Happy Birthday BTS’ V: Getting to know the sweet, sensitive and friendly Kim Taehyung

Published on Dec 30, 2021 12:16 PM IST  |  982.8K
BTS’ V; Picture Courtesy: News1

Today marks the birthday of the popular and globetrotting musician, BTS’ V. At the age 26, V has earned a long and decorated career by being a part of the extremely successful group BTS as well as creating a platform as a solo artist. His popularity knows no bounds and many say that anything V touches, turns to gold. Fans around the world love the confident and handsome BTS member V but many fell in love with the childish and happy-go-lucky Kim Taehyung instead. Behind the scenes, Kim Taehyung is known to be the baby of the group even though Jungkook is the youngest and that is because of his sweet and sensitive nature. His friendliness has attracted many admirers, even the ones from the same industry as him. Treat this as a guide to the charming and delightful Kim Taehyung so let’s take a look 

  1. Baby of the group 

Being the eldest of three children, Kim Taehyung has always had to take responsibilities on his shoulders but as he came into the group, he received 4 elder brothers or ‘hyungs’, which allowed him to learn more from them as well as dispense his worries on them. Seniority is a respected and followed culture in South Korea therefore the older ones are always given more responsibilities, which is why having older friends to rely on is extremely important. He knows that he is always taken care of and seeing those exchanges warms the hearts of all ARMYs. 

  1. Collecting many friends in the industry 

Because of his warm and humble personality, he attracts many people who want to be friends with him and to be honest, if we had the chance, we’d take it too! His first known friends were the versatile actor Park Bo Gum, who met when they hosted KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ together as well as Ha Ji Won, who became friends due to their common interest, art. He is also part of the ‘Wooga’ squad, consisting of his ‘Hwarang’ co-stars Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik and rapper Peakboy. Their dynamic is extremely compatible and anytime they are together, hilarity ensues. Other friends he has made are BTOB’s Sungjae, Kim Min Jae, Park Ji Hoon, SHINee’s Minho and the list goes on. 





  1. Goofy and Hilarious 

In their variety show, ‘Run BTS’ and the vacation show ‘BTS In The Soop’, one can see how goofy and hilarious Kim Taehyung can be, with his funny dancing and clever quips he constantly throws out. In the variety show, he is seen thinking on his feet as he goes on to solve missions like in the episode 87, where they had an epic hide and seek game and they had to tag their assigned person as well as collect letters to win the game and his innocent face managed to fool his target, Jimin, who trusted him blindly. The revelation at the end of the game had us rolling on the floor laughing.

  1. Sensitive and Empathetic 

Kim Taehyung is in touch with his feelings which allows him to empathise well with his members but at the same time, makes him sensitive. He is easily hurt by certain actions of his members as seen in the iconic argument between him and the eldest member of BTS, Jin. The fight began with a small disagreement but his sensitivity got the better of him and even though they solved it later, it still allowed the fans to see the side that makes him human.

There is no doubt that he is loved by many but most of them love him for who he really is, a sweet and caring man that is in touch with his feelings. All the friends he has made, within the group and in the industry, always say that they love taking care of him because that’s who he is. We wish him a happy birthday and hope to see him make beautiful music even when he is older and wiser! 

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What other qualities does Kim Taehyung or BTS’ V have? Let us know in the comments below. 


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