Heart That Fanart #2: Here’s some more incredible KPop/KDrama fanarts by the talented artists! Check them out

Take a trip with us as we show you new artists and their cool K-Pop and KDrama inspired fanarts here! Follow the rules to get your fanart featured in our list too.
Heart That Fanart by Pinkvilla's Hallyutalk Heart That Fanart by Pinkvilla's Hallyutalk
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Fellow K-Pop, KDrama enthusiasts, we’re back again with our weekly Heart That Fanart series! We introduced this new segment two weeks ago, where we want to show the world the many talented artists we have, who love Korean entertainment as much as we do. While we try every day to bring you exclusive interviews from your favourite Korean stars, such as DAY6, Song Kang, Park In Hwan, P1Harmony (and upcoming Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk), we want to make you stars too! 


In this segment, we take the many fanart entries we receive from talented artists like you and feature them in our Heart That Fanart lists. We randomly choose some fan artists every Sunday, to expose their art and love to the world! While they may be new or already known artists, they take time and effort to express their love on paper or screen, to showcase it to their precious stars - and we’d like to lend a hand to make this journey easier for them! 


Check out our today’s featured artists below: 


Sneha S Sudhakaran, Kozhikode, Kerala




Adhila Ashraf









Aishwarya - @mewminho_fanart


Making us their fans with each stroke of brush are these young talented artists! Make sure you follow and hype them up well! 


f you want to be featured in our series, follow these rules:

1. Follow us on @Hallyutalk on Instagram & @hallyutalk1 on Twitter. 

2. Post your fanarts with #HeartThatFanArt and #Hallyutalk

3. Tag us on @Hallyutalk on Instagram & @hallyutalk1 on Twitter while posting.


In case you would like to send us your artwork and do not have a social media account, send us your artwork with your name, the group/idol’s name, and your city to editorial@pinkvilla.com.

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