Guess Who: This top Bollywood star calls a leading lady for a script session at 2 am

Can you guess the actor and actress?

We spotted an interesting blind item in a leading daily. There are many sordid sagas about casting couch in Bollywood. Insiders are aware about this horrible practice that is still widely prevalent in the film industry. Many small time actors have come out and spoken against producers and directors who have forced them to ‘compromise’. But, never has anything been said about top actors being engaged in casting couch. The top rung of the male actors are involved in casting couch and have become self-proclaimed casting directors. They are the ones who decide and approve of the female lead. The selection process goes through the top actors. If they ‘like’ the heroine, then she is recommended for the star’s next film.

One such brawny star who is at the top of his game is a forerunner in this practice. Very recently, one of the top actresses was called in for a ‘script session’ in the actor’s room while they were abroad. The actress has a respectable position in the industry and is known for her acting chops. The star who is known for his love for fitness and action auditioned the actress during an awards show in a foreign land.

Well, he is married and projects a family man image, but insiders are aware of his escapades. His wife, a former actress, is loved by one and all in the Industry. She may have been privy to her husband’s other affairs, but we are not quite sure if she knows of the script session the actor called in post mid-night.

Can you guess who this leading actor is?


Credits: Mid-Day

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Anyways Akshay would be fast asleep at 2AM

Cant be Akshay... the blind talks about an award function in a foreign land. Akshay has completely stopped attending award functions for atleast 3 years now. Ajay never used to attend them in the first place

tikku and kareena

Akshay but who z d actress

Enough already --- we have two potential front runners in this game Khilaadi Kumar and Instense Devgan. So please end suspense and reveal the winner .......

No's Akshay again...but I really wan't to know howcpome sophie choudry and Urvashi Rautela attend each and every party,award shows literally everywhere..!! I mean how on earth are they invited to every A B C grade parties and event...Biggest mystery of bollywood...!

One thing I am certain about is that alia does not need to sleep with anybody to get roles as she has karan standing by her side. It must be any outsider actress. Actor is either ajay or akshay. OSOP guess is ajay and ileana. Original blind has been altered with. I don't know why?

It's Sid and alia

Akshay is for sure , actress is one of top actress and has respect in industry but known for acting chops.
May be Katrina Kaif...

It's Akshay but to call Twinkle an ex actress is hilarious.

1 n only akshay kumar.... Hw can we forgot abt raveena n shilpa... He is the same person frm starting to till now.. Flirt n affairs master.... N seems to be Saint.... Ditch krne me to o expert h..... Kynki rajesh khanna ne usse ek baar not an actor kaha tha to ussi ki daughter se shadi kr Ke late rajesh khanna se badla le sare actors kch saal k baad acche kyn bn jate hn amit sir ko hi le lo kya hum rekha, zeenat ar parveen ko bhul gye fir v aaj o sab Saint bne hoye hn.... So chahe kha kr billi chali hazz ko.... Wali baat h... I respect amit ji as an finest actor but more respect to abhisek as a human being 1 woman man h... So guys let these cheap actors lead their lyf y we should bother...

Mr funny bone! Look will be laughing now!

This comment made me laugh super hard!

I wish Kangana had an affair with Akshay, she would have ended up shredding his family man image to pieces.

Maybe Salman and Jacqueline

Its Saif Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt

Akshay Kumar is the actor but who's the actress? .......Ileana D'Cruz Huma Qureshi maybe

Actress maybe parineeti!

It's the Canadian :-)

Recently Ileana mentioned that there are some people she will never work with...she also said she is comfortable with some of the stars...even AD (the well-known philanderer) was on the list. But she left out AK whom she worked with in Rustom. It definitely seems to be AK. AD apparently only has flings with the extras.

' the well-known philandere' Every actress Ajay has worked with, said, that they are very comfortable to work with Ajay... Either Ajay FORCEC them to work with him or give them extra money, or he is a very good human being and he never made his co-stars uncomfortable.... I really dont understand why some of you really believe that Ajay would betray Kajol with every Actresses he works with! There was never a proof nor his co-stars (inc. KANGANA) said SOMETHING bad about Ajay

Flings with extras not actresses! He is smart that way!

And who are you, that you think that you know that? Again: There is no proof for your accusation!

Yes, this fact has really struck me then! Ileana has had a big hit movie with Akshay just recently but she hasn't even mentioned him as an actor whom she's comfortable to work with! That seemed really strange to me then. Now it looks like she was one of those he was chasing after.


It is Akshay, he is into fitness, his wife is the former actress. Acting chops is PC.

Akshay and kangana?

It's not Ajay, Kajol is not a former actress, and it's not SRK, Gauri isn't an actress. It's definitely Akshay. The blind doesn't give much info as to the girl, but PC would have "international star" and DP or Kat or Anu would have some kind of superstar title... You can definitely put it together with the Alia one. Akshay and Twinkle seem happy as the lovey-dovey couple who also don't take their relationship seriously.


Ajay goes nowhere near any award show. He is not enjoying supehits off late. His wife is not "former" actress. Her latest movie from south came out just last month. It has to be Akshay. But the only top actress celebrated for her acting chops is Vidya apart from PC or Kangana. so the actress pointed here is a puzzle.

AK or AD...either way...they both are pathetic men!

"His wife, a former actress, is loved by one and all in the Industry..." - This is Kajol not Twinkle. Only KJo loves Twinkle.

It's Twinkle. People in the Industry love (?) her because of her husband's success. I have yet to meet other industry people hang out with kajol.

No, it's definitely about Twinkle. First, Kajol is not a former actress, and second,Twinkle is being constantly praised to the skies by Bollywood people because of her books, her so-called wit and so on.

