Han So Hee helms daring action backed by Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon for blood thirsty revenge in ‘My Name’

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Park Hee Soon, Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun at the 'My Name' press conference : courtesy of NetflixNe
Park Hee Soon, Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun at the 'My Name' press conference : courtesy of NetflixNe

Revenge’ the word burst through the screen when we met Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Hak Joo, Jang Yool and Director Kim Jin Min for the online APAC press conference of the upcoming Netflix series ‘My Name’. Sharp 11 AM KST (7:30 AM IST), dressed in crisp jackets with an overall mostly dark tone, the six cast members accompanied the director for a talk with host Park Kyung Rim.




“I’ll be a monster if I have to”, the electrifying words of Han So Hee’s character Yoon Ji Woo ring through as a dark room fitting the noir theme of the series drops in. The story wishes to uncover the hidden truth behind the killer of Ji Woo’s father as she joins the biggest drug cartel under the care of Choi Moojin who is her father’s friend. 




The premise of the story presents a revenge-driven Ji Woo who changes her name to Oh Hye Jin in order to infiltrate the drug investigation team as a police officer. The main trailer of the series is presented as the attendees introduce themselves and their characters.


A helpless Ji Woo pleads with Choi Moo Jin to find the culprit behind her father’s death and enters the police force. Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun’s character) is peeved initially, not trusting Hye Jin who is out to take revenge. As she launches on the path to hunt down the boss of Dongcheon gang.


While Choi Moojin (played by Park Hee Soon) puts her through the toughest of challenges in order to be capable of killing, Ji Woo is unfazed and meets him head on. The girl who gives up her future and name, the trailer seems to have everyone engrossed.




As the director talks about the raw action presented in the drama and the journey of a girl finding herself, the cast proceeds to share their views of the first reading of the script. Han So Hee emphasises the desperateness and physical challenge of her character. Park Hee Soon speaks about the dark noir theme that opposes a predominantly men-ruled world with its female lead. Ahn Bo Hyun’s admiration towards the ‘Extracurricular’ director prompted him to finish reading in one sitting. 




As they each talk about their characters, Han So Hee mentions the difference between her 2 names in the series as Ji Woo is someone who witnesses her father’s death at a young age and Oh Hye Jin who is determined. Choi Moojin as the drug leader is apt with Park Hee Soon’s image of a trusted actor. Ahn Bo Hyun’s flip side of his role in the ongoing drama Yumi’s Cells is brought up and the actor mentions his will to be the best at everything in the drug investigation unit. Kim Sang Ho kids at the expense of Ahn Bo Hyun’s character who claims to be ace and calls himself the ‘mastermind with the brain action’.




Jung Tae Joo is the serious and quiet right hand man of the drug cartel leader which contrasts with Lee Hak Joo’s real life personality. Jang Yool speaks about Do Gang Jae as the youngest member of the drug ring who strives to be at the top and mentions the help he received from Ahn Bo Hyun in managing his weight.


The behind the scenes from shooting highlights Han So Hee’s hard work to bring her character to life as the team time and again mentions how most of the action scenes were personally carried out by the cast even with the availability of a fantastic stunt team. Han So Hee remarks how she carried out a knife to get used to holding it as her extra training at the action school, 2-3 months before everyone else is brought up.


The action scenes seem to be at the heart of the series as well choreographed moves with immense practice resulted in a great creation without any injuries. Describing these scenes as ‘emotional’, ‘fast paced’, ‘desperate’, prideful’’, ‘self-served’ and ‘VR’, the director thanked the team behind them. He further added how the just and righteous will of Ji Woo is what he thinks the audience will be able to see through the show.


The camaraderie of the cast can be seen as they wittily discuss the director’s will to make top-notch scenes and how they all stuck together for the best results. The ‘humanistic’ and ‘jokester’ sides of the actors are well on display.


Answering questions from the press, Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Sang Ho, Lee Hak Joo, Jang Yool and Director Kim Jin Min revealed the reasons behind choosing their roles and the action-riddled noir drama and causing more excitement for the viewers to tune in.




With the screening of the first three episodes of 'My Name' at the Busan International Film Festival starting October 6, the cast invites everyone to witness the gruelling story that unfolds only on Netflix on October 15 at 4 PM KST (12:30 PM IST).


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