Guess Who: This top actress has a huge fight with her BFF director because her ex-BF REFUSED to work with her

Can you guess the actress and her BFF director in question?
Guess Who,guess who,blind items

In B-Town some actresses are cast more for their friendships with the directors and actors than for their acting prowess. While this top actress has proved her acting chops after some movies where she played the glamour queen, she is still fighting for some big league films. Her close friendship with a superstar has got her some movies but she’s still hungry for more.

Her BFF, a young director who has made a couple of super hit films, was planning his next project, a very expensive affair with lots of VFX and action. Another plus point for the actress was that the film’s producer was another close friend of hers. While he was keen to cast the top actress – there was a slight hitch – it also starred her long-time ex-boyfriend with whom she had broken up a few years ago. Their breakup wasn’t amicable and in most interviews, the actress would keep very subtly blaming the young actor for it. While the actor has kept his silence with dignity, unfortunately, the damage has been done and he’s become the fall guy for their breakup.

When news of the expensive science fiction, fantasy adventure film reached the actress’s ears she was thrilled. She assumed that the producer and her BFF director would cast her, being her friends. The actress even sent out big feelers and hints through their common group of friends. The producer and director spoke to the lead actor (the actress’s ex) and asked him if he was comfortable working with her. To their shock and dismay, he flatly refused to even consider the idea of working with her and would walk out if she was cast. When they conveyed this to the actress she felt her BFF had not put up her case convincingly enough and had a huge fight with him. The helpless director, whom the actress has often called her 3 AM friend, told her, he had no choice. The actress said she didn’t believe him and stormed out.

Following this, a young actress, who has been winning accolades with her acting prowess, was signed opposite the tall and fair actor and the first schedule for the film is already complete. People who have seen the rushes are saying their chemistry is sizzling. The older actress (who was rejected by the hero) is still smarting from the slight and while she’s become on good terms with the producer again, is not as close to her BFF director as she used to be.

But then in B-Town, there are never any permanent friends and enemies so don’t be surprised if the top actress patches up (even if for appearance sake or in a professional capacity) with her BFF director and is seen socialising together.  

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Mohit sharaddha aditya

Its a superhero movie, kat maybe older but she's million times hotter than Alia, So I think she is a better choice. As for acting, can Kat not hire an acting coach?

I don't know why these people mix their personal and professional lives. If I own a company I might be friends with 20 people but would only want the best people for the job. Ranbir, who might be a bad BF, is passionate and sincere towards his work which comes through on screen (whether the film works or not is another story) and Alia has done full justice to some challenging roles. Her performance in Udta Punjab was a knockout plus she's the current flavour and everyone wants to do a movie with her. So Ayaan is fully justified in selecting these two for his movie. If this blind is true and there's no more to the story then it's very immature of Kat.

is this even a blind?

how typical of ranbir to keep using his exes to hype himself up . eye rolls

How typical of kat to keep using her exes to hype herself and get work.
post it

honey how does that paint ranbir as a saint

In the same manner as you are trying hard to paint Kat as saint a d Rk a villain.

Poll : Who is the Best Actress So far of this year.

1. Deepika Padukone -- Padmavat
2. Anushka Sharma -- Pari
3. Rani Mukerji -- Hichki
4. Alia Bhatt -- Raazi

Your votes & comments are appreciated.

Seen all 04 films and found Rani to be the best amongst all. But no award function will give her the best actress award as she doesn't attend any and as always these awards are already bought.

Hahah this is great proof of how biased and ridiculous PV IS. There’s no way deepika’s blank face is getting awards. Alia is a lock.

Probably Deepika will sweep at people choice awards and Alia all critics choice... But deepika's acting in padma is the worst I have seen from her. Glycerin eyes staring?? Seriously! Havent seen Raazi, so cant comment but the awards, no matter what Manikarnika does, or any other female oriented movie for that matter, deepika and alia will win many awards

Katrina for zoya?

We are talking about acting and actress. Kat has no expressions and her hindi suck along with her terrible acting. she can never be an actress.

