This TOP ACTRESS turned down a super star’s offer for a sizzling ITEM SONG in his home production!

The super star is keen to re-build the top actress' career as she hasn’t got too many movies on hand. He thought she would love to do the sizzling item song as she loves dancing, but we guess that wasn't the case.
Guess Who,guess whoThis TOP ACTRESS turned down a super star’s offer for a sizzling ITEM SONG in his home production!
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This top actress was asked to do a sizzling item song in a cop caper starring a moody super star. While their last movie, a period love story, was average at the box-office, their chemistry in it (as their other films) set the scenes on fire. Wherever they went for promotions, their casual banter and repartee became the talk of the town. But now it seems that the super star is upset with the actress because she has turned down an item song for his home production, over another top hero’s movie. The latter actor and the super star had a falling out over the last few years and have not been on talking terms. This got aggravated because of the younger actor signing the super star’s business manager and taking away some of his endorsements.

The super star is keen to re-build the career of the top actress as she hasn’t got too many movies on hand. He thought she would love to do the sizzling item song as she loves dancing and many of her songs have become chart-busters. In the hot, raunchy item song, the actress would initially come solo and the super star would then enter midway through the song and join her on the floor. So, he was aghast when she turned it down when she heard who was choreographing the song. While she was keen that her close friend, another choreographer-turned-director, do the song, the actress, the super star was not. Certain issues have arisen between the choreographer-turned-director and one of them, is majorly, because she is working with the other actor, with whom he is having a cold war. While this choreographer-turned director earlier used to be the super star’s favourite too, the falling out happened when she didn’t have time for one of his songs as she was busy with other work commitments. Now the other choreographer, also a top studio favourite, is directing his movie's songs. The choreographer-turned-director has not directed a single song of the super star since then. The super star, who is high on the loyalty and commitment factor, is also unhappy that the  choreographer-turned-director is doing songs of his foe - the actor he has a problem with. 

Another factor which upset the super star was the fact that the top actress gave away her dates for a flick which featured his bete noire – the actor whom he didn’t get along with.

Also, the top actress, who turned down the item song, is focusing completely on movies and not item songs as she wants meaty roles in movies or big banner production houses. While the super star’s banner is a big one, she felt doing an item song right now, could prove to damage her already fragile career today. While the super star is said to be upset now with her decision and is known neither to forgive and nor to forget, close friends of theirs say it’s only a matter of time before they patch up as he is said to have a soft spot for her. The actress is also very close to his family and part of almost every social occasion, that he or his family host.

Interestingly, the cop caper’s ex-wife had expressed a keen interest in stepping into the lead actress's shoes but the producer (also brother of the super star) and the super star flatly refused. They don’t want the item song actress to be part of their movie in any way.

The item song, which was to be picturised on the super star and the top actress will now be shot on the lead actress of the cop flick. And this actress is only too happy to star in an item song (as it will fetch her more shows and events) and has happily given her dates for it.

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Very good that she rejected!!

Good that Kat rejected. I'm a huge salkat fan but Salman can't keep promoting his movies with his salkat chemistry. U guys already have dabangg tour n tiger 3, please don't over promote it n Salman plz respect ur gf ıulia. Sona, Salman, Farah, Akshay, Kat all r good friends. Stop promoting hate.
I just want to give a suggestion. Ask Shilpa shetty to do item song. I love Salman n Shilpa banter in lil champ show. N Shilpa has a really hot body.
Or another suggestion would be Kat, kareena n Malaika all in the item song n chulbul finding all of them together. N running away n they beating him.

Its Katrina but she is NOT a top actress but a flop actress.

So Manipulative Katrina choose an item no with her ex Akshay over item song with another Ex Salman.

can we please get some fresh pairing for Salman. I'm a huge fan and tired of watching him with the same girls who can't act.

salman should stop promoting kat so does kjo with alia

But Kat is doing the tip tip song remake...that's also an item number!

Why would katrina do item in sinakshi movie

Of course Katrina is jealous and insecure of sona.

Kat is a top actress??? Seriously?...Hope PV will be unbiased and publish.

All the heroines must take a firm stand against the item numbers that objectify women in the most disgraceful manner.

Thank you for the update Kareena lol

Hi Katrina, don't blame kareena for your selfishness

Katrina thinks she can act lol. Its Salman who paid critics to praise her below average performance

True face of user Katrina.

Selfish Katrina

Its Katrina and salman ...kat always proves she is selfish .

The Song in the question is picturized already.

The SuperStar is a close friend of both of the choreographers. One has choreographed THE SONG and another one has come on his Super-Hit Show recently.

Top actress - Katrina Kaif
Super star - Salmaan Khan
Last movie, a period love story - Bharat
Top Hero - Akshay Kumar
Choreographer-turned-director - Farah Khan
Other choreographer - Vaibhavi Merchant
Cop caper - Dabanng 3
Cop caper’s ex-wife - Malaika Arora
Lead actress - Sonakshi Sinha

Salman Khan, Katrina, SUnjay Dutt, Reshma Shetty, Malaika arora, araba khan, Akshay Kumar.Remo D Souaza


Salman katrina.

Katrina refused Salman
Salman is in a cold-war with Akshay
The choreographer-turned-director is Farah Khan
But which film are they talking about? Kick 2 with Jacqueline?

Salman - Katrina - sonakshi? Tho honestly Salman needs to get over his juvenile behavior

good for kat

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