WHY these two TOP male SUPERSTARS are currently at LOGGERHEADS with each other!

Dosti main daraar!
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A few months ago this brand manager stopped handling a certain top male superstar’s work because sudden issues surfaced between them. His family sided with him and because of that stories started coming out on the family being the reason behind the manager’s exit. But the truth was something else, which neither side wanted to reveal! Soon, the manager found another top superstar’s work to handle and it all seemed well for sometime. These two superstars have been friends before.

While the male superstar didn’t much care about his ex-manager handling the other superstar’s work, recently he came to hear a few things which has made him very upset. When the manager left this superstar, her brand team took his entire contacts and gave it to the new client – from his brands to channel heads and event management companies! It was as if the superstar’s hard work built up over the years, little by little, was handed over on a platter to the new client who was enjoying himself availing of these contacts and earning tons of money. Also, the manager tried till recently to get the new client to host a popular reality show, which the other superstar has hosted until now. But the channel refused to oblige. This action of his ex-manager has infuriated the superstar more.

Naturally, the male superstar is fuming at the new developments, but there is not much he can do. People in B-Town are talking of this rift between the two superstars and while the former one has hired another brand management agency, they are still learning the ropes and it will take time for the actor to get back on his feet.


Why did Reshma Shetty move out from Salman camp? or was she told to go?

this one was toh pakka leaked by Karan with his closeness to Reshma and Akshay/Twinkle! My guess is we wont be seeing Sallu Bhai anytime on Koffee with Karan anytime soon

Who cares

Hr is the best , others is good but second like Akshay SRK Salman ajay and amir.all good.in women Kajol Rani dp Vidya is good

Actors like Akshay and Salman don't need awards as people already love them and like to watch their movies:-)

Finally a sensible comment who respects both these entertainers!

Forget salman. ranveer>>>>>>>>>>>akshay. Also varun >>>>>akshay.

Sushant, tum yahaan bhi?

Akshay got NA for that pathetic film only because of priyadarshan.

Akshay has delivered quite many acclaimed performances. He deserved a NA for Sangharsh a long time ago.

They can give n.award to Kangna but not to a senior like salman.he has given so much more to Indian cinema..he is no less than amir or SRK....lol

Lol..Salman can't act to save his life.

I'm not a big fan of Salman but I think he was excellent in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan

Love him or hate him big boss is not the same without Salman

Reshma Shetty tried to give Bigg boss to Akshay kumar but colors can never afford losing Salman.

Salmna is jaan of Bigg Boss

The Jaan of Big Boss couldn't save Big Boss 11. Lol

If ajay can be given awards for acting, like national, Salman should have been given national award too, long time ago caz he has given many super hit movies.award people and functions are mostly biased....

LOL Ajay has been given national awards for Zakhm & The Legend of Bhagat Singh - performances that your criminal wont be able to give in his next 'saat janam' - go enjoy his 300 crores movies, it unfortunately shows the how many fans we've got of a criminal in our motherland!

people are so blinded by thier hate for salman that the would fabricate lies to make this woman (whome they only know because of salman) look good..the ones saying she was behind the being human..let me remind you that being human was founded in 2007 while reshma came in late 2008..and besides let's see if she could turn akshay or any of her other clintes into salman khan..pv please post..

SOrry but this how business works. Just like a contractor has his own contacts that he uses regularly, a talent manager has their contacts. When someone hires them they get those contacts and when they leave for whatever reasons those contacts choose to stay with either the person did one job for (in this case Salman) or the person who regularly gets them results and good work (Reshma Shetty). At the end of the day it's people livelihoods at stake and they will go where work takes them. Salman Khan is not going to come to their rescue when the new management doesn't know what they're doing and doesn't get them results. Nobody has any right to be pissed off at Reshma Shetty here because she is doing her job, she did very well when Salman was being hit left right and centre by contraversies and court cases, he came out smelling like roses from those thanks to her management.

Salman doesn't give a damn about money, stardom endorsements etc. He forces himself every day to go to work.

Salman should hire Deepika's manager. I have never seen better manipulative, oops! Managerial skills

Padmavati trailer got to you, huh?

Akshay is so busy sleeping around to see his only friendship with a superstar is on a verge of breaking.

Yup, th days Akshay is having Salman khan’s leftovers !Akshay is sleeping with Elli Evrram.

Are you jealous?

