Han So Hee and Song Kang starrer ‘Nevertheless’ releases a touching OST by Jukjae

Published on Aug 01, 2021 05:47 PM IST  |  619.4K
Stills from the MV
Stills from the MV; Picture Courtesy: JTBC

The popular youth drama ‘Nevertheless’ dropped a beautiful OST ‘Even I Don’t Know’ by the talented solo artist ‘Jukjae’. The song encompassed the feelings Park Jae On (Song Kang) was feeling when Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) was avoiding him and basically, cut him off her life. He was reliving those memories he shared with her and had a whole new outlook as he was one with his feelings and could not concentrate on anything else. On the other hand, Na Bi was feeling the same when she was left alone but her childhood Dong Hyeok (Chae Jong Hyeop) spent time with her while being open about his feelings and their relationship but he, too, did not understand her feelings for him. 

Episode 7 released on July 31, starts with the cold standoff between Park Jae On and Yang Do Hyeok and Yu Na Bi concentrating on Park Jae On. Yu Na Bii tried to turn away from Park Jae On, but she could not defeat Park Jae-eon, who kept pulling her. At the suggestion of Oh Bit-na (Yang Hye-ji), Yang Hyuk joined the amusement park schedule. It was not pleasant for Park Jae-eon. Again, Yuna-bi did not give up on Park Jae-eon. Park Jae-eon just watched Yuna-bi, who even gave a bright smile to Yang-hyeok and seldom looked at him. 

A couple of drinking games as well as the jealousy game being played by Na Bi and Jae On, their true feelings start coming up to the surface. Jae On continues to drop hints about his feelings to Na Bi but she doesn’t take it at face value as she knows his flirty ways. The episode ends with an explosive kiss between the two while Dong Hyuk remains away from them. Na Bi breaks down all her walls once she is in proximity of him and the question remains- what will that mean for them? What about Dong Hyuk? We will need to wait for the next episode, hope it comes soon!

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