Deepika for sure. Havent see the rest but watched Raazi trailer and Alia impressed me

Your poll has an important lesson. Bollywood is on a talent starvation diet this year and I hope it comes off it soon.

DP cos I haven’t seen the rest waiting for Pari to come on tv

Both Alia and Anushka!

Tiger Shroff for Baaghi 2 ;)

wow RK down graded himself from handsome actor (blind from sonam party) to tall and fair actor, surely they read msgs, who PR writing these blinds...PV post my msg

Comments here are so funny. I am a Ranbir fan even I can’t stop laughing

Ranbir is one of the most hated celebs.

thats bcoz there is lot of hatred for RK bcoz of Alia :)

So Ranbir comes from a family and a generation where men chose and dropped girlfriends and they had to be 'trapped' by 'scheming' women.
He does not understand that people don't confuse sexism with manliness anymore nor do they think ageism at work is funny.

Honestly ranbir is losing it....nobody appreciated his sanju trailer n no videos of him at sonam...he is getting sidelined....he wants to stay in he started to create controversies through dp...sadly it also failed as many noticed dp was not comfy with him....then he went for alia but alia is Kat bff so nobody is buying that also....alia knows she will lose her stardom if she starts dating ranbir...cas the headline wud be “Kat BFF ditches her n dates her” who does that to their now he is after Kat...kat never throughout the whole jj promotions said a matter how many times ranbir u quote gq interview as an audience I haven’t got a word from Kat about fact she went to Salman immediately after breakup in bigg boss....this blind is clearly written by ranbir himself trying to get back in the game....n sadly again it’s not working....i wonder wen will ranbir understand the audience requirement...if u show some facts then only audience will if u come out open with ayaan it wud be much appreciated....honestly ranbir is getting irritating it’s better if he doesn’t say a word

You are so funny

Also during jj promotions Kat said she won’t work with ranbir which ranbir was like never say I don’t know how ranbir was miffed...clearly ure editing out some parts of this story

This movie hasnt even released and there have already been three blinds about it
FIRST one was about poor Mouni anf how they pranked her about Ayan... Sly people
SECOND about affairs of alia and Ranbir
THREE Ageist blind, just to malign katrina.
Honestly I dont care whether it Katrina or Deepika, these self made ladies have all my respect and admiration.
But as much as I liked Ranbir, these antics are a major disappointment from his side. Alia has always known the tricks of the trade, she is playing to the tunes of Karan, I believe she is a good actress, than why not let your work speak for yourself. Why stoop so low?? And Ayan, a one hit wonder is undoubtedly piggy backing on these people... He might as well release a blind about him coming out of the closet along with Ranbir
.. #kanganawasright

you know why alia is ok with all this because alia is also a product of nepotism she is like them at end of the day

Yes Kat is getting movies not because she can act but because of her friendship with Salman but this blind is made up by Nepopapa, khilji and kafur because...

Her BFF, a young director who has made a couple of super hit films. - Just one YJHD

While the actor has kept his silence with dignity, unfortunately, the damage has been done and he’s become the fall guy for their breakup - he packed his bags and left her when she was out of town, what else he could do other than keep silence with so called dignity which he never had.

People who have seen the rushes are saying their chemistry is sizzling. The older actress (who was rejected by the hero) - Karan still can't sell them as a couple so this is not true

katty can do anything for kapoor surname. Anushka , Sonam, Neha got married after dating for 4 years. Dp will marry this year but katty is running after her ex bfs salman and ranbir . But no one is in a mood to take her back.

Very True. She tried all the tricks to break Salman Iulia relationship. But could not succeed.She is desperate now.

And who is marrying Ranbir or Salman?? Why double stds only for women to marry??

Many wants to marry these rich powerful brats but they like to play and not interested in marriage. They aren't the on who at running after Kat or any ex . Post this pv

She could marry Ali , she made his first movie a hit - Meri Brother ki Dulhan and Ali returned the favor by giving her Tiger Zinda Hai .. they both work well together..

