Here's why we believe BTS actually paved the way!

Let's settle the debate once and for all. Read on to find our take.
BTS is a seven-member boy group Here's why we believe BTS actually paved the way!
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Let us dive in straight to the burning question - Have BTS actually paved the way? The answer to that is YES! A little brief about BTS' historic and spell-binding rise to superstardom. BTS debuted under Big Hit Entertainment on June 13, 2013, then an almost bankrupt company. BTS' debut went almost unnoticed as the big 3 companies, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment hold the most media clout. BTS didn't belong to the crowd, they were the outsiders. When everybody was debuting with cutesy, boy-crush concepts, BTS members chose a dark, grunge and hip-hop look for their debut. 

The odds were against BTS from the beginning, the company's funds were drying up, they were pitted against the nation's boy group EXO and frankly, nothing was going right. But, BTS aren't just your regular idols, they swam against the tide and went against all odds. Their consistent efforts paid off and they achieved their first major success with HYYH also known as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy/Series. They landed their first Daesang (grand prize) and marked their venture into the International market and won their first Billboard Music Award in 2017. Rest is history. 

But material success is not very pertinent to the adage that 'BTS paved the way'. Sure, commercial success defines one's success, position and power in society, but I personally believe that one's impact and legacy are far more determining factors. Yes, BTS paved the way but it is also true that BTS benefitted from a well-established system of quality content and fandoms. Let me elucidate, BTS paved the way but didn't set out with that intention. Nobody plans it this way. A major factor for BTS' success was marrying western sensibilities with their K-pop upbringing. 

So they spoke about stuff that idols would normally shy away from, topics like mental health and self-love, and married that freedom of expression with their traditional k-pop sensibilities like building a loyal and loving fanbase and engaging with fans, something western artists don't do often. Much like Bong Joon Ho, BTS did benefit from Korea's culture of loving and appreciating good talent. When you have an audience that is receptive to quality content, you up your standards too. 

I was taken aback to discover that in the popular Marathi soap, Swabhimaan, the lead actress mentions BTS. The mere mention of BTS earns a smile in the room, an old lady even mentioned that her daughter is ARMY. I was shocked, but grinning from ear to ear, a regional daily soap in India mentioning BTS is the impact they have. 

Please understand and ingrain in your minds that BTS isn't just an Internet phenomenon anymore, they have crossed over from the digital to our drawing rooms, our daily conversations and everyday life. The BTS impact is real and right here. BTS it to Korea, what Shah Rukh Khan is to India. Their mere star power and worldwide reach define their respective industries and countries. Shah Rukh Khan made Bollywood famous, not vice versa. And, I dare say, BTS made K-pop mainstream, a more household name. 

Their legacy is truly remarkable and frankly, inimitable! So sure, you have exceptionally wonderful and talented Gen 1 and Gen 2 groups who have inspired many youngsters to choose a glamourous yet demanding career in K-pop over a more 'stable and secure' job elsewhere, their success has largely benefitted their successors and labelmates. Don't get me wrong, it is not their fault. It is the system's fault. We have created a system of hierarchy and have an archaic need to conform to that. BTS broke the system. Today, the field is a more level playing ground, than it was a couple of years back. 

BTS' success benefits not only them but the entire industry and country. Now, the opportunities are wide and open for everyone, because there is an audience actively rooting and cheering for the underdog. It works this way. There is an almost draconian system, one outsider comes, becomes successful, disrupts the system, chaos ensues and a new order takes birth. A complete purging of the system is important and necessary to give rise to new talent. 

Now it is upon us and BTS to continue paving the way forward. Some day, there will be another disruption, chaos and a new system. After all, "One must have chaos to be able to give birth to a dancing star" - Friedrich Nietzsche.

Please Note - This is the author's personal opinion

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Hard work pays off. From underdog to global stars.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago


Anonymous 4 weeks ago

This is a beautiful article. I felt so happy reading it

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I totally agree! Im a late Army and a granny at that ❤️

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

BTS paved the way, no further questions. Periodt.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Author is definitely an Indian #btspavedtheway To people who can't accept it... Stay mad and pressed... To be precise I came to know about most girl groups just because they were shipped with BTS...

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Omggg exactly!! Me too! I came to know about many girl groups like bp and all because they are shipped with bts XDXD