Happy Bang Chan Day: Top 5 songs Stray Kids' leader aced as 3RACHA unit member

Stray Kids' leader Bang Chan turns 26 today. Let's revisit the Top 5 songs the K-pop artist has worked on as a 3RACHA unit member. Read here.

Published on Oct 03, 2023   |  04:54 PM IST  |  145.5K
BANG CHAN; Credits: JYP Entertainment
BANG CHAN; Credits: JYP Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • Stray Kids' Bang Chan turns 26 today
  • Here are the Top 5 songs produced by Bang Chan as part of 3RACHA unit

Bang Chan is the leader of the K-pop group Stray Kids. He is also a producer for the group and a member of the 3RACHA unit. 3RACHA consists of Changbin, Han, and Bang Chan from Stray Kids. 3RACHA  derives its name from sriracha sauce. Let’s take a dive into the Top 5 songs Bang Chan has participated in as a producer from 3RACHA. 

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Matryoshka is one of the tracks from the album Horizon. It is a song by the 3RACHA sub-unit and produced by Bang Chan. It was released in August 2017. Matryoshka is a hip-hop and rap genre song available on SoundCloud. The song draws inspiration from Matryoshka which is a Russian doll. It is the most popular 3RACHA song.

Double Knot

Double Knot is another track from the album Horizon released by 3RACHA. It is also produced by Bang Chan. The song was released in December 2017. The song is available on SoundCloud. 

Christmas EveL

Christmas EveL is the special single by the group Stray Kids. The song was released in November 2021. It is a hip-hop ballad genre song. Bang Chan is credited as the producer of the song. Christmas EveL has a cult following among the Stray Kids' fans. Since the Christmas season is approaching this is the perfect anthem for the holidays.



S-Class is one of the hottest songs ever given by the K-pop group Stray Kids. It is the title track from their album 5-STAR. The lyrics and composition are by 3RACHA and Bang Chan is credited as an arranger on the song. Stray Kids also performed the track at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.


3RACHA is a song recorded by the unit 3RACHA. The track is a part of Stray Kids' seventh mini album MAXIDENT. It was released in October 2022. This is the unit's first drill genre song. The song is basically a throwback to the days when they were trainees and conveys the pride and ambitions of how far they have come, even more so than then.

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Credits: JYP Entertainment
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