Here's everything we know about Hani's upcoming drama 'IDOL: The Coup' so far

Updated on Sep 27, 2021 02:40 AM IST  |  125K
Hani and Kim Min Kyu pose at an event
Hani and Kim Min Kyu pose at an event (Pic credit - News1)

JTBC’s upcoming drama 'IDOL: The Coup' has confirmed more members to its current star-cast! 'IDOL: The Coup' revolves around “doomed idols” who need a single success to save their group from disbandment. It is about young people who confidently let go of their dreams as they grow through their failures and take courageous steps toward their new goals! 

EXID’s Hani stars as Kim Je Na, a member of the six-year-old idol group Cotton Candy. Kwak Si Yan stars as Cha Jae Hyuk, the CEO of Cotton Candy’s agency, Starpeace Entertainment. Kim Min Kyu stars as Seo Ji Han, a member of the popular idol group Mas that is also signed under Starpeace.

Hani will play the character of ‘Kim Jae Na’ a member of the 6 years ‘no name’ group Cotton Candy who cannot leave her failed dreams and would fight through any limits to gain success. Although Cotton Candy was Starpeace’s first girl group, they are considered failed idols because the public still doesn’t know their names. There are 5 members in the group, including Hani's character Kim Je Na. LABOUM’s Solbin plays Hyun Ji, a rapper and main dancer, whose troublemaking tendencies run the risk of causing a scandal in the group. Han So Eun plays Stella, the visual, center and oldest member of the group, who is described as a kind and sensitive person. WJSN’s Exy plays L, the main vocalist of the group, who falls into despair and anger when the group fails to succeed. Finally, Redsquare’s Green plays Chae Ah, who has famous actor parents but doesn’t stand out in terms of talent!

Kim Min Kyu will essay the character of Seo Ji Han who is the leader of the group, Mas. There are five members of Mas. Jo Joon Young plays Ray, also called the "brain" of the group! He ranked first at school and is also good at singing and dancing. Hong Eun Ki plays Yool, a sweet and affectionate idol who is in charge of dancing in the group and is great at showcasing fanservice to their fans. Baek Seo Hoo plays Tae Young, who is famous for his good looks and upright image but is always nagging the other members. Finally, Lee Eun Sang plays Dan, the youngest member of the group (maknae) who always seems older than his actual age.

'IDOL: The Coup', which is penned by Jung Yun Jeong, the famed writer for dramas such as ‘Misaeng’, ‘Bride of Haebak’, ‘Chosun Police Station’, etc. and directed by Noh Jong Chan who directed well-loved dramas like ‘Clean with Passion for now’, ‘Personal Taste’, ‘Who are you?’, etc. 'IDOL: The Coup' will premiere sometime in November.

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When is Idol: The Coup scheduled to air?
Idol: The Coup starring EXID's Hani, Kim Min Kyu and Kwak Si Yang is expected to air in November on JTBC