Han Ye Ri’s upcoming tvN drama ‘Hometown’ releases a spine chilling teaser

Published on Aug 18, 2021 05:23 PM IST  |  119.1K
Hometown Teaser; Picture Courtesy: tvN Entertainment
Hometown Teaser; Picture Courtesy: tvN Entertainment

tvN's new drama 'Hometown' tells the story of a detective (Yoo Jae myung), a detective who chases after a series of murders in 1999, and a woman (Han Ye ri), who is searching for her kidnapped niece, and uncovers the secrets of the worst terrorist in history (Um Tae goo). tvN just released a new teaser and it will definitely keep you up!

The previously released 'Legacy Teaser Video' raised curiosity about the broadcast by capturing the prelude to the current serial murder case and past gas terrorism cases that started with a mix tape. In the meantime, the nightmare teaser video of 'Hometown' was released, drawing attention.

The released nightmare teaser video begins with Yoo Jae-myeong (Choi Hyung-in) and Han Ye-ri (Jo Jung-hyun) suffering from nightmares. The two are suffering from not waking up from their dream. In particular, the two people have a common nightmare, which stimulates curiosity. A view of a small town in a videotape, a woman, and a man's footsteps walking down a gas-filled street reminiscent of past gas-terrorism incidents. In addition, a room covered with mix tapes and numerous photos, and a scene of a magic being unfolded one after another, doubles the mystery. In particular, all of these are arranged in an upside-down shape, which sends a chill down the viewer’s spine. 

Above all, the black hand of an unidentified woman tightens Han Ye-ri's neck, amplifying the horror. In particular, it tells us that a mysterious incident that shakes up her daily life has occurred as much as she has escaped from a nightmare and grabbed Han Ye-ri's breath in reality. Eventually, at the end of the teaser video, Yoo Jae-myung and Han Ye-ri wake up from a nightmare at the same time and exhale painfully, raising questions about what kind of connection they have with the mysterious incidents in which the two are turned upside down. Furthermore, curiosity is amplified about the reason why the two people have a common nightmare, their entangled relationship and undisclosed secrets.

‘Hometown' is scheduled to premiere on the 22nd of next month (Wednesday) at 10:30 pm KST. 

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