ash to make your lies strong. Allllllllllllll exes of salmon are good friends with salmon. The husband of one liar ex is also friends with salman. Go take a cold shower you evil soul.

Dumping and saying anything against are two different things, Salman has taken advantages and misused his power when women of industry are concerned. period.

This 'man's' fans are as disgusting as him. How can they be so blind and loyal to this poor excuse of human being. Shame on you!!

lets be honest.. bollywood or hollywood people do favors since 1930's its not new... and its not a one sided blame... everyone has a plan and they go for it.

Somi Ali or Aishwarya rai or even katrina kaif can bring the salman down. They all have been abused by him. He has treated them like doormat for years personally, specially katrina.

Somy Ali takes donations from Salman, Aishwarya has a sanskaari image and Katrina takes mivies from Salman. I'd say the present arrangements are consensual.

Taking somi Alis, sangeeta and kat names with the one cunning liar doesn't make your case strong.

Hallucinating to be spokesperson of all the actresses? Haha your earned chapati is on your way.

Aishwarya did out him as an abuser. Katrina only cares about Katrina.

Somy never said he abused her, in fact she denied that and given that she lives in America clearly she doesn't need Salman for publicity or anything else so there's no need for her to lie for him..same for Kat, she also denied that and don't give tabloid crap as proof because they write rubbish about everyone even the ones u think r for aishwarya this is what she said when asked about being abused by Salman: Why don't people believe that I fell down the stairs? The same media portrayed me as a strong woman. Now it wants to paint me as a helpless one. I would never tolerate nonsense behaviour. Nobody can act savagely with me. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger can get hurt in an accident. So, why can't I? I would have retaliated if I were physically attacked. This news is baseless. My silence has further fuelled the rumours. But I don't like to react on frivolous things.'..and don't forget her own husband likes Salman and praises him and calls him great guy..also aishwarya has always praised amitabh to the highest sky though we all know his history and I only wonder what she has to say when her pa is finally exposed.

First of - that is a completely different issue from what the me too movement is about. Salman was in relationships w all those women you just named and it was a CONSENSUAL relationship. That’s the key word there ! Meaning both parties were agreeable. Those not being “healthy” relationships is completely different thing but that’s no ones business but the people in the relationship. And Ben when those relationships ended Salman didn’t do anything to the careers of those women. In fact and this comes to the second point he’s still friends with most of his ex girlfriends w he exception of Aish! He’s still close to Somy and was seen w her even as early as 2-3 years ago. He’s still friends w sangeeta bijalni even she was married and still on good terms w Katrina. So pretty sure that counts for something. Salman always gets his name dragged into stuff even when it’s not justified. The biggest issue here is just Bc he’s been a bad boyfriend to women that does not mean you can drag him into this category. Please educate yourself before saying these kings. The issue at heart in the me too movement is so different than what being a bad boyfriend entails. Please post this pinkvilla

Since everyone is trying put mud on salman, he better get married.

Nargis gave many interviews recently as well that she wants to work with him .. common dude.
It may be hrithik roshan, Abhishek bachchan,

I am a big Ab jr fan. Lekin wo kabse super star ban gaya? He is good human being ,husband everything but he is not a superstar.

if Aishwarya was not ready to commit to salman because he is muslim... I wonder if muslims should be her fan

Stop trying to bring religion in it in order to protect your favourite Salman Khan. If Aishwarya didnt want to marry him because of his religion, than why did she break it off with her own parents and move out of her parents house for several years. Salman took advantage of the situation, as he knew she was vulnerable and started abusing her. Your favourite Salman is a psychopath and a murderer and he should of been thrown in to prison decades ago.

other than Aishwarya no actors has said will not work with Salman... infact entire bollywood thanks him for whatever help he provides to promote them.
Drunk and knock doors happens in many cases even in common man life.. its not just Salman khan

Amitabh bachchan

why can't it be Shah rukh

Because they said unmarried superstar!!!! DUHHHHH

Because all the women in BW know SRK is one of the few good men in the pile of crap that is BW.

