Here are Top 5 times NCT’s Jaemin slayed the Instagram model look

Published on Aug 13, 2021 03:22 PM IST  |  460.8K
Jaemin for 'NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1'
Jaemin for 'NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.1' : courtesy of SM Entertainment

It’s Jaemin’s birthday today!

Jaemin, Na Jaemin originally, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actor under SM Entertainment. He debuted under the subgroup of SM Entertainment’s NCT called NCT DREAM at the age of 16 after being a trainee for around 3 years. He is loved for his sweet vocals, dashing visuals and unreal charms that have often left fans speechless. 

Jaemin made his Instagram debut in 2020 with a new personal account and we have been loving all the behind-the-scenes content and charms we have been subjected to.

Here’s looking at the Top 5 Instagram looks from Jaemin.

1. Fiery debut

The first post from Jaemin was a piece of art as the singer shared 2 images from the shoot for NCT2020’s song ‘Make A Wish (Birthday Song)’. As he posed with platinum blonde strands falling on his handsome forehead, fans couldn’t keep calm. The unending bunch of accessories around his neck enhanced the already luxurious look of the outfit as he crouched down in the 2nd image. 

2. Wishing

Another one from the ‘Make A Wish’ promotions, Jaemin can be seen ‘making a wish’ this time. Hands doing the signature pose of the song, Jaemin wanted to spend the day with his fans that he cutely called ’Cezennies’ in the post. Exposed forehead and make-up on point, Jaemin seemed ready to steal many hearts. Deep and mesmerizing, Jaemin’s eyes pierced through that of his viewers.

3. Chilly

Surrounded by peppers in all colours, Jaemin posed in front of the ‘Hot Sauce’, NCT Dream’s first studio album’s background. Boasting his enviable height, he stood tall, reaching up to touch the animated ceiling of the multicoloured bunches of pepper surrounded by barbed wires. Back with black hair, Jaemin stared right at the camera in this one.

4. Posey

Jaemin brought out his fun side as he posed on a resting area beside a track stadium. Lazing in front of the chairs, Jaemin smiled brightly, very laid back and glee. His hair ruffled down, these were our top picks from the multiple others he shared from the same day.  He captioned the images with ‘Everything is possible’ and indeed it is if we have Jaemin by our side!

5. Welcoming

Nana, as his fans like to call him lovingly, was in a flirty mood as he posed in the telltale ‘boyfriend’ look. Sharp and sophisticated, Jaemin seemed ready for a day at the awards venue in his well-tailored suit and tie. Slicked back and shiny, his hair took this one to a new level while he asked for something back!

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Which was your favourite look from these? Let us know below.


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Anonymous : His voice is so sexyyy... I mean just listen to him, you'll eventually love him.
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