Here's how Kristin Davis plans on using her show Sex and the City as a teaching tool for her children

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis has opened up about how she views the show as an important teaching tool

Updated on Jan 19, 2022 07:21 PM IST  |  398.3K
Here's how Kristin Davis plans
The actress also reprised her role in the highly anticipated And Just Like That... series
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Kristin Davis, star of Sex and the City, plans to utilise the programme as a teaching tool for her children when they grow older. When it first aired on HBO in June 1998, Sex and the City became a cultural sensation. In its early seasons, the show almost gained critical praise, helping to expand HBO's clout and appeal.

Sex and the City followed four women (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha) as they navigated New York City's life and love. The show eventually lasted six seasons and 94 episodes, and it inspired two feature films. In December 2021, a sequel series, And Just Like That..., was released on the streaming platform HBO Max. Davis joined the cast of Melrose Place in 1995 and three years later got the role of Charlotte York in Sex and the City, a character she portrayed in every episode of the programme as well as both movie spinoffs in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

The actress also reprised her role in the highly anticipated And Just Like That... series, which followed Charlotte after the events of the Sex and the City movie had left her happily married with two small girls. Davis has now revealed in an interview with People how her children (boy, 3, and daughter, 10) are still far too young to talk Sex and the City with. The actress confessed that discussing it with children was "a little scary," but she hoped to use it as a "teaching tool" later in life, especially for her daughter. 

Davis said as per PEOPLE via Screenrant, "Now that she's older and now that she's getting exposed from her friends to all this stuff, even though I'm very controlling… I'm thinking I'm going to use it as a teaching tool... I don't want her to feel embarrassed. I want her to talk to me. I'm a single mom, it's super important… gotta keep them talking. You know, Sex and the City is kind of a good educational type thing… for later."

Meanwhile, some shows have a generational impact and influence, and they continue to be extremely popular years after they have finished. One of these shows is Sex and the City, and the decision to create and distribute a sequel series reveals that interest in the programme and its popular characters remains as strong as ever.

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