Here's why we believe having a spin off is the best trend to emerge out of K dramas, Feat Lee Seung Gi's Mouse

K-dramas are going the western route of having a spin-off, and we believe it could be the best thing to happen to our K-drama viewing habit!
Mouse recently aired a spin-off series titled, Mouse: The Predator Mouse recently aired a spin-off series titled, Mouse: The Predator
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Lee Seung Gi starrer Mouse has been clocking tremendous ratings and response from audiences, both domestically and internationally. This week, on May 5, Mouse made its return to air after a one-week hiatus. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of Mouse scored an average nationwide rating of 5.0 percent and a peak of 5.4 percent, marking a slight increase in viewership from its previous episode two weeks prior.

Not just that, Mouse continued to dominate first place in its time slot across all channels, including public broadcast networks, among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it scored an average nationwide rating of 3.0 percent and a peak of 3.3 percent. This tremendous success is attributed to Mouse: The Predator. For the unversed, Mouse: The Predator is a spin-off series based on its parent show, Mouse. The spin-off series aired last week when the show went on a brief hiatus for quality check and upgrading of the current script.

Mouse: The Predator aired immediately after the revelation that Lee Seung Gi's Jeong Ba Reum is the psychopathic killer himself and has committed some heinous crimes against people he knows. Mouse: The Predator allowed us to delve deeper into the making of Lee Seung Gi's villainous character, his psychopathic tendencies and what he intends to do next before we jump straight into the episodes leading up to the finale.

The series took a break at the 15th episode, to air one spin-off episode, before resuming filming again this week. The risk paid off handsomely, as not only the ratings shot up to an all-time high but the audiences connected with the story and characters much better, thus more engagements to the plot. Post the spin-off, the internet raved about the episode and their excitement to watch the penultimate episodes of the show.

Now fans of American television are no strangers to the concept of a 'spin-off', and in fact, have loved various spin-off shows in the form of Joey (FRIENDS), Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Criminal Minds) and the latest for Game Of Thrones, called House Of Dragon, set 300 years before the original events. Even Japanese anime like Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super (Dragon Ball Z). It is refreshing to see this trend come to life with Korean dramas now.

Spin-off allows audiences to explore deeper into the storyline, engross themselves and understand it from various perspectives. It keeps audiences hooked and engaged in the storyline for a long time and keep them interested in the story. As for writers, it allows them to create their characters and storylines in-depth, give them more definitive character arcs and nuance it to great detail to juice out the best potential from the storyline.

We thoroughly believe that more K-dramas, broadcast networks, writers and creators must explore and adapt this trend for the long run, as the returns one will get are rewarding and satisfying both in terms of ratings and rave.

While we are at it, we do have some suggestions for K-dramas that deserve a spin-off series:

1. Vincenzo

Song Joong Ki's past as a consigliere of a mafia will be amazing. Imagine Song Joong Ki in a mafia-gangster role! Also, Ok Taecyeon's rise as the Babel Head and establishing his empire, before he met Vincenzo Cassano will make for a great spin-off series.

2. Start Up

Kim Seon Ho's Han Ji Pyeong deserved better from Seo Dalmi and the creators of the show! An entire series around Han Ji Pyeong's past and life? yes, please!

3.True Beauty

Han Seo Jun deserves more screentime and more layering to his character. A spin-off series starring Hwang In Yeop would be a dream come true.

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Do you agree with our take? Which K-dramas do you think deserve their own spin-off series? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.