Highlight's Yang Yoseob is singing about something living in his ‘BRAIN’ in a new music video teaser

Published on Sep 13, 2021 09:34 AM IST  |  46.2K
Yang Yoseob's teaser image for ‘Chocolate Box’ : courtesy of Around Us Entertainment

Yang Yoseob, the vocalist from boy group Highlight will be releasing his solo album soon and he is leaving no stone unturned to show a captivating and mysterious side. Following sweet and lively concept images hinting at ‘Chocolate Box’ with an overall ‘boyfriend look’ theme, Yang Yoseob is back to share the first teaser for the title song ‘BRAIN’.


The teaser shows him walking along a fogging tunnel as guitar strumming can be heard. As his figure diminishes, the scene moves to Yang Yoseob resting on a wall, the light of a passing vehicle glaring at him. A heart rate machine can be spotted as his ring-clad fingers fiddle with the chord. Over the sound of thunder and flashing lightning, the tunnel is now tinted in red. The soloist belts out a high pitched ‘living in my brain’ as the camera moves towards him. The teaser ends with his doe-like eyes staring above.



Previously, the second set of teaser photos were revealed which showed Yang Yoseob chilling amidst plants and flowers as he posed against the sunlight. The singer looked stunning in various outfits running from a green sweater to an animal print shirt.



The third set was shared soon after in a black and white theme. Yang Yoseob’s lean figure and attractive visuals caught the attention of fans who have been waiting for his solo return. Clad in snug gloves and a fitted suit, his looks showed a never-seen-before side.



Chocolate Box’ release on September 20 at 6 PM KST (2;30 PM IST).


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