Here’s everything that we know about Brave Girls’ After ‘We Ride’

Updated on Aug 20, 2021 02:22 PM IST  |  207.7K
Brave Girls teaser image
Brave Girls teaser image : courtesy of Brave Entertainment

Throwing their sass and beauty around, Brave Girls are charming their way in with another album soon. A repackage of album ‘Summer Queen’ is scheduled to release on August 23 titled After ‘We Ride’. The four girls will comeback just 2 months after their last release on June 17 and will follow their August 2020 smash hit track ‘We Ride’.


A schedule was shared first displaying a series of teasers to be revealed before the music video and album release on August 23. Following this, the tracklist showed a total of 4 songs that will become the part of After ‘We Ride’, title track ‘Alcohol Habits (After ‘We Ride’)’ (literal translation), Chi Mat Ba Ram’ (Acoustic Version), ‘FEVER’ (Remix), and ‘Summer By Myself’ (Piano Version).



Member-wise photo teasers were dropped beginning with Yujeong who mesmerised with her doll-like visuals.



Member Eunji’s teasers showed her alluring avatar in luxury gloves and a disco ball accessorising the look.



Looking at Minyoung’s teasers we didn’t know what hit us.



Finally, Yuna’s images had her chic side on display.



The group and unit teaser images were next in line highlighting the pizzazz that has become synonymous with Brave Girls.



The music video teaser is a high-end clip of four free-spirited girls who like to party and wish to make the best of their lives in the city as they dress up in fashionable clothes and are surrounded by innumerable cars.



After ‘We Ride’ releases on August 23 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST) and we are so excited for it!


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