Holidate Movie Review: Mundane script and boring storytelling burns down Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey's chemistry

Holidate releases on Netflix today. The movie stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey in the lead. Before you stream the movie, read our review below.
Holidate movie reviewHolidate Movie Review: Mundane script and boring storytelling burns down Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey's chemistry
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Movie Name: Holidate 

Holidate Cast: Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Frances Fisher, Jake Manley, Jessica Capshaw and King Bach. 

Holidate Director: John Whitesell

Holidate Rating: 2 stars

If you haven't watched enough Hallmark movies to understand, let us remind you yet again, you cannot be single on the important holidays in the US. Be it Christmas or 4th of July or even Halloween, it has been declared loud and clear (at least in the movies) that you cannot be single on these occasions. Tackling this issue is our lead Sloane (Emma Roberts) is welcomed home with questions about her single status for Christmas only to find herself witnessing her younger brother proposing to her girlfriend. 

As she deals with being the only single person in the house, her aunt introduces Sloane to the idea of a Holidate, someone you would date only on a Holiday. Before you know it, she bumps into the handsome Jackson (Luke Bracey). They give the Holidate concept a try on New Year's Eve and it works in their favour. Sloane parts ways with Jackson with the hope that her life would have changed by Valentine's Day. However, not only does her life remain the same, she accidentally bumps into her ex-boyfriend, a tall French hunk, and his new girlfriend which leaves her feeling blue. Jackson comes to her rescue and they decide that they would spend the remaining holidays together. 

The couple spends St. Patrick's Day, Easter and even Mother's Day together. But on the 4th of July, like every rom-com movie, the couple realises there is a spark between the two. However, they decide to go the other way on Sloane's brother's wedding. When things go south, they decide to put their Holidate back on the table and reunite on Halloween. Things take an interesting turn on Halloween when Sloane bumps into her ex yet again and his heavily pregnant girlfriend. Jackson snoops away Sloane from the party and takes care of the miserable mess, and well, as we know it, things happen. 

However, the movie attempts to play role reversal where Sloane treats the episode as yet another incident in the past while Jackson clings on to the precious moment. Will Sloane decide to dive into the holidate or will they end up dateless on Christmas? Well, you'll have to watch the movie to know. What we could tell you is that, don't expect anything different. Director John Whitesell starts off the movie hoping to give us a different holiday movie but ends up checking off the boxes of cliches. From the jealous dates to "it almost happened" moments and even a messed up family to elevate the drama, you name it and Holidate is likely to feature it. 

However, the movie leaves a number of strings hanging loose. For example, there is a scene where Sloane talks about Jackson's mother and he looks hopeful about the mother's involvement. However, there is no closure to his reaction in the scene. The narration tries to balance both their side of stories but Jackson's character remains to be unexplored. The highlight of the movie is undoubtedly Emma and Luke's sizzling chemistry. The two actors light up the screen when they are together but the director and the writers refuse to use that to their advantage. 

Bottom line: Holidate feels like opening the same greeting card, again and again, and again with just the change in the name of the Holidays. 

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Such a pathetic and confused movie..there are way better romcoms available.. don't waste time on this one

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Clichéd .

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Just finished watching holidate LOVED IT EMMA AND LUKE, KRISTEN the whole cast was amazing ‼️‼️ It’s just what we all need!! Thank you to the wonderful cast!!!

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I didn't know you post reviews for English web movies and series now! In that case, I strongly recommend the Queen's gambit. Just 7 episodes. Really compelling engaging narrative despite not being into chess! Solid writing and acting. It's Anya Taylor Joy's best work yet!


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