7 Quotes why John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are meant for each other as they celebrate a decade of marriage

In honour of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s 10th wedding anniversary, we are looking back at the couple’s cutest quotes about each other. Grab the tissue box and scroll down because this is the real deal.
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have successfully completed a decade of marriage.John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have successfully completed a decade of marriage.
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Emily Blunt and John Krasinski celebrate a big milestone this week! The couple that always makes us believe in true love completes 10 years of marriage. After a decade of marriage, two children and one hugely successful work project down (and another on the way!) with A Quiet Place franchise, the pair is easily one of the most adored celebrity power couples ever. Another reason we love them so much? Because of all the sweet things they've said about each other over the years.

The Mary Poppins Returns actress Emily first met John in 2008 while having dinner with a friend in an LA restaurant, as the friend knew John and insisted on introducing the two. Just 10 months later, the couple was engaged, and they've since welcomed their two kids—Violet and Hazel. Even after a decade of marriage, these two seem to fall more in love every day. So, to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary, we’ve put together a list of adorable things the duo has said about each other, check them out below:

When John made Emily feel invincible: "Meeting John really changed my life," she told InStyle in 2013. "When I feel the support that I have from him, I feel invincible. There's someone behind you on your good days and someone in front of you on your bad days."

When John was all praises about Emily: "I was never the coolest kid on the block, so I never had the ‘good ol’ days’ of a playboy type of lifestyle. So for me, the best days of my life started when I met my wife--that’s the truth, it’s not just me saying it because it sounds nice on a card. She’s one of the coolest people, she’s so talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s certainly out of my league. And so all of a sudden all of the things I loved, I got to find someone who loved that about me," he had said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

When John gave his unbiased opinion on Emily’s acting skills: "The air changes in the room when she starts doing what she does," he told Vanity Fair. "It’s so honest and so pure and so powerful. It’s like a superpower that she can just unlock and do so specifically with not many attempts. For me, I love acting, and I’m so lucky to be doing it. But she’s on another plane."

When John revealed the secret to their successful marriage: He told E! News: "I gotta say it just sort of happens organically. It's one of those things where I was a huge fan of hers before I even met her, so I continue to be a huge fan of hers in everything she does. So we're just extremely supportive, we get what the job is and that you gotta travel and do some stuff, but it's always about coming back home and being together, it's the most important thing."

When Emily gave this heartwarming speech: "I'm going to share this completely with my husband John Krasinski because this entire experience of doing this with you has completely pierced my heart directly. You are a stunning filmmaker, I'm so lucky to be with you and to have done this film with you. Thank you for giving me the part, you would have been in major trouble if you hadn't, so you didn't really have an option, but thank you," Emily gushed at the SAG Awards.

When John was in awe of Emily: "I’ve been next to her when she’s made all these amazing decisions and she’s without a doubt the classiest, smartest, most dedicated actress I’ve ever known," he told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on his chat show. "And when you see how much she puts into every role, I didn’t want her to come to set just for me."

When John put family first: When John was shooting Jack Ryan in Canada, Emily was filming Mary Poppins Returns in London. "Family for me, it's a non-negotiable thing," he told People magazine. "So, if I'm honest, I was shooting 6,000 miles away from them and I flew back every single weekend."

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