Ali is in relationship. Not single.

it has to be kat
Kat called Ayan her 3 am friend (zee cafe interview)
Kat admits she gets upset when her director friends dont cast her (TOI Interview during phantom)
Kat only gets movies coz of her proximity to superstar EX and BFF Ali
RK is Kat long time BF
Kat blamed him and his parents for the breakup. Her PR blamed it on Dp, Salman and Alia (google it)
Kat PR try hard to tarnish RK image.

so its KAT,

Pinkvilla post this fact, please

Why does she blame Salman & Alia ?

Question is, who is Ranbir?

hahahahahaha.....Infinity jokes either know or you don't.

I will top this one, WHY IS RANBIR?

the fact remains that even after 15+ years in the industry, katrina is cast in movies only because of her "friendships" with directors and actors. before salman, anurag basu and mahesh bhatt ousted her from Saaya because she couldn't act or speak hindi. years later, her then bf cast her in jagga jasoos and forced anurag basu to work with her. and after that, she went back to salman.

even after 6 years Alia gets bcoz of kjo

Why not?? If Ranbir can get movies after so many flops based on nepotism then why not Katrina based on friendships?? And once Katrina learns to act its game over for others, the girl can do some great action and dancing...

Whoa hold up... yes ranbir isn’t a good boyfriend but he’s DEFINITELY an amazing actor. Remember? Movies is supposed to be about “acting”. Alia proved she can “act”. Kat stilllllll needs connects for movies. Her acting n dialigue delivery is BAD. Now you can continue hating on ranbir, just made it clear that he gets movies after floos because he can actually act

Once Katrina learns to act... hahaha.. It's been 10+ yrs and we are stilling waiting. Looks like the day isn't coming anytime soon!

exactly, even kat fans agree she has to learn to act after 12 years. this was so funny.

and who does NOT do it ??? alia kareena etc are all for friends or families, LOL

It can’t be deepika otherwise ranbir wouldn’t have been fawning over her at the public events recently ....Kat you’ve had a lucky escape stay away from this toxic gang

When did Katrina prove her acting chops? What couple of hit films did Ayan have? I only count YJHD. Wake up Sid is good but calling it a hit is a stretch. He is Ranbir's kissass anyway. Hoping one day Ranbir would realize his love for him. Can't believe Ranbir is in a position to dictate terms. He hasn't had a decent hit in years besides ADHM. Ranveer, Varun and even Tiger Shroff have had much bigger hits. And finally, Alia is KJO's adopted daughter. She was always the first choice. This article was put out to diss Katrina.

DEEEEEEEEPPPPIIIIKKKKKKAAA. She wanted to do this movie badly. She is the one who hinted that her affair broke off because Ranbir cheated [with Kat]. She is BFF with the Ayan and the producer. She is dying to do another movie with Ranbir. Now that he is single, she wants a last shot at him. Don't blame her. Ranbir is 1000 times better than Ranvir who is not a star and will never be no matter how many hits he delivers. Ranvir is not a star attraction. Most of his movies are flops. The only ones that work are with Deepika. Deepika wants a khandani rich and famous guy and her heart still beats loudly when Ranbir is around.

Hi ranbir ! Keep dreaming :) shoulda treated her better when you had her

KATRINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. She wanted to do this movie badly. She is the one who hinted that her affair broke off because Ranbir cheated [with Kat]. She is BFF with the Ayan and the producer. She is dying to do another movie with Ranbir. Now that he is single, she wants a last shot at him. Don't blame her. She tried hard to get salman back but Lulia is giving her a tough time. Katrina wants a khandani rich , famous and a REAL surname as she lacks one her heart still beats loudly when RK is around. she is thats why got upset with her BFF.


Ranbir shud date Kangana. They will make a Power couple like Deepika - Ranveer

Hi stalker u aint got it.

Ranbir shud date Kangana

Ranbir shud marry Ayan.

