Guess Who: Superstar not keen on sharing screen space with actor who is a constant in the successful franchise

Can you guess who the superstar and actor in question are?
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In an interesting blind item by DNA, we had our heads thinking as to whom this superstar and actor could be. Maybe you guys could help us out.

This superstar in question has been roped in for the next installment of a successful franchise. While he has almost signed on the dotted line, the superstar has one condition that has given the producer nightmares. According to the condition, the superstar is not keen on sharing screen space with one of the actors who has been a part of all the previous installments in the franchise. Given that the superstar has no issues with the actor being a part of the film but he does not want any scenes together with him. This has put the makers of the film in a tight dilemma as the actor is a very important part of the film and it will be difficult to part with either of them.

Can you guess who the blind item is talking about? Let us know in the comments below.


The Dhoom franchise is slick. Needs someone like John Abraham. Among the few actors, who is suave, urbane and intelligent looking.

Why the hell they cant bring JOHN back. He keep casting vaani , but cant bring John back to dhoom. whats wrong with that fella.

Does no one see how sad this situation is? Abhishek will be so insulted if he is asked to leave the franchise on Aishwarya's account. It's not even Salman's fault, he's trying to spare Abhishek the embarrassment. What dignity will remain for him if he works with his wife's ex with whom she had such a public relationship meltdown. It would just look so pathetic on him as a man to work with Salman irrespective of the fact that they are cordial. At the end of the day Salman will rake in money for YashRaj not Abhishek, if YashRaj really cared Salman would never be on the casting list.

very good analysis.. Salman is saving everyone from embarassment.

There should not be any issue. Afterall Abhishek plays Uday's sidekick?

There's definitely a problem. Abishek is taller than the vertically challenged Salman Khan. It would hurt Bhai's ego. Lol

superstar: Salman Khan
actor: Uday Chopra

how can abhishek work with someone who beat up his wife? how desperate is that?

BUT abhishek is living with one (Amitabh) who betrayed his mother.

That makes him tolerant guy. Isn't it ??

In a competitive movie industry, the husband would care less about his wife to land an offer. For all you know the wife might have put all these abuse behind her and encouraged the husband to act in it. It's called survival of the fittest!

Probably, he knows by now that she is a liar.

Looks like Salman wants to do the film but at the same time doesnt want Abhishek to get replaced either LOL. Its time to move from Jai Dixit to be honest..... He literally brings nothing to the table and looks lazy. His character growth and change make no sense either. That is the weakest character in Dhoom and on top of that you have the most uncharismatic individual doing it. People like seeing Uday Chopra as Ali more than Abhishek doing that poorly written character he has. He needs to die in the film and so they can create another character who can take it forward, probably someone like Ranveer or Sid. The Villains being the highlight wasnt the intended result in Dhoom its just because of Abhishek , John walked off with the success and then they realized they can make the bad guy roles for the stars. The end of Dhoom franchise should be the return of Kabir aka John.

like in dhoom he is the best police officer but he is unable to arrest any of the thieves what a joke

Movie par ka punchnama 4
Superstar Rabbit
Actor kartik aaryan
Producer luv ranjan

I prefer SRK in anti-hero movies he just makes bad look so good.. he could actually become a villain and go back to what he started off.. c'mon SRK grab this Dhoom 4 and take on Don 3 too.. Instead of Uday they can easily take Varun or any of the new boys and there are so many good looking girls around too.. take Shraddha, she's good with action..

Aish ruined the lives of Salman, Abhishek, Rani, Manisha, Katrina, Priyanka, Sushmita etc..she deserves to be hated

how is that possible - Katrina, Priyanka, Sushmita??

Salman doesn’t care a damn about Abhishek. He has been busy with the US dabang tour- he is working non stop round the clock. I think Reshma Shetty should stop using Salman to save Abhishek’s career. Enough!!! Salman is the only actor who gives consistent 300 crore films- he is the highest paid actor- and he is still slogging his ass out.Abhi has been playing the victim for a longtime now.

Totally agree. Abhishek must just retire from acting. His wife can't live without the limelight so she appointed Reshma thinking that she will make Abhishek into Salman. lol

Ab ye lallu dhoom ki waat lagayega.PV post it don't be afraid of dadagiri's fan

I think Salman wants to save Abhishek the embarrassment. Remember how someone said he took the blame in the hunting drama to save someone? I think he can be considerate like that despite his many weaknesses. I hope he acts with Deepika in this one. Maybe they can introduce another angle with Abhishek being a consulting guy in this next movie or him helping out a new police officer (would be interesting if they could get Ranveer here opposite his girlfriend) so that he does not share the scenes with Salman. But that all depends on whether Rani does not revenge on her ex, does it not?

For the info of Ranbir, Funbir etc who have delusions of being superstar: Here's what Danny Denzongpa has said a few days ago - " Salman Khan is the only superstar in the real sense today. Woh jis bhi film mein kaam karta hai, woh chal jaata hai. Give the same film to some other actor & it will flop". So true.



that's Danny's opinion. good for him. does not make it some kind of 'truth' though

Danny sounds honest.salmans most films did very well, you can't deny that,if someone doesn't agree,fine Caz everyone has the right to their opinion

Every movie of Slamna did well. He gave blockbusters during the first 5 years of his career and then the next ten years his all movies were either semi hit or have recovered the cost. Since 2008, his flops made over 150 crores but they are considered flop due to Salman beating salman with 300 plus crores.

