GUESS WHO: THIS young star got producer to fulfil father's wish of watching Indo Pak World Cup match live

The actor got the producer to shell out a whopping amount to fulfil his dad’s wish of watching India vs Pakistan match live in London
Guess Who,guess who,bollywoodGUESS WHO: THIS young star got producer to fulfil father's wish of watching Indo Pak World Cup match live
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This young actor has successfully earned a name in the industry with more hit films to his credit than flops. However, gossip has started doing the rounds that his starry tantrums are also increasing. According to reports, the actor who is currently shooting for his upcoming film has his brand manager, hair/makeup/stylist and trainer travelling with him and along with taking a hefty remuneration from the filmmakers, he got the producer to shell out a whopping amount to fulfil his father’s wish to watch the India vs Pakistan match in London live.

Making your parents dream come true is every child’s wish, but on the producer’s expense? Apparently, the actor in question got the filmmakers to arrange for his father’s travelling, accommodation and box tickets for the match. The total bill had come to over approximately a whopping 30 lakh with business class tickets that cost around 5 lakhs, stay in London costing upto 5-7 lakhs and match tickets worth 10-11 lakhs all on the production cost.

The star’s wife who is also a known actress also reportedly travels with her family on work trips. However, she is more dignified and shells out the expenses from her own pocket. She can definitely give him some tips before filmmakers decide to work with other cost-effective actors.

Can you guess who the star in question is?


If this from deepika's pr then she is cheap

Takht is a suicide bomb in making just to kill Ranveer. Karan Johar and his paltan will get the karma for it.

Source: Amar Akbar Anthony of gossip group.
(unemployed Kareena, Raja beta Ranbir and Shakuni Johar)

Wait he can afford his entire family’s tickets so this blind doesn’t make sense unless the producer had some strict terms of not allowing family during promotion. Still what’s the big deal?

His wife is the producer, so what’s the big deal?

DP is the co producer of the film so what’s the
big deal and RS can afford to take his parents anywhere . Its KJo planting such tales to up Ranbir and Alia’s game which is at a low now due to the Rangoli revelation of the pappus!! Haha. Pls post this PV.

is it saif ali khan

Karan will do a high budget movie with Ranveer but people blame him for the nrgative articles about Ranveer. The haters have no limits and no brains.

Toh? What is the relation? 83 is not produced by kjo. He want his favourite, Ranbir to be on the top and bag big budget movies of other producers. This blind will affect Ranveer's bollywood standing and reputation so more chances of producers approaching Ranbir with good projects.

If producer want to take care of Ranveer's parents why are you crying . Fyi Ranveer's whole family attended with him . Its not a dream for his rich family, they can afford it easily .. Deepika takes her parents good for her we do not need fake news to praise her.


Kjo, Ranveer's whole family was there. Try a bit harder.


Next please, KJO !

well he's on top right now if he dsnt show tantrums then who will??i guess as long his movies keep making money..he can get away with such behaviour.let one or two films flop&then the story will change..let him enjoy till then !

PV has backing of Johar. Karan come up with something better next time .Can see the desperation to erase this guy and other competitions in the industry rn for his beta Ranbir. Ayushmann and Ranveer are the only ones that he fears.

Toh? Aapko kya takleef hai Johar ji?

Pinkvilla desk proved there are many haters from industry aganist Ranveer. Written this article from rubbish bin. Shame on you grow up this article makes no sense at all.

Rivals are jealous and writing rubbish aganist Ranveer hahaha

They try a lot, don’t they. Losers are so jealous of his success that they would go to any length to malign him. His 1983 is going to rock while the sad bramastra is going to crash and burn!

Someone is really pissed that Ranveer took all the limelight in the cricket match. Chill down your pr kwan agency

Deepika is the co-producer of the film. Stop creating fake news.

Someone's trying to tarnish Ranveers image as he hogged all the lime light in india vs pakistan game.

Deepika's doormat Ranvir the clown.

Who could this be. Ranveer Singh??

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