Aaron Carter slapped with a restraining order; Here’s why

Rapper Aaron Carter is again waging war with his family after he was slapped with restraining order on the request of his brother Nick Carter and sister Angel Conrad.
Aaron Carter slapped with a restraining order; Here’s whyAaron Carter slapped with a restraining order; Here’s why
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Over the weekend, the 31-year-old took to Instagram to claim that his family and Sony Records conspire to kill him, and to describe an unsuccessful attempt to harm him, reports aceshowbiz.com.

"What's up guys? Just enjoying this beautiful mountain range," he said in a now-deleted video.

The former teen singer cryptically said that he had to go into hiding after someone swatted him. "Going to a different location. I just got swatted ... and it didn't work," he said.

The act of swatting involves making a prank call to law enforcement claiming the reported person carries threat that results in the reported person being ambushed by SWAT.

Aaron said that someone was "trying to claim that I'm paranoid, or schizophrenic. And the cops were very honest with me."

"They knew that I had 500 grams of weed," he shared, before boasting, "And I still have it in my bag." He continued, "They did all of the tests. They checked me for all of the drugs that everyone says that I do." Taunting his reported enemies for the unsuccessful attempt, Aaron said: "Clearly, I'm driving my car right now. And it didn't work." Warning that the person who allegedly tried to set him up "is gonna be in big, big trouble," he added, "Having friends call me, threaten my, trying to kill my wife, all this crazy s**t ... it ain't gonna work. "I'm not playing your game. You're playing mine," he concluded the video, before returning with another post. In another video which has been deleted too, Aaron greeted his followers again: "Hey everybody out there. This is Aaron Carter." He used the opportunity to ask for fans' help financially. "I want to verify that this is actually my GoFundMe page," he announced.



Good morning world and All my LMG, I just wanted to make a statement, and let you know that I would never want to hurt anyone my family and being a silence breaker has been a very difficult task but something I just want to see people who have done wrong apologize for. I am who I am, I’m good to people, I get back, and I really love making music. To everyone who didn’t believe in me and then I thought back against when they took it advantage of me when I did start to succeed again in the last couple of years I forgive you too I just ask that you do the right thing and let me live my life and stop with the smear campaign because my children are going to see this one day and I’m trying to better myself every day with my sobriety my mind my body and my soul taking care of myself going to the doctors and people always say I have to ignore proving myself but there’s a reason why I do and that’s to show you Who I really am. #almg

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Through the crowd-funding page, Aaron tried to raise $100,000 "so I can move to an undisclosed location where I am safe." He explained his financial trouble, "My realtor won't sell my house. They're all involved in this. And they're trying to keep me there."

He said that he's been targeted by his family "from being a silence-breaker, for my brother, who is a rapist, and now they're after my life." He went on accusing, "My whole family is after my life. They're setting me up."

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He also spoke against Sony Records, saying: "Sony Records owes me $3.5 million. And they don't want to pay me. And it would be in their better interests, just like Michael (Jackson) told me. They owe me money and they're trying to kill me off."

"There's been a lot of misdirection that I've had to do in order to protect myself," the "Crush on You" hitmaker admitted, seemingly hinting that he had to spread misinformation on social media to mislead his enemies.

Aaron additionally claimed cops came to "check for rope in my garage," because someone's "saying that I wanted to hang myself. So please trust what I'm saying. And please donate the money."

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