Aaron Carter finds inspiration in 'superhero' Chris Hemsworth amid dark times; Wants abs like the Thor star

Updated on Jun 03, 2021 08:11 AM IST  |  439.7K
Aaron Carter says he wants to have abs and accent like Chris Hemsworth

Aaron Carter has had a troubled past few years considering the singer's brother Nick Carter, the Backstreet Boy alum filed a restraining order against him. Although it seems Aaron has got through it all thanks to one actor and it is none other than Thor fame actor Chris Hemsworth. In a recent interview with Today Extra, Carter spoke about the dark phase he went through owing to the "family stuff" and revealed how he found inspiration in Hemsworth. 

Calling all the Avengers stars his beloved superheroes, Aaron further mentioned how it was particularly Chris who kept him going. Appreciating the Thor actor's fitness and work ethic, Carter said, "I wanna look like him, I wanna have his abs, I want his accent." 

The Crush On You singer during his interaction also decided to send a personal message to Hemsworth by directly addressing him and said, "Chris, if you're listening, you reach out to a lot of people and you don't know how well it inspires them to do better with their lives. You were a superhero in my life when I had nothing else for me to live [for] the last couple of years. You are my superhero", via Daily Mail. 

Carter had been in the news for his troubled relationship with family members, particularly his estrangement from pop singer brother Nick and sister Angel in 2019. In September 2019, Nick and Angel had taken to social media to reveal they had filed a restraining order against Aaron. The Backstreet Boys singer claimed in his tweet that Aaron was harbouring "thoughts and intentions of killing his pregnant wife and unborn child."

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