Happy Birthday Soobin: HYBE’s most adored idol to Bebe Rexha’s fanboy; 5 times TXT’s leader went viral

Tomorrow X Together's leader Soobin turns 23 today, on December 5. From mesmerizing the HYBE family at the Game Caterer's show to brunching with Bebe Rexha, here are top 5 viral moments of Soobin.

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TXT's Soobin; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
TXT's Soobin; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
Key Highlight
  • Tomorrow X Together's leader Soobin commemorates turning 23
  • Top 5 moments when Soobin went viral with his cute antics

Soobin, leader of Tomorrow X Together, celebrates his 23rd birthday today, December 5. He's left an indelible mark, from captivating the HYBE family at the Game Caterer's show to sharing memorable moments, like brunching with Bebe Rexha. His top 5 viral moments highlight his charm, talent, and interactions that resonated deeply with fans and industry alike.

TXT’s Soobin was honored at the Idolpick event on his birthday

Soobin, known by his birth name Choi Soo Bin, stands as a versatile pillar in Tomorrow X Together's captivating world of K-pop. Born on December 5th, 2000, in Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Soobin dons multiple hats within the group as its leader, vocalist, rapper, and dancer.

Emerging as the second member revealed on January 13th, 2019, Soobin immediately stirred excitement among fans, showcasing his dynamic stage presence and diverse talents. His performances not only highlight his exceptional vocal skills but also his prowess in rap and dance, adding depth and versatility to TXT's performances.

Beyond his musical persona, Soobin has openly shared his personal preferences, revealing his admiration for idols such as BTS' Jin and RM, Bebe Rexha, and KARA. His love for these stars transcends fandom, reflecting his authentic appreciation for fellow artists.


Moreover, his capabilities extend beyond the stage. In 2021, he showcased his adept hosting skills as an emcee for Music Bank, alongside Oh My Girl's Arin, demonstrating his charm and adaptability beyond performing.

Recently, Soobin's popularity soared as he received special recognition in the Idolpick event dedicated to December birthdays. Garnering an impressive 41,022 votes during the voting period from the 6th to the 15th of the preceding month, he secured three celebratory events to mark his birthday.

His achievement in the Idolpick event means he'll be prominently featured on the app and website, adorned with a celebratory banner. Furthermore, his recognition extends to an online article and a one-day billboard display near Seoul's Seodaemun Station. Should the votes surpass 100,000, his impact will be further highlighted with an extended three-day billboard display, culminating on his anniversary day.

Soobin's acclaim in the event not only underscores his popularity but also serves as a testament to the unwavering support of his devoted fanbase. His multifaceted talents, genuine fanboy spirit, and recent recognition affirm his growing influence and significance within the K-pop landscape. As he continues to carve his path, Soobin stands as a cherished figure within TXT and the larger realm of K-pop.

Soobin's top 5 viral moments: Captivating the HYBE family at Game Caterer's show, enjoying brunch with Bebe Rexha and more

Time and again, Soobin has amassed global attention from netizens across fandoms establishing himself as a true Gen Z icon, beyond his abilities as a TXT member. Here are the top 5 moments when Soobin became the talk of the town worldwide.

1. When Soobin performed Oh My Girl’s Dolphin with Arin

Soobin's performance of OH MY GIRL’s dolphin cover alongside OH MY GIRL's Arin during their debut as Music Bank hosts has amassed over 32 million views, with his solo fancam reaching 3.2 million views. In an interview, he disclosed that he recorded the cover within a mere 10 minutes after meeting the producers, showcasing his prowess and indicating that his role as the MC was an excellent start to 2020.

2. When Soobin effect pushed Block B’s track Nillili Mambo to 4th spot on Shazam global K-pop chart 

Ever caught those viral clips featuring a flirtatious snippet: "Bye guys, Hi ladies, mwah"? That's Soobin trending anew, charming MOA fans in a live session. Decked in a white tee and glasses, he stole hearts with that line. Soobin vibed to second and third gen idol tunes, delighting fans by crooning a B1A4 hit. He belted out Block B's Nillili Mambo, capping the live concert with an iconic video that stormed Twitter. Soobin's viral magic boosted the song to the Number 4 spot on Shazam's global K-pop chart, dubbed the “Soobin effect" by thrilled fans.


3. When Soobin and Yeonjun recreated their version of Weightlifting Fairy romance

Soobin, a devoted drama enthusiast, shared relatable emotions while watching Twenty Five Twenty One. In M2's comeback show for TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Soobin and Yeonjun recreated an iconic Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo scene. Soobin's intense portrayal of the confession went viral, drawing comparisons to Nam Joo Hyuk's visuals. Though the anticipated kiss didn't happen, fans were delighted to see the leader's passionate acting and the "ship" sailing. This moment sparked MOAs' enthusiasm, celebrating TXT's leader in a beloved drama reenactment.


4. When Soobin charmed entire HYBE family on Game Caterers show

The HYBE x Game Caterers episode, a chaotic convergence of SEVENTEEN, TXT, LE SSERAFIM, ENHYPEN and more idols, took an interesting turn with MOA's addition, particularly TXT's leader Soobin. Amid random dance games, Soobin's resilience, especially during SEVENTEEN's Very Nice, drew attention. He impressed not only MOAs but also SEVENTEEN members like Mingyu, Seungkwan, and The8. Soobin's extensive knowledge of girl group covers, spanning generations, left an impression. MOAs find themselves in a friendly competition with SEVENTEEN members, adding an exciting dynamic to the ongoing race. Good luck to MOAs in this entertaining rivalry.


5. When Soobin proved to be most successful fan of BTS’ Jin and RM and Bebe Rexha

Time and again, Soobin has confessed his profound admiration towards his sunbaes who are also his label mates, BTS members RM and Jin, american superstar Bebe Rexha and iconic K-pop girl group KARA. Swiftly after his debut with TXT, Soobin earned praise for being a successful BTS fanboy. Consequently, after numerous short interactions, Soobin finally met his favorite international artist Bebe Rexha during TXT’s latest trip to the USA to perform Sugar Rush Ride on The Late Late Show with James Corden.


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