Superstar : Akshay kumar... Actor : Ritesh deshmukh.. Franchise : housefull..

Reason : watch kapil sharma show with housefull 3 cast to understand the reason

Detail please...

Salman may not have a problem with Abhishek personally as they are polite with each other in public. More likely to be that Salman wants to avoid the media circus that will invariably follow .There will definitely be insensitive awkward questions about Aishwariya , the relationship between the men , comparisons between Salman's superstardom & Abhishek's stagnating career .

Dhoom franchise requires d anti- hero to be suave n stylish , salman is not that he is a mass hero . Srk / ranveer wud fit d bill n pls change d actors for d role of cops . Vicky kaushal / madhavan n aparshakthi khurana would be great choices . The gals can be kriti n disha.salman shud only take his own franchises forward n not spoil d other ones.

this entire nepo-franchise works because of one character - that of the anti-hero. So far John, Hrithik, Aamir have made all the difference in each film. The rest of the loser cast is there simply because of Yash-Raj. Ditching them for the real actors who can take their characters to another level would be the right choice, but then the nepo-men (can't call them kids any more) will have nothing to do in life...err not gonna happen.

Ek Dhoom his tho hai Abhishek ke paas

It's more than 15 yrs since Aish & Salman has parted ways ...rather Aishwarya & Abhishek are married for 11 yrs now...Plz guys move on now atleast & plz grow up too. Just dump the past behind . Ppl shud also let them realize the fact as its high time everybody must act sensible enough & not become a butt of jokes for the gen next clinging on a long lost past affair.

In real life, Salman chats with Abhishek and has played a football match with him. On Reel life, he is trying to save Abhishek reputation and whatever career he has cuz Salman fans are masses and people who have old world morals. They will ridicule Abhishek if they see him with his wife ex-lover.

is it just me or is Abhi playing the victim quite often lately..first blame aish for his removal from the movie with priyanka and now blame Salman for possible removal from trying to just blame others for his failure?..or maybe reshma has realised she can't do anything to help his career so she's come up with this stupid strategy to prove I that it's not him or her but other people's doing..I don't think she's able to understand that it wasn't her who made Salman because she's not been able to make Abhi or akshay...akshay already had success before her but she's not been able to give him Salman's place same is for Abhi..I don't even like Salman but truth be told he does have a good connect with the masses which Abhi doesn't for some for Salman and Abhi working together I don't think it's a good idea just imagine the nightmare that the media and people on social media will put them through..besides karan and his team will go nuts with their stupid blind items..yrf already denied the news so I don't know what's the point of this..pv post my comment it took a lot to write..

Fawad insisted on Kjo to remake kkhh with him,Imran and Hamza in the lead...but Kjo refused and asked Fawad to behave himself...

Where did you hit your head bfr coming up with this crap

She hitter her head with Vanni.

I don't think Salman cares about Abhi...and he won't mind some controversies to promote the movie...but Abhi won't play a side role in Salman's will be laughable...
But if YRF took Salman that's mean they already laid off Abhi...he was so annoying and delusional in KWK when he claimed that he and Uday are the stars of the franchise...

Salman has never used controversies, affairs to promote his movie. He dated unknown and struggling girls and made them rich and successful. He is one man show. I think he wants to save Abhi from embarrassment given the kind of fan following Salman has. To his fans, Abhishek will look like a joke who is working with his wife's lover.

Ranbir is a superstar k aukat mein reh ranbir is best actor of this generation k after dilip kumar amitabh bachan shahrukh khan its ranbir kapoor..


Super star - Salman

Franchise Dhoom

But ACTOR abhishek ????? Is he really an actor ??

Are we calling Abhishek actor now ??

Second guess

Pyar ka panchnama

But Ranbir is not a super star

Please go watch Naagin. That is your standard

Yes, if we are calling Salman one ...then YES

Salman is right. His fans don't want to see him with Abhishek just as they don't wish to see him at all with Jacqueline & Daisy etc. But Dhoom should have Deepika opposite Salman for sure. It will be a fantastic pairing.

Or maybe RK and Aryan Karthik if Punchnama happens

Hi reshma , YRF Already DENIED this project...then where did you find sk asking him to remove abhishek...INST

Abhishek was snyways not used in dhoom3 with. Aamir
Time for Rani Mukherjee to teach lesson for selfish abhi for ditching her

Hate Aishwarya and Abhishek shadow on Salman
That sadist lady has spoiled his life and now spoiling Abhishek life
Her sadism is now out open because she doesn't allow Abhishek and his family to come closer to her daughter
And time for Rani Mukherjee to teach lesson to arrogant bachchan who did not invite anyone for wedding

Salman can single handedly overshadow Aishwarya Abhishek and a whole lot of other non existent celebrities! And no...none spoiled his life and he is in fact living a much better life than most married celebrities....And regarding Rani....she should care too less about the entire Bachchan family given her position now!

Is it coz of the Aishwarya angle?

After FLOP Race Sallu will kill dhoom

His so called Flop race made 175 crores in India cuz Salman is beating Salman with 300 crore plus.

Salman and abhiskek for the next dhoom

Dadagiri ise kehte hain. After Race, Doomsday is gonna hit Dhoom franchise.

Superstar: Salman Khan
Actor: Abhishek Bachchan
Successful franchise: Dhoom

Why would Salman want to share screen space and give Abhishek a career boost?

yeah abhishek is actually a 'being human' person. why would salman share screen space with him.

dhoom with AB and salman

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