Lol.people here are saying reshma made salman. Let's see if she could make akshay, sid, varun, priyanka another salman. The truth is salman made reshma. We all know her because she was his manager. How many of you know amir's or shahrukh's or ranbir, ranveer's or deepika's manager.hate for salman here is astonishing. Without even court cases,reshma can't make akshay into another salman , he's yet to cross 150 crore.and people here believe as if salman has fans because of reshma.if that's so, then who go to watch his movies.

I think you forgot there is truly one person who made Salman that is Mahesh Babu.HAHAHAHAHA
PV post it otherwise...........................

LOL Tell your bhaijaan to do five films in 20 months and make five 100 crores net grossers with a national award win... tell then go and dance to dhinka chika while paying hiked tickets since fools pay hiked ticket prices to watch their criminal hero!

Akshay is bigger than Salman now. Neither Salman's film, nor his TV show worked.

Which movie of Akshay has made over 300 crores nett in India? Not counting Gross and overseas collections.

Akshay is delivering back to back hits within months and Salman isn't consistent at box office even after taking so much time between two films.

Which film has given Salman a national award? Forget about that since hes such a pathetic film actor liked by third class people, when has Salman ever been awarded a padma shri award - you know the award for his contribution towards Indian cinema, an award his fellow actors from the 90s like Aamir, SRK, Akshay & Ajay have won?

Dude. Akshay got national award just becoz priyadarshan. Otherwise u really think his performance in Rustom was that great? N FYI I love Salman Khan n I'm a software engineer. Definitely not a third class person and belong to a officers family. M there r so many people including ias ips n other people at reputed position love Salman Khan. N I'm sure they r also not third class people.

Oh are you engineer(IT,software or What) We can understand your frustration and Why you like Salman as you need not to feel anything ,no emotion , no acting,no thrill so chill,relax,watch without any thought.

Akshay has delivered quite many acclaimed performances. He deserved a NA for Sangharsh a long time ago. Salman can't act. Majority of his fans are rickshaw-walas and taporis. And it's a fact.

I live in Paris and I work here at a University as a assistant professor. My gf is a researcher too. We love watching Salmans movies here. So do a lot of Indians and foreigners. He is good at what he does. That is why people flock to see his movies. The hate towards Shah Rukh and Salman is unanimous on PV. The only stars whose movies have shows in Europe.

Who is this Reshma Shetty? Maybe people here rooting for her should go to small towns of India to know what popularity of Salman Khan is. His flops were Jai Ho and Tubelight. Both made 125 crores. Hari Om Bhatia's most successful ones make that much money.

Reshma Shetty is the reason behind Salman's saint image among his fans. PV post the truth

Akshay Kumar. The man who gave Indian Citizenship for Canadian. He can give his friendship just for a few bucks. Your politician friends aren't going to last long. Good luck after that Mr Philanderer.

As if Salman's friendship with Modi will last long.lol

Both are aging stars whose days as leading hero are limited. If Salman lost his contacts so easily, it means they was never his in the first place. Reshma knows all the tricks of the trade and took HER contacts to her new workplace, she has a new job, why would she still be loyal to her old employer?

salman has mega stardom because reshma created that fan base - through paid pr, paid twitter users who drooled over him, paid marketing, paid news.. it was all her ideas and work. in general, even the fans hanging out outside galaxy apartments were paid folks hanging out to get salman in news - everyone knows that. salman became what he became thanks to reshma.

Salman fans are not on twitter. Go check out the demographics of in which areas his movies go housefull..

Good joke.

Reshma is behind that being human concept. She changed salman’s Image. She was the one who was covering up salman’s all misdeed

Reshma made Salman khan what he is today. Before her, he was a thug and a spoiled brat. She turned his image into golden hearted being human.

Salman khan was Salmankhan long before Reshma was born in the film industry. It's Salmankhan who made Reshma famous and now everyone thinks she has some magic that can turn a dud like Akshay into the Salmankhan. Guys wake up and smell the coffee.

Of course salman khan was always salman khan. I don't think she changed his name. Her PR campaigned managed to turn him into less of a douchebag!

Just imagining reshma's face when she failed to get bigg boss for Canadian. If he would have hosted it,then every contestant had to sing national anthem in the morning. Lol.deshbhakt

Reshma shetty is butt hurt.focus on your new client instead of sabotaging other's career.idiot.

Reshma is bad.remember sid got that hockey film and he asked them to talk to their manager (reshma) she gave that film to varun (also her client).

Reshma can never turn Akshay into Salman khan. U may have a contact list but businessmen and channels and brands will go for the one that has X factor. Salman has the X factor and unbelievable fan following and mega stardom. Akshay has none. He is average star who's movies at best makes 90crore.

