Happy Birthday Shownu: The irreplaceable MONSTA X leader, main dancer & lead vocalist

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MONSTA X's Shownu celebrates his birthday on June 18. (Pic Credits: Starship Entertainment)

The 'GAMBLER' hit group MONSTA X's leader Shownu has turned 28 years old today (in international age) and Monbebes turned Twitter into a cebration for it! Shownu debuted as the main dancer and lead vocalist of MONSTA X in 2015. In 2019, he took on the title of being a leader too and he has shown this presence in incredible ways. 


To celebrate his birthday, Starship Entertainment uploaded a post on MONSTA X's official Twitter with a hashtag, a congratulatory image and a GIF titled 'Brilliant and Affectionate Shownu'. In the post, Shownu shows off his cute charms while donning black suit with a bow tie. He looks extremely charming and makes Monbebes miss him more as he isn't taking part in promotions because of his eye health problems. Fans trended #HBDtoSHOWNU on Twitter to showcase their love. 


Even though he wasn't able to take part, Shownu showcased his support to the group by visiting them in the waiting room during a music show. He replaced his inability to perform with warm support and encouragement to other members. 


Shownu is even called the 'power performer' of MONSTA X, because of his active roles in various positions of the team. He has the perfect physical golden ratio and also offers sensational performances that have captivated the fandom. Not just on stage, but off stage too Shownu always takes care of the members in silence.  Recently, Shownu released his first-ever OST with member Minhyuk titled 'HAVE A GOODNIGHT' for the drama 'She Is My Type' and then 'I'll Be There' for the hit drama 'Tale of The Nine Tailed'.  


A very happy birthday to the all-rounder, charmer Shownu! 


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Monbebes, have you wished him yet? Drop your wishes in the comments below!


Anonymous : Love Shownu a lot . He's the best leader. Waiting for him to recover and come back.
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : Shownu really is the best leader of the best group. The way the members love and support each other.. and the way they love their fans is so endearing. It makes you only love them more.
REPLY 3 1 month ago
REPLY 3 1 month ago