5 times Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra gave long distance relationship goals in the CUTEST ways

Updated on Jun 30, 2021 09:56 AM IST  |  303.8K
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas gave long distance goals

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are one such couple who knows how to celebrate, support, and appreciate each other in the perfect ways. The power couple manages to balance their uber-successful careers with their relationship in ways that many of us need to take notes from. While the couple's work often keeps them away from each other in not only seperate cities but also continents at times, they make sure to keep their long-distance romance spicy in the most creative ways. 

When it comes to handling long-distance, one has to agree that there's nobody as cute as this duo. From sharing adorable throwback pictures of each other to simply spelling it out in words by saying, "Miss you" Priyanka and Nick don't hold back at all. We already know how beautifully Nick managed to capture his emotions of missing Priyanka when she was away for a shoot in his recently released album, Spaceman that he said was his "love letter" to the wifey. 

With Jonas back on tour and Priyanka filming projects, the husband-wife duo often turn to social media to leave those little notes of love while spending their long-distance time. Here's a look at how Priyanka and Nick have celebrated each other in long-distance posts. 

Remembering intimate moments 

Not long ago, Chopra took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband with a lipstick patch on his fade. Flaunting the romantic moment, Priyanka expressed how she missed Nick by sharing the loved-up post that is sure to make anyone blush. 

When Nick cherished Priyanka by saying just 'HER'



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Nick showed us how there's never a reason need to cherish your partner and recall the romantic time you spent with them. Sharing a cosy picture of the duo, Jonas shared that he missed her by saying, "Her. That’s it. That’s the post. Missing my [heart emoji]. 

Celebrating Valentine's Day in long-distance 

Valentine's day can be the hardest day for you if your partner is not around and hence it is even more important to make your loved one feel special. When Priyanka was away for a shoot on Valentine's Day, Nick much like any perfect husband sent over thousands of roses for his lady love. Priyanka made sure to capture the sweet moment with a picture and a "wish you were here" message. 

Priyanka Chopra's 'miss you' throwback 

Like most long-distance lovers, we bet Priyanka and Nick too have their phones full of adorable snaps of each other and on occasions when they truly miss each other, the duo take to social media to express the same. Sometimes just a "Miss you so much" message is enough to convey your emotions. 

Cheering for each other via social media 

When Priyanka and Nick are not by each other's side, the duo makes sure to cheer for each other's achievement. Be it Priyanka's congratulatory messages recognising Nick's success or the singer leaving supportive comments as the actress begins new projects. The couple stands by each other in the sweetest of ways. 

We believe there's no one like Priyanka and Nick when it comes to showing some long-distance love. What do you think?

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Anonymous : Tell me if this couple lives even for just 1 week with each other alone without any team member or family member or friend with them. It’s all so weird . They can’t even live together alone . Please give us a break. All their special moments are filmy moments where a lens is capturing them and they are acting like an onscreen pair. Pv will not post . So why even ask. Her mom, her team , her friends, his friends or team always accompany them . The American relatives she acts like she has always been so close to are the same relatives she didn’t see regularly for years while she was shooting movies in India .
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Anonymous : How Nick found his carribean prince
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Anonymous : yes they can give lessons on how to fake a PR marriage
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Anonymous : she is an expert on how to fake a marriage
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Anonymous : They are stupid couple she old then him he is younger than her
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Anonymous : Ok aunty. Go find uncle and be happy.
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