Here's why we think BTS enlisting in the Military in 2022 is actually a good idea

A financial analyst from Leading Investment and Securities is predicting that the BTS members will enlist in the military together by mid-2022 and we think it would be a great decision. Read on to find out.
BTS participates in the 63rd GRAMMY AWARDS red carpet (BTS) participates in the 63rd GRAMMY AWARDS red carpet (Pic Credit - News1)
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Last month, viral predictions about BTS' impending military service spread like wildfire on the internet. For those uninitiated, a financial analyst from Leading Investment and Securities predicted that BTS members will enlist in the military together by mid-2022. Yoo Seong Man revealed that he has been doing extensive research on HYBE and released his analysis report. He revealed that BTS members will produce enough content before they enlist in the military. 

The news caught on and netizens began discussing and debating the possibilities of the same. HYBE in their official statement gave a vague answer saying, that they have nothing else to say beyond what BTS members have shared previously. Mandatory military enlistment is a matter of pride as well as responsibility for Korean male citizens and idols, know that too. BTS' Military enlistment issue is discussed and debated endlessly in the social and political circles of South Korea for years now. While, I sincerely believe that non-Koreans like us should not be speaking on the matter, especially when BTS are such important artists and a matter of pride to South Korea, we cannot come across as an immature fandom and put forth half-baked views; I do think it is a great decision if it is true.

All the members enlisting in the military together and coming back a year or two later works very well. It is simple logic, them leaving together and returning as OT7 will ensure that there is no breaking of flow in their pattern of work or releases. Fans won't have to deal with the ordeal of seeing off each member separately. ARMY will just have to endure them leaving once and the rest of the time they will all be together. Of course, BTS members will produce enough content for ARMYs to not miss them much. We might get those hidden gems from Suga's Genius Lab or RM's Rkive, solo mixtapes from the vocal line and a ton of pastime content like Run BTS!

Also, they can earn a much-deserved break from social media and promotions, something they have been a constant at for years. The military service can act as a blessing in disguise for their mental health and give them a much-needed break from everyday life. This will also shut their haters' and critics mouth who are of the view that BTS members don't want to enlist in the military. BTS will set an example for the Gen 4 artists that one can conquer the world and at the same time fulfil your national duties as a proud citizen of the country. Both the aspects are doable. 

It is also important to note that it will take time before the world fully heals and recovers from the onslaught of COVID-19. It would be a smart idea if BTS enlists in the military in the meantime and fulfil their duties towards their country so that when they are back, major countries would have opened their doors to travel and concerts, having their population vaccinated against COVID-19. 

 Also, new additions to the HYBE family like SEVENTEEN, NU'EST, TXT, ENHYPEN and GFRIEND will fill in when BTS members will be unavailable. In addition to that, international artists like Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande are strong contenders to fill the missing space too. Of course, BTS is and will always be inimitable and irreplaceable, but this is just a temporary pain and in no time members will return and it will be back to normal as if they were never gone.

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Anonymous 1 week ago

I think a break is what they need, military might not be a break in a sense but it would be a break from cameras and everyone watching their every move

Anonymous 1 week ago

I don't want them to go, but Jin has said that he wants to do his duty and as an international army I support them either way.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I don't want them to go a fan from India # dont go