5 times Prince William and Kate Middleton made us believe that love is all about sharing a good laugh

Updated on Jul 19, 2021 10:18 PM IST  |  218.1K
Prince William and Kate Middleton are all about being the funniest couple from the day they married each other.

Seems like love is always in the air for the Cambridge couple Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton who has quite a love story to boast about. The couple’s over-a-decade-long love story has its share of adorable yet funny moments which fans love to read about or watch on repeat. They have definitely emphasised on being the cooler royals, while also performing their duties at par with the other members of the royal family.

From dating during college in the early 2000s to having three lovely children -- George, 7, Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 3, the Cambridge duo has definitely come a long way. Despite being with each other for so long, their teasing each other with sneaky remarks, humouring at each other's expense, and making fun of one another in the heartiest ways has not changed one bit. They’ve proven time and again that a couple that laughs together, stays together!

Here’s are five fun facts about William and Kate’s super adorable relationship that Royal family fans must know:

-- Rumor has it, that Kate Middleton’s college dorm room had a picture of the prince when they were dating. According to the Duchess’ former college dorm mate Jessica Hay, Kate would shower her affection towards the poster with, “There’s no one quite like William,” via MarieClaire. During the interview taken inside Buckingham Palace when the duo had announced their engagement, William had jokingly said that there was not just one, but “ten of them [his pictures].”

-- Royal family enthusiasts might not know this, but Kate and William are very competitive with each other. In 2014, a report by OSSA stated that Kate had defeated William in a sailing race in New Zealand, not just once, but twice! Later, she gave him a snarky look which revealed her happiness of beating him in the race, but all in good humour.

-- While visiting military personnel and families in Cyprus in 2018, Prince William had teased his wife about her green jacket which, according to him, was camouflaging against the festive Christmas tree. Kate giggled, and that moment turned out to be a great photo of the couple.

-- William definitely gets his revenge by teasing Kate for her cooking skills! However, William, in an interview at the Buckingham Palace during their engagement announcement had revealed that he was getting a lot better at cooking, but also teased Kate of her lack thereof.

-- When Kate had contributed to Colombian fine artist Dario Vargas’ picture on his request at the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in October 2018, and jokingly asked if she could hide the painting after adding a brushstroke or two, William almost instantaneously replied, “It’s [Kate’s touches to the painting] pretty much ruined the picture.”

All said and done, the couple has not missed supporting each other in their tough times. When they said “till death parts us”, they definitely meant it.

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