Guess Who: Top actor shifted in with his hot new BRAZILIAN MODEL GIRLFRIEND before separating from his wife

Can you guess who the blind item is talking about?
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Marriages are breaking apart faster than a pack of falling cards in the world of entertainment, these days. We have seen many top stars' marriages breaking up and celebrity couples going through messy divorces. Buzz is that an actor couple who separated this year had their own issues since the last few years leading to the final split. His acting career has also been going through a lean phase which didn’t help the marriage much. But now we got to know the real reason why the couple has agreed to separate…

The top actor has been in the news for dating other women, including rumours of him dating other star wives, for years but till now the actor’s wife turned a blind eye and chose to ignore his escapades. Apparently, what finally broke her resolution not to give him a divorce was when he shifted into his new apartment in the suburbs a few months ago with a hot, young Brazilian fashion model. And guess what? His new home is a few hundred yards from his earlier one! The star and his model GF met during a brand shoot last year and since then the two have become inseparable. Apparently, he is head-over-heels in love with her and the romance has reached a pretty serious stage. She’s one of the most in-demand foreign models in the Indian fashion scene.

The actor has been going through a stressful time ever since rumours of his troubled marriage broke out few years ago. The linkups with various women didn’t help and while a strong rumour linking him with a celebrity’s wife circulated a couple of years ago, it was squashed by this actor’s cozy public appearances with his (now separated) wife. While we have heard that the actor had wanted a separation from his wife quite some time back, she refused it as certain amount of property (owned by both) was at stake. But when news of him shifting in with the leggy model reached her ears, she finally gave in and agreed to a separation.


definitely not arjun, he’s not a top actor.

I dont think its Arjun,they r saying "actor couple" means teh wife is also an actor but Mehr isn't.

She acted in 1 film. I forgot the name.

Who cares

This sounds like it's from a bad magazine, it's so fake.

wanted to believe its Arjun Rampal, but wait
-The top actor - it cant be Arjun
-has been in the news for dating other women, including rumors of him dating other star wives - how many star wives he dated!!!

There are always two sides to a story. Maybe he didn't really date the star wives but those ladies were after him because he's good looking/nice person to be friends with (clearly something was lacking in their relationship with their husbands) and the husbands got jealous and planted stories to destroy Arjun Rampal. Bollywood is a dirty world and never mess up with them.

U dont mess with anybody's wife. U are lucky this is bollywood. Else, if u try in other places, u will get a punch on ur nose

Feels like someone wrote this blind to divert attention from actual affair between Susanne and Arjun that’s very much on!!!

He may not be a top actor bt a perfect actor.......

Top actor? Quick give him the Dadasaheb Phalke award.. All "top actors" and their hairdressers are getting it this year

Bruna Abdullah looks like arjun lmao

TIL Bruna Abdullah is Brazilian! I thought this was Virat Kohli's ex.

This is another clean up blame game so as to divert their attention from Sussanne who being the main cause for their split

Nobody noticed that Hritik not in talking terms with Arjun Rampal since his divorce.

Top actor!! Hahaha! Wait who!! Arjun!!! Hahahaha!! Stop it you guys. Stop trolling him.

Of course he is a top actor..he acted opposite Aishwarya in her home production and they are good friends since modeling days.

Aishwarya's home production? Are u Arjun? Bcoz dont think anybody else heard of it lol

you are right to lol! it was bad. Dil ka rishta. Produced by Aishwarya, her mom and her brother.

Arjun Rampal and Bruna Abdulla

Arjun left Mehr for Adriana Lima. Before Adriana it was Suzanne but Suzanne left this affair for Hrithik. So now it’s Adriana Lima.

Mehr and arjun so simple

That was quick. So much for 20 yrs of marriage breaking talk.

Arjun is Top Actor and Hrithik is a "Celebrity"? Looks like Blind planted by Arjun! lol

Honestly there marriage was over when Hrithik-Sussanne marriage got over - they tried to make it work but sometimes you can't fix things that are broken,

Who’s the model ?

Poor Mehr, shitty Rampal! Model:??

This is not a blind. Just say their names. We know who they are

Arjun rampal

When did flop actor Arjun rampal become a top actor ??? What an insult to actual top actors !!

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