'A lot of Star Wars stuff is shot that way': One Piece Live-Action cinematographer on why they stayed away from Volume filming style

The One Piece Live Action turned out to be a big success. DOP Nicole Hirsch explained the reason behind avoiding the Star Wars style filming in the show. Read on.

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One Piece Live Action [IMDb]
Key Highlight
  • One Piece Live Action's DOP recently opened up about the show's realist themes
  • The makers chose to take a different route than Star Wars
  • Here's what Nicole had to say on Star Wars' style of filming

The One Piece Live-Action certainly managed to make a mark for itself when it arrived on Netflix. And what was interesting that that this show was able to break the adaptation curse on live-action that had been running for the longest time. This week, Nicole Hirsch Whitaker. the director of photography for the show, sat down with The Direct to talk about the extensive use of realist elements in the show. Here is how she mentioned Star Wars and how they avoided depending on CGI.

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One Piece [IMDb]

Nicole on including realist elements

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Nicole Hirsch Whitaker, the director of photography for Netflix's live-action adaptation of One Piece, provided insights into the series' unique filming approach and made intriguing comparisons to the Star Wars franchise. Speaking about the type of filming that the director Marc Jobst was against, Whitaker explained, "I was surprised when I was looking at the credits at the end of this, I didn't see the word Volume anywhere because that seems to be the way the industry is going put people in a room with a big screen around them, and they can kind of get a sense of where they are." Whitaker highlighted that Jobst, "comes from the theater," and "he was very much against that type of filmmaking for a show like this." 

"He really felt like it was important for the actors to be in a real environment," she added, emphasizing Jobst's commitment to authenticity. "Even when we shot [the] Gold Roger [sequence], even though that was a lot of blue screen, he took us to a real location and we shot in a castle so that they were surrounded by the walls and that they felt like they were in a space." While some suggested shooting in a parking lot for the Gold Roger castle scene, Jobst insisted, "No, we're not going to do that. We need them to feel there." 


"If too much had been visual effects, like, say, a lot of ‘Star Wars’ stuff is shot that way, it wouldn't have felt like a real world, and it was really important that by doing a live-action version, it felt like a real place, but just a kind of parallel world," Nicole added when speaking of the CGI that they were trying to avoid. 

The One Piece Live Action is available on Netflix. At last, keep an eye on Pinkvilla for latest updates from the world of pop culture.

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