5 INTERESTING facts about 365 Days star Michele Morrone that prove he is a man of many talents

Updated on Jun 29, 2021 10:01 AM IST  |  453K
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Interesting facts about Michele Morrone that you must know

Michele Morrone shot to fame thanks to his act on Netflix's famed polish erotic thriller, 365 Days. His act as Massimo in the popular film has garnered him with a worldwide fan base. While he is most appreciated for his perfect physique and sizzling screen presence, the actor has many more other talents that fans will surely be surprised to learn about and which certainly introduce them to a different side of him.

Since 365 Days has been his most successful project, not many are aware of what the actor was up to before he took up acting. Much like any other star, Morrone too has other creative hobbies which include singing and painting among others.

The actor who hails from Melegnano, a small city near Milan is now based in Italy. Much of his previous acting work has also been in Italian. In fact, he was also a contestant on Dancing With The Stars Italy in 2017. Apart from this, there are more fascinating facts about Morrone that are sure to surprise you, take a look below to find out more. 

Michele is a talented musician

While Morrone may have mesmerised us with his acting in 365 Days, the actor is also a musician. He has released his debut singing project titled Dark Room and his amazing voice is sure to leave you impressed. One of his songs, Feel It was also featured in 365 Days. 

Morrone co-parents his two sons with his ex-wife

Michele was married to married to Lebanese fashion designer, Rouba Saadeh and shares two children with her. He has two boys, Marcus and Brando Morrone, who have featured on his social media posts. 

Michele's acting career

While now we can't imagine anyone else essaying the role of Massimo, it seems there was a time that Morrone had to rethink if he would take up this role. The actor told The Western Journal, "I decided to get involved in this film, although of course, I had to rethink this decision. It was an opportunity for me to go beyond Italy, start an international career. And as you can see, it paid off."

Michele had almost quit acting to work as a gardner 

Many will find this surprising but reportedly the actor had moved to a small town to an Italian villa where he started working as a gardener to pay his bills. Although soon enough he bagged the role of Massimo on 365 Days and went back to acting. 

Michele is an amazing painter 

One of his many other talents is also painting. The actor has shared some of his artwork on Instagram and fans have heaped praises over how gorgeous it is. On his social media, Morrone has also given a peek of his art studio and his creative process.

We bet after hearing these amazing things, you're probably going to turn into a bigger fan of Morrone. What do you like about Michele most? Tell us in comments. 

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