Yeah...I missed the former actress part. " Her so-called wit" - LOL, that was funny!

It's Akshay Kumar! Everything is pointing towards him! He's 'at the top of his game', 'his love for fitness and action', his wife is a former actress, 'he is married and projects a family man image' - all this is definitely about Akshay. It can't be Ajay coz Kajol is not a former actress and Ajay isn't at top of his game now. Moreover, it's Akshay who comes to a mind in regard of fitness and action and protecting a family man image. I really, really wanna know who the actress is! And to those who are complaining below in the comments that someone is trying to 'pull poor saint Akshay Kumar down' - LOL!! Go and talk with white female dancers or actresses working in Bollywood and they will tell you many interesting stories about Akshay and his extramarital activities! Akshay's fans are indeed prefer to live in delusion.

Ajay- Illeana for an upcoming movie.
Its not Akshay

Since Akshay Kumar is giving continuous hits with relevant social messages this Khans cannot digest it & simply putting this shit stories to divert attention from their failures.

Priyakna Chopra and SRK or Akshay Kumar!!!

At this rate, I doubt there will, soon be any actress that left that Akshay will not have slept with!

Yes akshay did not attend iifa awards and neither did some other celebrities like sonam anuksha etc but they were in new york at the time iffa awards was held.

Anu and Sona were but not Akshay. He was in Europe, yeah.

Priyanka Chopra is known for her "acting chops"

But Akshay was never at some awards function? IIFA was in New York. Blind doesn't add up. That aside, too many blinds pulling AK down these days. Wonder which contemporary is behind it. Hmm.

Is it Akshay and Priyanka chopra aka acting chops.

Priyanka auditioning for an Akshay movie! LMAO. Maybe he can audition for a movie for her production.

This has to be about a new or a new upcoming actress. Those Bollywood actors are known to take advantage of such actresses.

not an easy life of the bollywood diva huh?... It's Akshay for sure but who is the actress?

Why is the blind item rewritten. Pls quote the orginal article by the leading daily. Its vert different from pinkvilla's version.

Ajay devgan

Ajay Devgan and Illeana

those who say that it's Akshay and Alia are just raving. Akshay does not work with Alia in any film. Now tell Alia really needs to go through the couch to get the role? Really

those who think that this Akshay is just raving. Akshay was not even abroad on the awards show. he does not attend rewards at all. He has no shooting abroad. His wife, the former actress does not like everyone

Akshay and Bhoomi

Actor - akshay kumar awards at foreign location - iiffa top actress either alia, kat or sonakshi. Doubt akshay wud dare 2 call alia or kat in d room due 2 karan n salman's influence hence only one left is sonakshi. Another top actress cud b anuksha as some of big stars were at us during the iffa awards despite not attending it

akshay kumar is not known for being muscular, it is another one besides twinkle does not leave neither dedia or night

Actress cannot be likes if mouni, tapsee or radhika apte coz these arent top actress yet

Can't be Ajay Devgn as Kajol is not a former actress. Definitely Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Ajay devgan

Ajay Devgan

Akshay Kumar :-(


Akshay Kumar & Radhika Apte?

Akshay definitely

Okay so its DEFINITELY not srk as neither is gauri former actress nor srk ever had action hero image. These r very much pointing towards akshay. Wonder who the top actress is?

Akshay Kumar for sure, not sure on the actress.

Akshay and alia?? Rumors of alia having one night stand wid a much older star has been doing rounds recently. At 1st i thght it was srk as he has a family man image bt frm this blind seems like akshay as he loves action n fitness

With Varun around,I don't think Alia would do such a thing but who knows.

It's easy - abhishek bachchan.

Akshay and Mouni

Akshay or ajay

Akshay? Ajay?

Ajay Devgn ?

Ajay and Ileana ? Or Esha ?

Akshay kumar

Khiladi no. 1 Akki.

Akshay Kumar (top of his game) Alia Bhatt or (Known for her acting chops) Twinkle Khanna (Wife,former actress)

This can be Aamir Khan or Akshay Kumar. Salman is no better.

Blind seems to point to Akshay

Hum hai seede saade Akshay Akshay

Star Akshay and top actress known for acting chops anushka?

This smells so strongly of Akshay Kumar! "His wife, a former actress, is loved by one and all in the Industry..."

Akshay Kumar

Ajay devgan/Ileana

Ajay devgan

Who else our own bhola bhala Akshay. Ex actress wife Twinkle. They are always trying to push an image of lovey dovey couple but no one guys it. And after hiring Reshma Shetty it's going to be much.

Parineeti and ajay

Akshay Kumar and who?

Akshay kumar and actress alia?

Akshay and Bhumi?

Akshay and Alia?

Is it Akshay? I never get these

Akshay Kumar and ?

Ajay Devgan

Ajay , Kajol and .....

Twinkle is the dream wife man. takes care of the family, supports her husband and lets him have a little fun once in while. may god give me such a wife one day. amen

Why akshay why !!!

Akshay Kumar is it? Or Ajay Devgn??

Ajay Devgan & wife Kajol top actress??..
Kangana is showing us a mirror to all these fake and plastic hero's and heroine's. A big salute..
Praying for Simran to be a least it will give muscle for few others to stand up and we get to watch some good quality movies.

Read the bilnd again, the actor called the actress for a script session at the award show in foreign location Ajay devgan never attends award shows

Akshay Kumar, dont know who the actress is

Akshay and Mouni Roy

Akshay Kumar is the actor but who's the actress? A top star known for acting chops?

Akshay kumar

Akshay and actress can be any one from Tapsee to Radhika Apte

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