Salman does not to request for favor,... girls are mad about him

It's not Nargis fakhri she partecipated in April. 2017 a dabangg tour in Hong Kong with salman and company go you can see in YouTube c cc come on

This is the same man who was dragged into the Jia khan's suicide case even though he had NOTHING to do with it.. i'm not surprised he's dragged into this.

This is the same man who was dragged into the Jia khan's suicide case even though he had NOTHING to do with it.. i'm not surprised he's dragged into this.

I would not believe this in a thousand years. Let’s be freaking honest women throw themselves at Salman Khan more so when he was in his younger age Bc he was gorgeous but even now Bc they know he is a superstar. He legit gets girls right and left and your telling me he would need to “try” when he has it thrown at him ina. Daily basis ?! Hell I would prob flirt w him and try to get w him even now Bc he’s still hot. I would not believe this in a thousand years .

Bullshit, just because most of the time he don't say anything to defend himself doesn't means you can keep throwing dirt on his name.

Salman has a thing for foreign women - so must be Nargis, But she later said she would love to work with Salman...maybe she was scared.

Nargis is American, and can't be scared. American culture and social places are 99% harassment free. The rest of the world is learning about Meetoo because of media and social media

People could be lieing too

Maybe start #ban the alcohol

Hahaha !! Salman despo Khan !! Even after being a star he has to bang on doors !!

Imran Khan said no one would mention the top names. So Salman will not be named...just like Akshay and the biggest hypocrite Amitab Bachchan.

Shahrukh and Aamir too

And here we go..I knew that they will be doing this..they always drag him into things that he has nothing to do with..what promotional event did they ever go to together?!..and how come we never heard about such incident before?!..since when do people keep quite about Salman's misbehaviour?!..if they can't find any they create it but this incident happened more than FOUR years ago and only NOW that we hear about it?!!!!..unless Nargis speaks with proof, I don't believe it..this seems more like someone is scared of being exposed and he dicided to get the heat off himself by throwing Salman under the bus..I really hope no one misuses this movement to ruin other people..

Superstar Salman Khan, love interest Aishwarya Rai, Lust interest Nargis who did Item song in kick

By the time Kick movie came along, Salman moved on long time ago from Chalte Chalte fiasco. Love Interest is someone else. Kat may be?

Then you are born yesterday. Just check those magazines of early 2000s three was news that he banged the door of Aishwarya Rai’s house all night and they did not open the door till 6 a.m. in the morning

Salman I have heard this story from the girls in the industry. He also did the same thing years ago to Mahima

She should speak up

Salman, the article is about 2 actresses.The first time around was years ago when he went banging the door of his "love interest" who was a "Top actress".This is Aishwariya Rai & her parents lodged a police complaint against him. The second door banging incident is more recent with another lady described as the "lust interest " actress who only did an item song with him. Could be anyone from the late Sophia Haque , Suman Ranganathan or Nargis. Most likely Nargis who has the Westernised looks he seems to prefer . Ranbir had also been a pest around Nargis.

Do you live under his bed?

His bed would be too unhealthy for the likes of me . Are u his apple polisher or his brothers ?

he toh also went and banged the bedroom door of vidya balan, in the presence of her husband.

Love interest- Ash
Lust interest- nargis
Superstar- salman

its not Nargis

It’s definitely nargis , it was in the news back in 2013 basically he also misbehaved with her in David Dhawans party in front of everyone.

If this was in 2013 then why did she work with him in 2014?!..I never heard this news before..besides go read what Nargis said about him in interviews after she worked with him.

Not buying this blind, Salman is too arrogant to knock someone's door as he has the habit of girls falling over his lap

Salman. Nargis did Yaar Na Mile for Kick. I hope she speaks out.

Firstly, she Nargis is not a top actress, never was...could it be Ranbir with someone?

Don’t you know know how to read ????

Can't be. They said the Superstar ruled the masses for decades. Also Top Actress is Ash. Blind starts after that

I think it's mahima nd salman

Suman Rangnathan & Salman khan. I read in the magazine that she did open the door. He wouldn’t stop knocking till she finally opened the door & spend the night in her room.

