'A crushing weight of anxiety...': Suki Waterhouse gets candid about Robert Pattinson being 'accepting of the mess and the chaos'; DEETS Inside

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson have been dating since 2018. In a recent conversation, the Burn star revealed her take on romantic relationships. Read on to know what she said.

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Key Highlight
  • Suki is in a much better place now with Twilight star than she’s been in her prior relationships
  • The Love, Rosie actress mentioned past relationship disappointments
  • Robert Pattinson being accepting of the mess and chaos, makes the actress feel lucky

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson got to know one another through mutual friends, and their relationship allegedly began in 2018. Since then, their love affair has resulted in lots of romantic encounters, social gatherings, charming public declarations, engagement rumors, and a glamorously affectionate red carpet-debut. The couple maintained a low-key relationship despite being some of the greatest names in the entertainment industry. They eventually crossed the radar of being together for 5 years facing all the ups and downs together.

Suki Waterhouse spoke on a podcast about her relationship with Robert Pattinson 

In a new interview on Apple’s Driven Minds: AType 7 podcast presented by Gillian Sagansky and released Wednesday, Suki Waterhouse spoke candidly about how Rober Pattinson has been so accepting of the mess ever since she moved into his place from hers. The model said to Sagansky, “I’ve been having such a crushing weight of anxiety because I've moved. I wasn't there for the move, so everything just got boxed up and sent,” after she stated that she’d taken help from a professional cleaner to come in and help her organize stuff. “Because I've moved in with my boyfriend now, and I always used to live alone,” she added, telling how challenging it has been for her to part ways with her plants. Waterhouse pointed out that Pattinson hasn't shown any hesitations, despite Sagansky's comment that living with a significant other could be a big move.


Robert Pattinson makes Suki Waterhouse feel lucky

About Pattinson being so accepting, the model stated, “I'm very lucky because he is so accepting of the mess and the chaos, he never says anything about it, he kind of thinks it’s like, charming.” The Love, Rosie actress mentioned past relationship disappointments as a key reason when asked what led her to choose abstinence. The model said, “I've been ghosted and broken up with after dating someone for a year, that was pretty bad.” She added, “But it turned out to be brilliant because I took it like a bout of celibacy.” Her Celibacy lasted not more than six months. 

The London-born actress admitted that, before meeting Pattinson, she had dated a number of people who raised warning flags, including a narcissist and those who were just cheating on her all the time. She added, “It's really f----- up.” When Sagansky questioned Waterhouse about what made her current relationship different from her previous ones, the actress responded that she is in a better place in her life right now than she has been ever before. 

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Suki Waterhouse is in a much better place now with the Twilight star

Talking about her relationships the Daisy Jones and the Six starrer stated in the In interview, “Maybe for me, it was about actually feeling ready in a way that I haven't before, that I actually had something to give. I've sat with myself, and have been in a couple of different kinds of relationships,” she said claiming that she really likes to be at peace. “I actually have something to share now. I have, like, a life that I'm proud of that I want to share with someone and I'm stable and I have my s--- together,” Suki mentioned. She didn't let the rocky relationship between her parents in the past stop her from wanting children in the future; she claimed she just didn't want as many. “I don't think I would have four,” she discussed with Sagansky.

Meanwhile, Suki was last seen starring in Daisy Jones & the Six, which premiered on Prime Video on March 3, 2023. She played the character of Karen Sirko.


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Why did Kristen and Robert break up?
They parted ways after being together for four years in 2013. The actress cheated on her then-boyfriend with Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

How much is Robert Pattinson worth 2023?
Robert Pattinson's Net Worth 2023. As per the specialized website Celebrity Net Worth, Robert Pattinson has a net worth of $100 million as of the year 2023.

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