God. Stop trying so hard to sell alia-Ranbir as a couple. No one's buying it. Just makes u look so desperate

It’s funny I liked ranbir in barfi and alia in Udta Punjab but as people I’ve lost all respect for these two and am rooting more for Kat everyday. Ayan always came across as a jerk and his ageist remark about heroines just proves he is.

i bet this was true bt it’s been like 2 years since this was announced? Dharma trying to push some non existent crackling chemistry

If this is a ploy to make ranbir alia seem likeable then they are failing

"Dignified silence"? Kat has been the one who maintained it through out Jagga Jasoos while u were putting her down. She knows all about ur fling with Kangana

Kangana shud expose Ranbir. Whoever gets linked to Ranbir is a Diva and becomes a Loreal ambassador. Even Mahira!

What a fake blind. Brahmastra was announced in 2014! Katrina and Ranbir were welll and together at that point. Ayan himself said in an interview he thought about taking Deepika or Katrina, but went with Alia because he wanted someone younger. Why is the film trying to make these false blinds

"The older actress (who was rejected by the hero)" WOWWW

Karan or Ayaan put this blind out. Trying every trick in the book to play up the Ranbir-Alia affair/chemistry angle. But to drag Kat into it is pretty low. Like, if you still need an ex-ex-gf to sell your movie, then that's not good news for the movie, is it? What's worse is projecting Kat as an old, rejected, has been. And for Ranbir and Alia to play along? Alia is supposedly bffs with Kat. Ranbir was with Kat for years. These people really have no courtesy.

Kat move on with your movies and your life.. Ranbir has to now turn to heroines to save his career

Katrina thought that Ranbir would work with her because he works with his other ex-Deepika inspite of Deepika insulting him publicly and since Kat hardly even says anything but he refused so obviously she stormed off, Ayan had actually rated her at the top on KWK episode so it looks like Ayan really had to make a tough choice...But he'll make a movie with Katrina eventually..

Katy never said a word about the breakup while Deepi shouted from rooftops

Kat did talk about her breakup in gq interview and fitoor promotions as well through her PR. DP state the facts which Kat said later. Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore n biased towards dp

i think people are not blind, the way deepika talked about her break up and the way katrina talked about her break up is far apart in comparision. Further more, this drama of dp-rk break up continued untill the break up of rk-kat. but it dies down all of a sudden ? if its not a PR tactic of DP then what is it.

People are not blind, the way Kat talked about her breakup. Of course, two different people will talk in 2 different manners. DP is not imaged conscious and speak whatever comes in her heart whereas kat is image conscious and uses her words cleverly. Can you prove it was DP PR tactics? RKDP breakup drama was sued by makers to hype their movies. Now they arent working so no talks. Why blame DP PR? Could it be RK PR too? why not blame a man? pv kindly post this

the lead pair is announced years back, why bring kat into this now, she is least bothered abt RK, who can run after DP or vice versa

Whoever eyes Ranbir first gets close to Ayaan as he's the only constant in Ranbir's life, thinking that their rapport with Ayaan will help them getting close to Ranbir. Otherwise how can he be the 3am buddy of most of Ranbir's past or potential girlfriends?

Wasn't Ayan the one who convinced him not to get married when he wanted when was 26?

Ranbir planting blinds for attention. Kat told very clearly that she will not work with Ranbir again

Just by reading the title I has guessed its katrina, Alia, Ranbir and Ayan. Katrina is a friend with benefits. What happened to her another bff Kabir?

she played the glamour queen (padmavati) ,,,DEEPIKA ,,ahhhh....IT'S DEEPIKA ( Their breakup wasn’t amicable and in most interviews, the actress would keep very subtly blaming the young actor for it.)

Katrina has never spoken abt the breakup in the media. She’s always very silent about it and says no comments.

She spoke about it in a magazine a few months before their official breakup where she blamed his parents.

What! It's not true. She just hoped to be more close to them.

What! It's not true. She just hoped to be more close to them.

What! It's not true. She just hoped to be more close to them.

she played the glamour queen (padmavati) ,,,DEEPIKA ,,ahhhh

Kat always plays a glamour Queen. Rk dp relationship was about 2 yrs while it says LONG time BF. . Dp never got movies due to closeness with superstar. so its kat ahhh who always get movies due to her EX salman. RK kat relationship is the LONGEST one. Also, RK recently worked with DP for a chairty. so its KAT. not DP.

pv kindly post

This blind is released by Kjo and Ranbir to hype up Alia-Ranbir chemistry onscreen chemistry, because no is buying their offscreen chemistry.. During Jagga jasoos promotions Kat said she will never work with Ranbir again...