Plz read the question carefully....the top actress is aishwarya(who thry have referred just to understand the guess) the story of the victim starts afterwards..."top actress" word was for referrence of salman n ash's story...the question starts after that...!!!!!

you are right... First they introduced Salman as a abuser to top actress(ash),then they went on to introduce his lust interest (nargis).... Nargis is not seen in BW circle now... She only had an item song in Kick..

And there he was telling the world that he's a VIRGIN .
It seems fishy that nargis was never seen wid him again on a screen or an event.
I do remember an interview where he said that he FOUND NARGIS HOT.

Someone call out this 50 plus year old virgin joke of a man. The serial abuser. Aishwarya was right about him. My friend once saw him slap her at a restaurant. He felt so bad for Aishwarya. This idiot who needs his 75 plus dad to clarify statements and say he is a child needs a strong punishment for being what he is 2 right a cannot change a wrong. Because you give money to the poor does not change or discount all the wrongs.

If I recall correctly, Abhi said in his interview on KWK that when he was in Brazil shooting for dhoom2 he and uday used to go to the beach to hit on girls, he and aish were dating at the time and she even joined them to hit on girls so I really don't think u could go on about aish being a fact I think we might hear something about Abhi, who knows?!..I remember there was a BI about Abhi when he was shooting for bol bachchan so let's not jump to conclusion and start judging now..wait until Nargis talks..btw there was never any story about Salman slapping aish at a restaurant simply because as everyone knows Salman rarely goes out so don't make things up..

So, just because she joined the boys in the beach instead of staying home like an acceptable submissive little wifey, Aish is suddenly not a saint? What was she supposed to do while the boys flirt around with girls? Stay at the hotel and cook them dinner and might as well clean while at that.

On the contrary, I found her personality refreshing (if what you said is right.) She sounds ver laid back and secure when it comes to her man.

Of course, he will go away as always(thank God and her own actions),no doubts. She can try to ask money for silence as she jobless, but I am almost certain that he will not give her a rupiah,because if she will have a money, others will want some to -precedent, and I am 100% certain that he doesn't want to create one.

Salman Khan and Aishwarya rai

Haha salu bhai

Nargis about Salman

You have danced with Salman, wouldn’t you want to romance him on-screen?

Hell yes. I would love to. With enthusiasm I say that. I would love to work with him in a film.

But say if you had a choice between Salman, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan – Who would be your first choice?

Of course it will be Salman! I have got a chance to work with him and he has awesome energy. When you are comfortable around someone, you are looking forward to work with that person.

I highly doubt that someone who had the guts to say no to him and have him dragged by hotel stuff would go and say this about him and I'm sure if she's offered a film with him she'll do it..personally I'll wait for her to talk about this first then believe it..

Shameless people will earn their chapato on salman's expense it doesn't matter what Nargis said about Salman

"Top actress", Nargis never was a top actress and Nargis was dating Uday back then. This blind is fake.

Guess, her relationship with Uday was cover up for him, as all girls for Sid and as Alia for almost all boys,whom she "dated /ing".

Who else other than Lallu...girl can't be Nargis, she was never a top actress!

Salman and Nargis.
She did an item song in Kick.

Salman and Nargis, movie = Kick, song = Pyaar na mile

Nargis Fakhri and Salman???

Is it salman and Nargis tou are talking about?

Salman khan & Nargis fakhri who did only one item song in kick.

Nargis fakri?

She's not a top actress tho

The only superstar still unmarried is Salman & Nargis fakhri did only one item song in kick.

Is this Sallu?? Can’t tell who the actress is.

Salman and Nargis (Kick Item Song). Salman has a thing for foreign women

Is it Salman? For some reason he always kinda came across as non-sexual. He is never overtly flirtatious or romantic even with the women he has dated. Most people are aware of his physical violence and court cases but this is something new if he really is the person being talked about.

Salman Khan and Nargis Fakhri

Salman Khan and Nargis Fakhri

But who is this actress?

Salman Khan?

Salman Khan?

This is about suman rangnathan and Salman Khan...

Salman and nargis fakhri

Salman Khan

Salman Khan
Nargis fakhri


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