Adam Sandler REVEALS he doesn't want his kids to watch Uncut Gems; Here's Why

Updated on Jan 11, 2020 10:35 AM IST  |  928.6K
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Adam Sandler REVEALS he doesn't want his kids to watch Uncut Gems; Here's Why

Adam Sandler latest release Uncut Gems has turned out to be a box office hit. The actor’s performance in the film, which has been praised by audience and critics alike, has been generating Oscar buzz ever since it released in December. However, the actor hope that his two daughters, Sadie (13), and Sunny (11), never see the movie. During an interview with Page Six, the actor admitted that the film features come sexual content which will not be fun for his kids to watch.

He stated that when he read those scenes in the script, he thought about his wife and how she would react. However, even though he wasn’t keen on in going forward with the sexual scenes, his wife encouraged him into including them in the film and now he hopes his kid never see the movie. The comedy-drama, which hit the big screen on December 25 and also stars Idina Menzel and Lakeith Stanfield in pivotal roles, follows the life of a jeweller named Howard Ratner (played by Sandler) who makes high stakes bet that could lead him to the windfall of a lifetime. The film follows the jeweller on his journey of striking a balance between his business, family and his relentless pursuit for the ultimate win.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, the actor addressed the Oscar buzz and stated that it would be hilarious if he go nominated. He also asserted that actors don’t make movies for awards. The actor further explained that he does not want to get his hopes up as far as the Oscar nomination is concerned, because he does not want to deal with the disappointment if he does not get nominated. He stated that he is very happy that he got to do the film because he knew it was something different and would turn out to be good.  


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