Happy Children's Day: BTS members reveal their childhood dreams & none of them wanted to be an idol as a kid

BTS members reveal what would they be doing if not for their current profession. Read on to find out!
BTS performing to their song Dynamite at Grammy Awards 2021 BTS performing to their song Dynamite at Grammy Awards 2021(Pic Credit - HYBE)
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Happy Children's Day! Today is celebrated as children's day in South Korea. Children speak the language of dreams and unadulterated happiness and BTS members were no different. Though talented in music and performing arts, none of the members dreamt of debuting as an idol singer! Imagine if BTS didn't have its leader and rapper RM or if Park Jimin wasn't an idol at all! It would be a huge loss to the industry and us, fans. We are glad they chose this path and now greet us via their artistry and talent. But things weren't always like this, once upon a time BTS members were kids and harboured different dreams and ambitions than the ones they are living currently. We take a look at baby BTS' childhood dreams.

1. RM

RM revealed that as a child he wanted to be a security guard of a building! Yes, he made that revelation when he wrote the lyrics for BTS' dope track, Dope! RM revealed that he found the uniform really cool and wanted to guard a building. Sweet!

2. Jimin

RM wasn't the only one fascinated by the uniform. Jimin revealed that if not for a singer and dancer, he would have become a police officer. Now, let us admit that Jimin would make for one cute cop, ain't it?

3. Suga

BTS' talented rapper and producer Suga started his musical career early, but in his growing years, he played basketball and also wanted to become an architect! But ever since the musical bug bit him, he hasn't looked back and we are glad to have Genius Yoongi over Architect Yoongi

4. Taehyung

Taehyung revealed that he wanted to be a saxophonist. Tae has a deep attachment to the instrument as that's the only instrument he knows how to play well. Now, we would love to hear him play the saxophone in one of BTS' songs. That would be great.

5. Jin

Jin made the surprising revelation that if not for an idol and performer, he would have been a farmer growing his own strawberries. It is surprising considering that despite studying acting and now pursuing his career as a singer, his childhood dream is so humble and simple. We do hope Jin manages to fulfil his childhood dream. 

6. J-Hope

Now can you imagine J-Hope as anything else but a dance king? No right! But as a child, J-Hope dreamt of being a professional tennis player. He revealed that he earned a bronze medal too in a tennis tournament. J-Hope also showed off his tennis skills in the recent RUN BTS episode too! 

7. Jungkook

Jungkook's childhood dream is as cute as him, that of being a professional gamer. Jungkook enjoys playing video games and if it was up to him he would make a career out of it too. Well, we have no doubts about the fact that Jungkook would make for a brilliant pro-gamer!

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