Heart That Fanart: Check out incredible KPop/KDrama fan artists & get a chance to feature your art!

Take a trip with us as we show you new artists and their cool K-Pop and KDrama inspired fanarts here! Follow the rules to get your fanart featured in our list too.
Presenting Pinkvilla's Heart That Fanart Heart That Fanart: Check out incredible KPop/KDrama fan artists & get a chance to feature your art!
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What’s the best way to show your love to your idol? Creating something with your own hands, pouring all their love and energy in it - a fanart. It all stems from the feeling of expressing love to the idol who is far away in a different continent, hoping that they might see it. And fanarts are a rendition of their favourite idol that they can call their very own.

Choosing the right colors, the right brushes, editing, re-editing, changing the color palette, and many ‘undos’ later, does a fanart get created. The process is almost similar to the hard work the idols do when it comes to releasing their albums. Albums and fanarts - both are a give and take that fandoms across the world adore. Inspiration? Check. Motivate you to be better? Check. Makes you feel recognized? Check. Give you happiness? Check. 


Presenting Pinkvilla’s HeartThatFanart series, where we’re giving the limelight to some of our fan artists whose choice of expression we so wholeheartedly love. 


If you want to be featured in our series, follow these rules:

1. Follow us on @Hallyutalk on Instagram & @hallyutalk1 on Twitter. 

2. Post your fanarts with #HeartThatFanArt and #Hallyutalk

3. Tag us on @Hallyutalk on Instagram & @hallyutalk1 on Twitter while posting.


In case you would like to send us your artwork and do not have a social media account, send us your artwork with your name, the group/idol’s name, and your city to editorial@pinkvilla.com.


Check out our first list of Heart That Fanart series chosen by us below! 


@loudarmybombs on Twitter - India

Maggie (Do drop in your social media account ID in the comments!)


Anushka @stanart_07 and @ann13_30 on Instagram - India



A post shared by Ann (@ann13_30)

Making us their fans with each stroke of brush are these young talented artists! Make sure you follow and hype them up well! 


If you’d like to be featured in our next list, tag @hallyutalk on Instagram or @hallyutalk1 on Twitter whenever you post something, or send in your favourite art at editorial@pinkvilla.com.


P.S. You can also nominate your artist friends! 


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Stay tuned for more updates!