Happy Birthday Stray Kids' Han: Take a look at the songs that the versatile all rounder has been credited for

Published on Sep 14, 2021 02:47 PM IST  |  51.2K
Han Jisung's Concept image: Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids’ Han Jisung, a versatile artist, is not just the main rapper of one of the most celebrated acts in the K-pop industry but is also great at singing, dancing, producing as well as songwriting. The adorable member celebrates his twenty-first international birthday on September 14, 2021, and STAYs all over the world are excited about it! Han Jisung has always been in talks for his rap style, high notes and goofy personality, but what is even more interesting about the member is that he has done an amazing job by writing and composing some of the most renowned masterpieces by Stray Kids.


Here are some of the incredible songs written and composed by Han Jisung alone.


‘Secret Secret’

‘Secret Secret’ is one of the most dynamic songs from Stray Kids’ latest and JYP Entertainment’s first million-seller album ‘NOEASY’! Not only has Han Jisung given his melodious voice to the slow number but is also the man behind the lyrics and composition. The lyrics have a deep meaning about one wanting to let go of all their worries and forget about them.



Nothing sounds more perfect than sitting beside your window on a rainy day, listening to ‘Close’ while thinking about life. Another soulful song was written by Han Jisung and composed with fellow members. ‘Close’ is a love song with a catchy chorus and soothing music. The lyrics talk about one’s longing to meet their lover and express the affection they have for each other.



‘Sunshine’ is a song under Stray Kids’ extended play ‘clé: levanter’. The song was written by Han Jisung in just two hours and composed alongside Nick Lee and Josh Wei. The masterpiece talks about being confident in oneself and doing what your heart wants without any hesitation.



The best description of this masterpiece would be ‘a simple music video with a powerful message’. The incredible song ‘19’ written by Han Jisung talks about an important phase in everyone’s life, that is, being a 19-year-old which is an age, that leaves people in the fear of what the future holds and wanting to go back to their life as a teenager. 



A fast-paced high beat song, released in not just Korean but also English and Japanese, ‘Slump’ addresses the extreme insecurities and fears of not living up to the expectations of others. The song was written by Han Jisung and composed alongside fellow member Bang Chan is an incredibly meaningful masterpiece and an amazing ear candy at the same time.


Indeed! Han Jisung is talented in all musical domains. From rapping to dancing to writing and composing, there isn’t anything the Stray Kids member hasn’t aced. At the age of just 21, Han Jisung has done something which takes one’s lifetime. 


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Anonymous : Happy Birthday to our one of a kind Quakka (quokka lol) He's been doing so well not only for himself but for the rest of the Kids and for Stay's as well. We all hope he has an amazing day and a future more prosperous and fulfilling. Thank you for doing all that you do and for being you. Happy Birthday Hanji.
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