Guess Who: This top, insecure actress is stalking her casanova ex boyfriend and he has no clue

In what will be a sure-shot mind puzzling blind item, can you guess who the actress and her ex-boyfriend are? Begin the guessing game below!
The ambitious actress has moved on with an action star and he is said to be completely smitten by her.The ambitious actress has moved on with an action star and he is said to be completely smitten by her.
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This beautiful actress is slowly and gradually making her mark in Bollywood. But, despite bagging some plum assignments, she hasn’t gotten over her ex-boyfriend. She keeps in touch on a regular basis with people close to him for updates on his social and professional life. And it’s not just a gentle call – she hounds them almost every day to know his whereabouts and whom he’s dating now. But he does not know.

He is a handsome young man, one of the rising stars of today and known to have the reputation of being a ladies man. Single and ready to mingle, he has been linked to some of the young starlets of today. In fact, he is now getting the tag of a filmi boyfriend with the buzz being, with stories coming out of his linkups the moment he begins shooting for his new movie. The actor had hooked up with a beautiful actress while acting in a film together (though it was a well-known secret) but once the shoot got over, he dumped her without any explanations and started dating a classy actress instead.

Bitter and smarting, the actress has gossiped about his deeds to all who would listen, but the young actor didn’t care. He went on to his next conquest, another talented actress, with whom he had signed a new film. That too didn’t last – only this time this actress dumped him without any explanation. But the happy-go-lucky actor, after sulking around for a bit, soon found another girlfriend (who has broken up with her ex, another actor) and seems content in the relationship today.

But his ex GF, whom he had dumped, has still not forgotten him. The ambitious actress, has moved on with an action star and he is said to be completely smitten by her (they have even signed some films together and are known as a hit pair), but the actress is still hurting from her ex’s callous move. She calls up people who know the ex well and with whom she had struck a friendship with while dating him and keeps tabs on him. The beautiful actress calls them up every day and finds out what he does – right from his new movies, his female co-stars, whom he is dating at present and his current whereabouts. She used to do it when they were dating and as then, today too, the actor has no clue about it.

While some would call it stalker alert, we say insecurity has its limits...

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i am not sure.....but i think its kriti kartik and sara...few days ago i was watching a lot luka chuppi promotion videos...i felt those guys had something it....kartik dumped kriti after luka chuppi shooting without any disclaimer because he got a direct offer from sara and sara might not be as attractive as kriti but character is also something...and kriti who is not from the industry must have done all dirty jobs to reach where she is today...and sara is saif daughter, so she doesnt have to go through all that...and there could be other perks of dating someone whose whole family has been in this business...and sara dumped him for some reason(i actually believe sara was never into kartik...she just used him for publicity) and cassanova kartik must now be dating someone who has broken with her ex...dont no who that is...but i have a strong feeling its kriti and kartik..

adding......the action star must be akshay kumar.....kriti and akshay have signed bachchan pandey....and may be there are more projects in pipeline

Sushant is irrelevant. Karthik is inauthentic. Sara lacks self worth. Kriti, nobody cares.

Blind planted by KJO. Alia dislikes kriti

Sounds like a smear campaign by a nasty ex!

Narcissists do this to you. They love bomb you. They triangulate and make you insecure. Then they dump you. And you are left trying to understand exactly what happened. Sara did the right thing by getting rid of Sushant and hopefully Karthik too.

There is nothing to get rid of Sushant. What the hell is love bomb? so if a girl dumps a guy she is right? And if a guy dumps a girl for his self respect he's a narcissist??? hypocrite much? Sara and Sushant never dated. He ended her PR games when he unfollowed her cuz she and her PR wanted to be attached to Karthik.

Go google love bomb - it’s a term coined by psychologists for how narcissists trap new love.

Well it can apply to girls to. And Sushant doesn't live that kind of a lifestyle. He's much more low key than others

Sushant is a narcissist. When you see too many psycho exes, know who you are dealing with, girl or boy. There is one common thing between kriti and the pavitra rishta girl - Sushant. Sara was out of Sushants league to begin with.

It's such a cowardly thing of you to blame a grown woman's wrongdoings and disgusting behaviour onto a guy cuz you can't digest that a woman can also make mistakes and be wrong in a relationship. If you don't know that Pavitra Rishtha girl for her own identity even after 4 years then there's no reason why you even need to bring her up. And Sara hasn't achieved anything on her own to be out of his league and he's not lesser than anybody. Aaj kal trailer revealed she's just another overhyped overrated star kid.

Sara Ali khan and Kartik aaryan

its about kriti sanon and sushant..are kriti&akshay really having a fling.??.&twinkle goes on anniversary celebration holidays with akshay despite all of this..twinkle has accepted being in an open relationship i guess.she should write a book titled how to be a doormat..would sell like hot cakes!!!

Not everything in this blind is true. They were together till August 2018 that's not immediately after the shoot was over according to this article. Neither is there any proof he and Sara ever dated or were ever morr than friends. And if Kriti is having an affair with Akshsy then Sushant took the right decision to call it off

Sushant did not dump her immediateky after Raabta released. It happened more than a year later in August 2018 for reasons best known to them. There is no actual proof he and Sara had anything going on. This blind has many loopholes. And if Kriti is having a foing with Akshay, then why are they shaming Sushant? He made the right decision in that case. This is all so full of crap!!!


Sushant and Disha Patani

Ranbir and Katrina.

Rekha and Amitabh


Katrina she is a psycho

Salman and Katrina

Kat and RK

This looks like a blind written by Sushant

Lol Sushant got jealous of Kriti attending his best friend Mukesh Chabra's new office launch.

What is there to be jealous of? Neither is Chabbra his best friend and many things in this blind make zero sense

action star? - akshay?

deepika she is psycho

So Kriti is having an affair with action star Akshay Kumar.

Tara Sutaria and Siddharth Malhotra

Kriti, Sushant.
GFs after Kriti: Dil Bechara actress, Sara Ali Khan, Reah
Reah's ex boyfriend: Zaheer Iqbal.

Sushant was NEVER with that Dil Bechara actress. This blind sounds written by Kjo himself. Neither is there any proof hd and Sara were actually ever dating.

Kriti, Sushant, Sara, Reah.

kat salman

Katrina Ranbir

Alia and Sid

Kriti sushant Sara and rhea

Sushant and ankita

Ranbir & deepika

Janvi and ishan

Kriti and Sushant

Ranbir and Deepika

disha and tiger

Vicky n harleen

Karthik and sara

Karthik sara

kjo k fake rumors started already

Ranbir n DP

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