5 Jennifer Aniston performances apart from Friends that are must watch

Updated on Jul 01, 2021 10:32 AM IST  |  178.7K
Jennifer Aniston's performances other than Friends that are memorable

Every Jennifer Aniston fan probably started crushing on the star after watching her on Friends although many will agree that the actress' career consists of much bigger things and while Rachel Green will always have a special place in our hearts, we can't deny how amazing Aniston has been in several other projects. From rom-coms to out and out comedy entertainers, Jen has done it all and has always managed to leave us floored with her work.

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon thanks to her role on Friends, Aniston soon moved onto films and has been a leading lady in several major projects including We're The Millers, Marley and Me, The Break Up among others. Not to mention how amazingly she has been sweeping the audiences off their feet with her performance in the Apple series, The Morning Show which is now set to have a second season. While Friends will always remain a favourite, we also take a look at some of her other amazing projects. 

The Morning Show 

We can't imagine anyone else playing the role of Alex Levy as amazingly as Jen does. The actress bagged a SAG Award for her performance in the show's first season and deservedly so. We bet after watching the second season's trailer, you can't wait to binge on this one. 

Horrible Bosses 

Jennifer Aniston makes the most of her meaty role in Horrible Bosses as she takes on the role of a sexually aggressive dentist. The actress sheds her girl-next-door image from Friends and other projects successfully in the film. 


While the 2014 film received some mixed reviews, Aniston's performance was unanimously praised by everyone. She also bagged Golden Globe and SAG Awards nominations for her performance in this drama revolving around a woman suffering from chronic pain. Aniston delivers an emotionally charged performance that hits straight to the heart. 

Friends With Money 

This 2006 film boasts of a brilliant cast including Aniston along with Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack and Frances McDormand. It stars Jen as a cash-strapped maid who isn't too happy being surrounded by her wealthy friends. Aniston's honest performance in this film will surely win you over. 

The Good Girl 

One of Aniston's earliest films after Friends, the Miguel Arteta directorial captures Aniston in the role of a small-town discount store employee. The emotional drama also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, as the co-worker that Aniston's character is attracted to. The simplistic film mainly shines because of Aniston's talent to convey her character's frustrations in a layered performance. 

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