Hellbound Review: ‘Train to Busan’ director aces making Yoo Ah In deal in vindictive & unremorseful terror

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Yoo Ah In in 'Hellbound'
Yoo Ah In in 'Hellbound' : courtesy of Netflix

Penny for thought. What do you think is a human’s greatest liability? Is it fellow relationships? Absence of superpower? ‘Hellbound’ makes you stand in front of a mirror and makes converse with your deepest one - Fear. 

Fear is the biggest Achilles heel for a species that always finds itself unanswered when it comes to a bigger, unknown being often referred to as God. Waging a war with the said God, Yeon Sang Ho takes on another one of human’s greatest beliefs while making you question the reality of it all. Smoky, giant, messengers of hell who are referred to as ‘angels’ pronounce the time of death of unaware people.


Yoo Ah In’s Jung Jin Soo justifies these deaths by citing the sins of the people who appear normal on the outside but are struck by lightning as these monsters descend to the face of the earth. The world as is known to others is thrown into utter chaos when random killings are noted. What do they blame? Who do they bow down to? 



The first half of the show surrounds the story of a mother of two who finds herself at the other end of a sudden decree that has been given to her, announcing her death after five days. A vulturous affair is created and we are pulled in by Yoo Ah In’s charismatic, we call it charismatic while some may refer to it as deadly, pull of his nonchalant and well-respected cult leader of The New Truth or Saejinrihoe. He proposes a live broadcast of the woman’s damnation to hell and emphasizes the audience to find the reason behind her ‘hell bound announcement’.

Another quirky addition in the form of a cult fanatic, a team member of ‘The Arrowhead’ leads the almost comic and unbelievable side of it all. In neon accessories, his own live broadcast finds a traitor in the investigative team who leaks crucial details of the case to the public.


It seems the world of Netflix has a liking to VIPs who return for a front-row view of the damnation where as soon as the clock strikes 3:00, the woman is thrashed around and her body is seared to death much to the horror of the victims’ lawyer Min Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo).

Director Yeon Sang Ho’s pick to cast Yoo Ah In in the lead role pays off well. He holds our attention throughout the first three episodes, his essence lingering even later. When the lead detective Jin Kyung Hoon’s (Yang Ik June) daughter Heejeong (Lee Ree) is added to the mess, we are met with the crux of it all - murder. In the name of cleansing the earth off its baddies, Jung Jin Soo partakes in the heinous act himself and makes the young girl his accomplice. 


Now a criminal, the truth behind Jung Jin Soo’s facade of trying to wash off the world’s sins is revealed as he admits to having been searching for the reason behind his own proclamation of death that came 20 years ago.

We stay hooked for a new character, PD Bae Youngjae (Park Jeong Min), that is introduced at the absolute end of the third episode and will lead the episodes henceforth.

You will be appalled, you will question reality and you will wonder if it is all worth it. A total binge-worthy 6 episodes, we think the weekend falls at the right time for you to check out Netflix's new title 'Hellbound'.

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