Guess Who: This talented but not so successful actress is buying roles for herself

Can you guess who the actress is?
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Desperate times make you do things that are even more desperate. Here is an actress who has gotten to such a state that she is offering money to make movies with a condition that the makers make her a part of it as well. Her recent release has been a dud at the box office and the director has been blamed for favouring another actress in the same film. 
However, the real reason for this is that the producer of the film forced this actress and another senior actor into the project only because of the money she was showing to the producer of the film.
This actress was launched by a critically acclaimed filmmaker who was besotted with her. He wanted to cast her in all his films but she wanted to step out of the parallel cinema tag and be a part of commercial cinema which unfortunately did not work for her. But, she ended up with someone who is making her happy by giving her loads of money to spend on making movies.
Can you guess who the actress being referred to in the blind is? Let us know in the comments below.


The real hint is the "parallel cinema tag". Not Sonam, not DP, not Katrina, not Kareena, not Rani... It's Bhumi, Radhika, Chitrangada, or.... can you think of any others from the parallel cinema?

Vidya or Rani whose hubby's lie about their BO collections





Vidya balan

She also buys CANNES appearances and L'Oreal contract since 2010 in a way that she is doing it on voluntary basis. Some are so limelight crazy....

Ok so if it's chitrangada, who is the money bag funding her? Also, which other actress did the director favor?


Her recent movie dud at box office : race 3
With recommendations of senior actor : Salman Khan
Money provider : Salman Khan
The director launched her and wanted to cast at all of his movies : sajid khan ( also her ex )


Kriti Sanon. Just like she is buying followers on Instagram

Kriti Sanon. She is all over the place. She is not talented though

Chitrangada Singh

kareena or kat

It's fawad...he sent nudes to all the producers across India...but no one wants to hire him...

There's a difference between "want by choice" and "doesn't want due to fear and force"

It's fawad...he sent nudes to all the producers across India...but no one wants to hire him...

It's fawad...he sent nudes to all the producers across India...but no one wants to hire him...

It's fawad...he sent nudes to all the producers across India...but no one wants to hire him...

So bc I called you shitvilla you don't post my comments...really...grow up guys ÷(...

Kangana Ranaut

She doesn't need to

Jaya Bachchan


chitrangada has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

RaniM whose hubby inflates boxoffice

For sure bebo


Rani Mukherjee and husband



This has to be Aishwarya Rai

Asihwarya Rai for sure

The comments here are mind

Lol, you guys. Not Anushka, most of her films are blockbusters or hits, not duds. Not Deepika, Farah Khan not man besotted with her. Not Katrina, Boom director has no filmography. It's not a huge actress like these girls.
Chitrangada. She made a mistake.

Chitrangada Singh and daljeet Singh doosanj..

Anushka Sharma
Acclaimed filmmaker- Yash raj films
Ended up with someone who is making her happy- virat kohli

Dream on


Radhika Apte.

Aishwarya Rai - Fanney Khan

Aishwarya Rai - Fanney Khan

How is it Katrina? She is not ever known as talented. Though she is probably lobbying hard for roles, no doubt. But don't think it's her lol

Sonam Kapoor!!

Article says actress was launched by critically acclaimed film maker. So it can't be deepika . She was launched by farah who is not critically acclaimed film maker. So haters get a life

None other than Kareena Kapoor Khan

Don't you know Saifu is broke... And it's not her anyways

Go geta life before taking the Royal Kareena Kapoors name in this.. Kareena owns bollywood,, she doesnt need to buy roles..Without Kareena there is no Bollywood she is super besutiful and talented and a great actress

"Without Kareena there is no Bollywood". LMAO

Chitrangada Singh & Sudhir Mishra who launched her in HKA . She wanted to be a commercial actress & refused art house cinema roles.

Katrina kaif

They are saying "talented actress". Not a talented boyfriend stealer.

too good

Kat who else


Lets check: Deepika is not talented but She is part of many male centric successful film, So clear, its not Deepika. I think, This blind refer to Shaheb Biwi Aur gangstar 3 which is Badly floped film & Actress Chitrangada !



Let me guess its deepika

Jealous hater spotted. Deepika's last film was a blockbuster and she does not need to pay any money to producers as she is the number one actress at the moment. She is the most versatile, talented, hard working and beautiful superstar

Deepika padukone or kon..


Deepika i guess

Deepika padukone

Chitragdha Singh.


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