Guess Who: This top actress after complaining about her role had it increased in a period drama

Can you guess who the actress in question is?
Guess Who,guess who
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This actress is known to get roles according to her proximity to heroes and filmmakers and right now has been looking at meaty ones. She’s still quite at the top of her game and managed to get films opposite B-Town’s biggest actors, last year. Now we have heard that the actress, who was complaining that her role has been edited in a yet-to-release period drama, is smiling like a Cheshire cat – her role has been increased by a scene in the period drama she is acting in.

Film industry sources say that when the actress was first given a narration by the film’s director, it was made clear to her that she would have only four scenes and two songs in the film and would not be the hero’s love interest because that would be played by a young newbie actress. The senior actress agreed to sign on the dotted line as she was looking forward to working with the superstar again as he is known to give blockbusters. Also signing a film with him would mean working with the top three actors in her league – something she needed to get back into the game as she had stopped signing films earlier because of personal reasons.

She came, shot with the superstar and even danced with him but soon a worry started niggling away at her – what would her fans and audiences think when they saw her small role in the film? A role she and her PR team had flaunted as the main female in the film. Stories started going out that her role was being chopped short because the superstar actor wanted to give more importance to his love interest in the movie. A few stories also came about how it was because of the actor’s close friendship (in real life) with the newbie actress. The older actress is also close to the producer of the film and soon complaints and calls started going to him too about her image and what would her fans think about her doing such a tiny role – almost like a cameo.

Tears always work (apart from being friends with the producer)… The next thing one heard was that the senior actress’s role has been increased in the film. Instead of four scenes now she has five scenes and an extra song – something which she is thrilled about and that has got her smiling like the cat who got the cream. The newbie actress, of course, has no say in the matter and has to just grin and bear it. 

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Its vidya balan guys
she asked for huge renumeration and also more scenes ( supposed to play basavatarakam)
Its a period drama

No dear it's your Kat who's known to get roles through Salman no heroes are helping Vidya


Jacqueline - Salman Khan - Daisy Shah - Race 3

*NOT Katrina!

stopped signing films due to personal reasons?? hmmm... was this prior to breakup with ranbir? she thought she was going to get married etc etc??
women- learn! dont leave your jobs or juicy projects for men!

Lool, Aamir doesn't need any of her rubbish. he is enough for tag of Hindustani. he will deal with her at the editing table

It's fawad...he had a new item song (sugar daddy)and he dedicated to kjo...where he will show his amazing belly dance moves...the one and only queen of item songs FAWAD...

Are there actually katrina fans out there??? Ya’ll need to raise your standards. Just sayin

Lol well said. Bhai is the only Katrina fan, so you can imagine the standards haha..

How is doing 1 extra scene & song going to help Katty ? Why take on such roles in the first place after Dhoom 3 where she was supposedly the lead actress landed up getting chopped to a guest role ? Aamir may still slash anything he doesn't want on the editing table.


She's still a cameo then lol all that crying and she is still not the lead. This woman needs to chill and retire. Let the new girls take your spot now.

Ask others like Kareena,dp and Aish to retire too and give new girls chance

Wow she fought for a cameo role? Seriously, after 15 years and her fans call her great yet she hasn't proven any growth. It's kind of pathetic.

She should be thankful instead of complaining. kat didnt got it coz of herself but coz her EX Salman asked Ai and Aamir.

Sad. And, still Aamir probably cut one different scene lol, and she has to fight for every scene.


Why katrina doing so much drama, Wisely She is known for showpiece role. Till now katrina does not exactly give us anything great to marvel on or remember. In fact even the director mostly places her in scenes with minimum dialogues plus 2-3songs.

I rather see more of Kat than the lead actress who is only there cos of her proximity to the lead actor.

You are talking as if kat got this movie by herself? she got this movie due to her proximity to her EX Salman. So lead and cameo actress are the same
truth should be posted

Don't agree

I told you that when Kjo met DP we got a blind about her. When he met Kat I wrote wait for a negative blind on Kat by kjo PR. See .

But hypocrisy is Kat fans believed that blind but they won't trust this one.

someone was so right kat travelled with KJ.....there is a negative blind item out on her!!!

Kat is doing a cameo in TOH. But her pr was going on as if it was a leading role..

So its a cameo for Kat.

I guess Katrina was always easlily pleased lol.


Too many references to Katty


Haha first 4 scenes now 5 extra scene and a song. It has to be talentless Kat.

See Kat PR spread lies about her being the main lead

lol Katrina, why are you becoming so desperate


Katrina , thugs of Hindustan

Obviously its Katrina and the movie is toh she signed that movie knowingly her role is smaller because she was having flops and before that she fought with yrf for dhoom 3. But obviously in bollywood things changes every friday she got tzh with yrf and it became mega blockbuter(340) cr and 6 th blockbuter with yrf so now yrf have to give her the big role because they need her in tiger series again.

TOH... talking about Katrina and Aamir n Fatima n Aditya Chopra...

Who else but Katrina

Haha Kat for TOH.
She is happy with one extra scene and song? Lol

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