#HappyHyunsukDay: Did you know Choi Hyunsuk is the talented writer behind these TREASURE songs?

Updated on Apr 22, 2021 12:15 AM IST  |  520.9K
#HappyHyunsukDay: Did you know Choi Hyunsuk is the talented writer behind these TREASURE songs?

Happy Birthday, Hyunsuk! Global Super Rookie group TREASURE's co-leader, main rapper and dancer, Choi Hyunsuk turns 22 years old (23 years in Korean age). Hyunsuk was born in Daegu and has a younger brother and sister. He auditioned for YG Entertainment with V-Spec Academy and as of July 2020, he has trained for five years before debuting as the co-leader of TREASURE. Hyunsuk always wanted to debut with YG Entertainment because he thinks it’s a place where he can fulfil his dreams.

Hyunsuk prepared hard from a young age to bring his dreams to fruition. Did you know Hyunsuk is a talented writer and composer too besides being a star idol? Yes, that's right, Hyunsuk began rapping when he watched Big Bang and became fascinated by it. He has stated that Big Bang's G Dragon, Zico, Mino, Bobby, B.I, and BTS' Suga. TEUME adore and cherish Hyunsuk and took to Twitter to trend All Rounder Leader Hyunsuk Day! We take a look at 6 songs that he has written for TREASURE.

1. Boy - The First Step: Chapter One

TREASURE's debut album single album released digitally on August 7, 2020, and physically on August 13. Boy is the lead single of the music album. Boy is a hip hop song whose lyrics describe a male protagonist who tries to make a girl fall for him. The song earned huge praise from fans and critics, many dubbing the lyrics as 'impressive' and the music video as 'dynamic'.

2. Come to Me - The First Step: Chapter One

Hyunsuk along with bandmates Yoshi, and Haruto participated in writing the song together. The song describes a boy seeking forgiveness and asking their loved one to come back to them. The song is upbeat and groovy with interesting lyrics. 

3. I Love You - The First Step: Chapter Two

TREASURE's second album released digitally on September 18, 2020, to a resounding response. I Love You is the album's lead single. The music video is colourful with shades of pink and blue dominating the screen. The song has a light and breezy feel to it. We love the sweet and vivacious love confession.

4. Bling Like This -  The First Step: Chapter Two

The song has a nice bouncy feel to it and overall so harmonious! It is a fun and feel-good song and certainly has a bling feel to it. Overall, Hyunsuk has done a great job with the lyrics.

5. MMM - The First Step: Chapter Three

Their album released digitally on November 6, 2020. With Boy and I Love You, TREASURE somewhat dissociated their music from YG's signature rap focussed discography. However, with MMM, they pretty much returned to their roots. An interesting mix of K-Hip Hop and EDM, the lyrics by Hyunsuk are powerful.

6. Orange - The First Step: Chapter Three

Starkly different from MMM, Orange gives a glimpse into TREASURE's range and Hyunsuk's genius writing. The song is sweet with a nice vintage, old-school feel to it. A perfect song to hum to when you are feeling low. 

Once Again, Happy Birthday Choi Hyunsuk! 

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