Highlights from BTS’ first day on Instagram: Breaking records, banter, confusion & more

Updated on Dec 08, 2021 09:59 AM IST  |  502.7K
BTS at their concert
BTS at their concert : courtesy of News1

A whirlwind of chaos ensued when the world of Instagram opened up to the seven boys of BTS. After almost 8 and a half years of their debut, the septet joined the social media platform on December 6. Quirky handles and funny first posts aside, it seems as though their debut on this day didn’t go exactly as planned. Here are our favourite moments from their first day on the Meta platform.

RM had the most fun updating his fans about his daily life on 'rkive'. At the same time, he popped on his funny hat by sharing a picture of him attempting to capture a cat on his camera. He tagged SUGA on the cat’s face and also captioned it “finding yoongi”.

Jin went for a simple ‘jin’; however, his journey on the app was anything but simple. Figuring out the like feature seemed to be a new world for Jin who went asking for the red heart on other BTS members’ posts.

SUGA under the username ‘agustd’ made a rare appearance, soon deleting his first post of a sidewalk and instead putting up a block red image with the caption “Insta is very difficult” to which V provided a solution of watching YouTube tutorials. Who would have thought, the man of unlimited talents would be stuck in this new generation mess!

J-Hope as ‘uarmyhope’ was a dedicated commenter on his members’ posts and maintained a polaroid vibe on his account. His cute way of talking and instant likes on fellow BTS members’ updates as well as his admittance tagging troubles made us fall for him once again.

Jimin as ‘j.m’ showered some love on himself and his fans but his comment on fellow member V’s post caught everyone’s attention as he poked fun at his own height. We love the fun banter between the two best friends.

V as ‘thv’ shared a shirtless pic of himself. But what amused fans even further is his shaving foam filled face that set him up perfectly well with the Christmas cheer, as he looked ready to dawn a Santa hat. He soon deleted the image, now sharing it along with one of his most stylish photos.

Jungkook’s username ‘abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz’ was enough to land us on the floor laughing, however his actions were even sweeter when a now deleted change of his MBTI type was shared as a post first. On other people’s advice, Jungkook made it into a story, whining adorably about what was the real vibe of the platform.

Only one day has passed and the members broke multiple records by garnering the fastest 1 million followers (V in under 40 minutes) and 10 million followers on the platform. Their follow count at the end of the first day stands at:
RM: 17.1 million, Jin: 17.4 million, SUGA: 17.1 million, J-Hope: 17.1 million, Jimin: 17.7 million, V: 19.1 million and Jungkook: 18.2 million.

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