Adele shares reason behind social media aversion; Jokes ‘I don't wanna talk to people that I don't know’

Updated on Nov 20, 2021 07:46 PM IST  |  89.1K
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Adele shares reason behind social media aversion; Jokes ‘I don't wanna talk to people that I don't know’

Adele recently spoke about her absence from social media while chatting with The Face! The 33-year-old singer, who has just released her album 30, revealed her aversion to social media despite having profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. "I just would find myself not getting my errands done for the day. It's made to be addictive. It does a very good job of it," the Easy On Me singer stated.


"There could have been something really pressing I had to do and I wouldn't get it done because I'd be looking at someone else's life! Or looking at nail designs or interior design sites or reading hours of news that made me actually feel bad about the world. It just f---ing set me back. I had to catch up on all of my stuff I had to do. I don't wanna talk to people that I don't f---ing know. That doesn't work for me. I need a human touch. I don't wanna be sitting in a room on my phone and talking more to people that I don't f---ing know than I do know," she continued.


Just last year, Adele faced backlash on the internet after she posted a picture wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle, in an Instagram tribute she posted to Notting Hill Carnival. Looking back at the incident, the Grammy Award winner reflected on her decision to stay away from social media after that, she said: "There was so much going on in America at that point. I didn't read the room and I f---ing should have because I live in America. But my [Black] girlfriends here, they were, like: ​'Are you alright? We're not offended personally because we know you, but this is why [people are upset].' My biggest question is why I felt the need to f--ing post that when I'm so f---ing private anyway. I was having such a lovely day with my friends in Jamaica, and that's the vibe of Notting Hill Carnival for me, always has been. But I didn't give that any context either," she added.


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