Salman's X factor couldn't save Tubelight and Big Boss 11. And Akshay is delivering back to back hits.

Tubelight made over 200 crores in India but yes its a flop per Salman's stardom. Akshay's 100 crore is considered a blockbuster. Go read and analyze box office india reports.

What a lie! Tubelight hardly earned 120 crores in India.

Even that is more than Canadian citizen Akshay's biggest blockbuster.

Akshay makes small budget films and gives them a hit status. Despite Salman's so-called stardom, history film flopped, what's the use of such stardom?

Akshay is not a superstar

That's why he delivered back to back hits and Salman's Tubelight failed.

OF COURSE Akshay is a superstar. "Superstar" isn't a monopoly of the Khans or nepo-kids like HR or Ranbir. I'm not a huge Akshay fan, but Akshay has been around since 1991 even though he was a legit outsider and has been excluded from camps and godfathers (he's talked about being ignored by YRF and Dharma); has a far more consistent record at the box office in the last decade than SRK; and is on the top list of earners. The difference is that Akshay makes smaller films which routinely make a lot of money for all those concerned. Trade publications even describe Akshay as one of the most bankable megastars in the country.

Nobody can compete with Salman

Is SALMAN KHAN this FOOLISH ?? Really, wot do you expect after u fire one of the Top player - Reshma Shetty here.....Obviously she is going to use all her contacts for her new client......COMMON SENSE it is which unfortunately Salman Khan lacks!!!

Arbaz khan is one of the partner’s of Reshma shetty’s Management company. Arbaz is salman’s Brother. BS blind.

Why is Salman angry with Reshma Shetty? She is now being paid by her current employer , Akshay , obviously all resources, contacts & loyalties are going to shift to him .Salman should have realized this before firing her. If Reshma still worked for Salman too , then it would be unethical of her .

Salman is not angry he is disappointed in the way Reshma is going about getting jobs for Akshay. Akshay as usual is a fool. He is letting his friendship get affected for few extra bucks.

Ufff , for once keep your personal hate for salman aside and think .wouldn't you be upset if you made contacts with others and then one of your worker tries her best to destroy those.at least he's not crying. He's just being upset, and he has full right to be so.it's human nature.

When I work for someone , that person pays me & my loyalties should lie with that person only . For example when u start out after university , it's one organization that trains u on the job using their resources. Later u move on to pastures new taking ur newly found knowledge , are u to be blamed for that ? That's just how life is . It was Salman who parted ways with Reshma , she did do a lot for him professionally ( & got paid well for it too) when the chips were down . He terminated her services which he is fully entitled to do , she must have been surprised & pretty upset about it herself . Now that she's working for someone else , she's gonna do her best for that person only & not stay sentimental about her past (which won't pay bills ) .

It's completely ok if you use your knowledge and experience you got from previous organisation but completely unethical to use resources of previous organisation to sabotage them.that's what reshma is doing.

But that's exactly how it works . U see so many people working for one company , moving on for a better package to a rival company , using their inside knowledge to finish off the competition . Of course it's unethical - the world is a jungle & only the fittest survive. Reshma , for all we know may be in a vindictive mood thinking that all her hard work & loyalty , Salman did not value her services well enough.

Thank god. Akshay is toooo boring to host or judge anything. Thank you endemol.

People here should not underestimate the power of having contacts. See where katrina is just because of contacts.

Do you see her in your sleep too? She's where she is because she worked hard. If it was all about contacts and networking in this industry, Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan would've been ruling Bollywood. So stop your obsession. This post wasn't even about her.

This is so ridiculous...everyone uses contacts as per their advantage. Forget a celebrity manager, don't we as individuals use our contacts which we made in one company once we join a new one? At the end of the day it's the brand/channels call who they want to work with. It's the star that matters not the manager!

But is a contact list that important? Channel heads change , event managers change and more importantly people work with a star because of his/her star power, not just because he /she has a contact list.

Salman ,Akshay. Both my favs

Hold on. As much as my heart beat with Salman, can we be real about intellectual property. Are contacts such as channel heads and event management companies not hers? If you hire me to push you and I know the editor in chief of a major mag, that is my contact, not yours. You show me the exit, I take that list with me.

Looks like a drama will ensue. Salman Khan Vs Reshma Shetty, Akshay Kunar

Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan

Salman, Akshay and Reshma Shetty

Salman should have anticipated this would happen. Reshma shetty is a dark angel.

Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar. Reason: Reshma Shetty

Salman Akshay

Akshay salman reshma shetty

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