5 reasons The Crown Season 6 is getting backlash; featuring alleged royal propaganda, Princess Diana's death, and more

The Crown Season 6 sparks controversy with a controversial portrayal of Princess Diana, predictable storytelling, and reduced focus on Queen Elizabeth II, leading to its lowest critic score.

Published on Nov 29, 2023  |  12:37 AM IST |  129.4K
The Crown (IMDb)

The latest season of The Crown has ignited controversy as it unveils Princess Diana portrayed as a ghost, a move that has left many viewers disconcerted and deeming it potentially tasteless. Despite consistent stellar performances, particularly Elizabeth Debicki's standout portrayal of Diana, Season 6, part 1, has received the lowest Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score in the series' history at 55%, a stark contrast to the highly acclaimed Season 4's 96%. While the audience response remains at a robust 92%, critics express distaste, citing various reasons for their discontent with the final season's handling of historical events and characters. Here are top 5 reasons behind The Crown facing widespread criticism. 

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Generous portrayal of the monarchy

Critics point out that The Crown tends to portray the Royal Family in a way that encourages viewers to empathize with the challenges and loneliness that come with their roles. The Netflix series depicts the royal family as figures who can be divisive; exploring how public opinion about them shifts across seasons, reflecting changes in society and culture. In Season 5, even though it delves into the complexities of Prince Charles's marriage with Diana, the storyline paints him in a positive light, highlighting his charitable and progressive aspects. Overall, The Crown leans towards a supportive view of the monarchy, avoiding overly critical portrayals of its subjects.

Princess Diana's disturbing depiction

The depiction of Princess Diana's death in The Crown stirred significant controversy, eliciting widespread criticism for its distressing and vivid representation of the tragic event. The scenes included graphic portrayals of medics striving to save Diana in a blood-soaked operating room, capturing the intense moments following the accident. Notably, the show featured Elizabeth Debicki lying in a coffin, presenting viewers with a visual representation of the princess in an open casket. These explicit scenes prompted strong reactions, with Diana's friend Simone Simmonds condemning them as "sick" and "ghoulish," expressing disappointment in Netflix's decision to include such distressing moments in the series.


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Predictable Storytelling in Season 6

The Crown has typically followed a formula, dedicating a few episodes each season to spotlight each protagonist. Whether exploring historical events or interactions with public figures, the show excels in portraying the fictional, intimate moments behind the scenes. Season 6, however, feels tethered to the impending death of Princess Diana. The constant foreshadowing weakens the series, veering away from its usual authenticity. Redundant lines, such as Mario Brenna's reference to paparazzi as "hunters, killers," diminish the impact. While essential, Diana's story dominates, and the hope lies in Season 6, part 2, shifting the focus back to Buckingham Palace and the storytelling that defines The Crown.

Elizabeth's diminished presence in Season 6

While The Crown is fundamentally Queen Elizabeth II's narrative, her prominence has taken a backseat in seasons 5 and 6. The focus has shifted notably to Charles and Diana, sidelining Philip and Margaret to background roles. Season 6, part 2 must address this imbalance, as these characters were pivotal to the show's initial success.

Dull interpersonal dynamics in Season 6

The Crown has been known for its deliberate dramatic pacing, relying on the acting prowess and chemistry of its cast for success. Even in seemingly mundane scenes between Elizabeth and Philip in early seasons, Claire Foy and Matt Smith's charisma made them captivating. However, Season 6, part 1 may feel lackluster due to the perceived absence of chemistry between Diana and Dodi, who occupy a substantial amount of screen time.

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How many season in total does The Crown have?
The Crown has 6 season in total, with the 6th being its last.

Who played Queen Elizabeth in The Crown?
Queen Elizabeth was played by Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, and Imelda Staunton.

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