Guess Who: This top heroine is insecure of this newcomer actress who's slowly becoming a threat to her

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Guess Who: This top heroine is insecure of this newcomer actress who's slowly becoming a threat to herGuess Who: This top heroine is insecure of this newcomer actress who's slowly becoming a threat to her
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Insecurity is possibly our actors' biggest vice. Talk about any actor and regardless of them agreeing or not, you'll hear several instances which will prove what we just said. Ditto for these two actresses, who despite belonging to two completely different generations, are having a silent war brewing between the two. One of the actresses - the older one - happens to be a top star who's still doing big films and has recently got an appreciation for her performance in her last few projects. Despite a few career lows, she's managed to survive the wrath of flops in the industry, courtesy a superstar who doubles up as both mentor and a great friend. Our leggy lass is known to be quite picky and insecure about other contemporaries. But now, it seems her insecurities have crept up deeper.

The actress feels that an up and coming heroine is totally giving her the run for her money. Why? Because she falls exactly in a similar space as hers. The youngster is a social media phenomenon, is always talked about for her fitness and physique and is delivering one hit after the other. Although our Gen-Y actress has not really played a prominent part in most of her movies, she has signed up a few of the plumpest projects. She was recently in the news after her last film got her a lot of applause and commercial acclaim.

Now, she's been signed on for another big actioner, that happens to be the second installment to a superhit film. This news has left the older heroine infuriated. Well, after all, the makers had first approached her for the same role and the youngster was supposed to play the second lead to her, but when she decided to opt out because of 'personal' reasons, the director who's recently worked with the younger actress in a hit film offered her the lead role. While there's almost a 10-year age gap between the two pretty ladies, one person's loss has turned out to be the other's gain and this has clearly not gone down too well with the senior! Ouch... only if insecurities could land you a film!


How can your own step mom find you a threat. Kareena can’t do this to Sara. This article is over the top. She looks at her as her own kid. Media is disgusting

Guys it’s Step mother and daughter. Kareena and Sara

KK is on the wrong side of 30 and is finished as an " actress " she was never one . she was a good dancer but now even those roles are drying out .

Doubt this is true though, they r both gorgeous women.

Katrina is so fake. Her PR image of being friendly, sweet, nice to all and goody good is only for the cameras. In real she is super fake, liar, cunning and arrogant person. She can't see anyone happy and successful.

Katrina - kiara Advani. Movie laxmI bomb

Seriously? Kat is jealous of Disha who is nearly twenty years younger than her?? What is wrong with Kat.

Katrina vs Nora Fatehi

Disha patani is basically katrina kaif ten years ago lol. When Katrina became the new it girl - she was known for her body and looks. She became The queen of dance after shelia ka jawani. Basically disha has taken the page right out of Katrina’s book. It didn’t serve Katrina well
Over time though so if I were disha I’d be careful And not get too typecast as eye candy like Katrina did in her hey day . I feel like Kiara advani is going more the deepika route and taking good roles that show case her talent (which is what deepika did vs Katrina who took the hot girl role in every movie ).

Excellent comment!! So true

Both equally talentless and holding on to coat tails of the men in their life

Kat and disha have no competition. That "space" will be redundant in coming future and Kat has been trying to move away from it since Zero. TBH, none of the contemporary lot are any better except Jhanvi and Alaya Furniturewala have shown learning talent and dignified choices that I can get behind.

Katrina and Disha. Both are talentless but Disha has a better body and pretty face.

Not to worry. At present, there are no Gen-Y "top heroines".

Its katrina and Tara Sutaria and the movie is Ek Villan 2

The new actress is Sara

This article is so lame. Katrina is a league in her own. Katrina has a special aura, there is a reason why she is still in the industry. There is something called screen presence, and she is so full of it.

totally agree with u.i mean its ridiculous to even compare katrina to disha. but older actresses being insecure about younger actresses is natural, . u cant b on the top forever. some young actor/actress is going to take your place eventually.

Katrina has no league of her. She is still here because of Salman Khan and her manipulations. Screen presence lol. She is a queen of cameos in big male actors films. She is insecure of all that's why her PR and fans troll Disha ,Tara,Anaya, Sara, Jhanvi, Jacqueline ,Deepika, Priyanka, ilulia ,Anushka .

kat and who?

Katrina is insecure of Alia, Deepika, Priyanka, Disha, Jacky, shraddha, ilulia, kareena, and all others. This is happen when you dont have any talent.

Katrina is the most jealous and insecure actress of Bollywood. She is jealous of all actresses and here because of Salman Khan.

Katrina Kaif is jealous of Disha!

Disha is more natural, better dancer and have a better body than Katrina. She has more expressions than Katrina.

So now old Katrina has issues with Disha Patani.

Disha and Katrina. No wonder why Katrina fans abuse Disha and jealous of her beauty and body.

Insecure Katrina and young Disha.

Katrina and Disha

Katrina and .....?

jealous katrina who is a flop now. Nora has taken her place as a dancer and more beautiful than her.

Katrina the old actress and new actress is Nora Fatehi.

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