I really wish bramhastra becomes another Bombay velvet...this entire team deserves it

I second that.

I third that I also wish it would release next week so we’d be done with this nonsense

"Her close friendship with a superstar has got her some movies" ----> Deepika's friendship with a superstar has never got her movies. But Katrina's close friendship with Salman has got her movies.
This is about Kat, Ayaan, Ranbir and Alia. The movie is Brahmastra.

And Katrina called Ayan her 3 AM friend.

Come on , it was clear even to an idiot that Ranbir & Katrina can't stand each other after the break up . They were sniping at each other like children in that interview ,not even bothering to pretend for the camera . Ayan & Karan are Ranbir's great friend, why will they take her & cheese off their main lead ? They already made a snarky comment about the heroine's age , that she should be young enough to last through the series ( conveniently forgetting that Ranbir is no spring chicken himself) .

Going by the chemistry, chances are that the superhero will have plastic surgery and will turn into ranveer singh or Varun by the 2nd installment of this great series!!! Lol. I ave a feeling that this movie is the end of the road for the inseparable ranbir and ayan!

There will be a series only if the first one does well . Nobody will spend a fortune on stars & special effects in a second installment if Brahmastra flops . They were talking about making Drona , Ra 1 & A Flying Jatt a series too in a counting chickens before the eggs hatch moment . Now there's Bhavesh Joshi & Ranveer also up for other super hero flicks . And the Roshans are waiting too with Krissh (who have already established their super hero) . If Brahmastra backfires , it will be Rishi along with Ranbir who will rip into Ayaan & Karan both .

Rofl.. Love, love this comment!!

Bhramastra was announced with Ranbir and Alia in 2014 and at that time Katrina and Ranbir were still dating. This blind seems to be wanting to hype up Aloo-Bir chemistry and talk about how in demand the movie is

Top actress: Katrina or Deepika
Bff director:Ayan
Ex-bf: Ranbir

Its Katrina.

Kat, Ranbir and Alia

In an interview in 2016, Katrina mentioned that ayan is her 3 AM friend...

Bramhastra, Ayaan Mukherjee, Ranbir Kapoor, Aaliya Bhat & Lady in question in DP

Katrina, Ranbir, Ayan, Alia please :)

Okay so BFF director is Ayan mukharji, ex boyfriend is Ranbir kapoor, young actress is Alia.. Actress rejected by her ex is Katrina Kaif?

Who's doing science fiction adventure movie??

WHo is she? I can't guess.. Please next time give us some hints

Is it Hritik and Kangana?

Katrina Kaif?

Wow kjo pulling out all stops for brahmastra pr, that nervous huh?

Ayan katrina ranbir salman alia karan

I’m getting Katrina and Ali vibes, but at the same time reading further, it can’t be them. I’m at a loss. Calling for a blind item guru to help a sister out. Even if it is Katrina, why is someone so hell bent on putting out all this garbage about her in the press, like are you that insecure and lonely in life?

Katrina and Ranbir

Katrina and Ranbir

Ayan Mukerji

Katrina. Ranbir.

I think it's about Katrina Kaif

Ayan RK ka joda with Alia is kabaab ki haddi and ex is Katrina is Brahmashastri

Katrina Ranbir and that young director. Ranbir’s friend.

Katrina ayan karan ranbir alia

Katrina, ayan,Rk and kjo

Director: Ayan Mukherjee
Producer: Karan Johar
Movie: Brahmastra
Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

I love Kat but she should be ashamed wanting to work with Ranbir after all that scandalous promo of jagga jassoos

Katrina Ranbir Alia?

Katrina kaif and Ranbir Kapoor

Katrina, Ayan, Kjo, Ranbir, Alia

Katrina and ranbir .movie is brahmastra. BFF ayaan

Katrina and ranbir .movie is brahmastra.


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